Immortal V3C56: Eternal Pill Book.

Immortal V3C56: Eternal Pill Book.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Bao’er walked to the front of the hut and pulled out a small flag.

The red light outside the hut vanished as the formation was quickly removed.

Bao’er wiped her tears and immediately opened the door.

The three elders outside the door looked worried and stared at Bao’er when she opened the door.

“Teacher wants to see you.” Bao’er said immediately.

The three elders nodded, frowned and walked in.

Entering the hut, the three elders quickly encircled the bed of Bao’er teacher.

“Sect Master.” The three elders called out immediately.

“Three elders, the Sect Master really want to go this time.” The old woman on the bed smiled lightly.

The three elders were frowning with extremely worried facial expressions.

“I have called you today as I want the three elders to act as a witness.” The old woman said.

The three elders seemed to realize what was going on and they took a deep breath. They seemed to have guessed what the Sect Master wanted to say in general, everyone was extremely dignified.

“Bao’er, kneel down.” The old woman said.

“Teacher.” Bao’er with tears, gently kneeled down in front of the old woman.

The old woman was very serious. Looking at Bao’er, gently waved her hand in front of her forehead and a bronze book appeared in her hand. The book was stranded in an aperture and looked like the size of a nail.

The bronze book was taken out, and the old woman’s hair became white, and then withered completely, in an extremely terrifying manner.

The other three elders were all staring at the bronze book with eyes full of hope and desire.

The old woman was looking at Bao’er and hardly said: “Grand Pill Sect has two treasures, world mysterious Yellow Cauldron and this Eternal Pill book. The Eternal Pill Book is the Grand Pill Sect foundation and the World mysterious Yellow Cauldron is the base of Grand Pill Sect. With the Eternal Pill book inheritance, Grand Pill Sect will be forever flourishing. Today, the disciple, Gan Bao’er, formally receives it to be the Grand Pill Sect number 72 Substitution Sect Master. Starting from today, Gan Bao’er is Grand Pill Sect number 72 Substitution Sect Master. All sect disciples must fully support the new Sect Master, if anyone is slacking and disobedient, waste his cultivation base, drive him out of sect.”

“Yes” The three elders immediately complied.

The old women also raised her hand that was holding the Eternal Pill Book and the book vanished into the forehead of Bao’er.

“Teacher.” Bao’er cried and called out while holding the sleeves of the old woman.

After finishing this hard work, the old woman’s face became more wrinkled, her face became even more pale, and even presented some dead spots.

The old women looked at Bao’er lovingly then looked at the three elders again, and called out: “Yao Yu, Yao Chen, Yao Lu.”

The three elders became extremely focused, because, at this moment, Sect Master actually called out their names and didn’t call them elders like before.

“Yes.” Three Great Elder said right away.

“You are my elder, also Bao’er Elder, Bao’er is young, her prestige is insufficient, but you should be clear, only by inheriting the Eternal Pill Book, Bao’er can grow fast, you can profit from her growth. According to Grand Pill Sect rule, the Sect Master decides everything. I’m a nascent Soul stage, couldn’t increase your cultivation base to breakthrough the Body Fusion Stage bottleneck. But Bao’er is different, she is more talented than me, she will certainly be able to surpass me. Your destinies will depend on Bao’er success or failure.” The old woman’s eyes were staring at the three Great Elders.

When they heard what the old woman said, the three Great Elders immediately took a look at Bao’er, and then seriously complied immediately: “Yes.”

“Bao’er.” The old woman once again looked at Bao’er.

“Teacher.” Bao’er tears didn’t not stop.

Stretching out her right hand, wipe the tears on Bao’er’s cheek, the old woman looked at Bao’er and smiled slightly: “Bao’er, the teacher really must leave, the teacher has used the Lock Soul Pill to buckle the soul for a hundred years, although the body can not grow, but I also used countless Divine Pill to maintain it. This time, after I go, put my body in the outside Eight Ears Hot Cauldron and Purify it by the fire to avoid the Heavenly Demon possession, then take my ashes and bury it in the previous Sect Masters Tomb in the Grand Pill Sect.”

After that, the old woman’s hand dropped as she passed away. At this moment, on the face of the old woman, there was a silver light.

“Teacher …….”

Bao’er cried, but her teacher would never wake up again.

Bao’er was holding the old woman, crying for nearly an hour, the three Great Elders sighed a little, and the female elder gently said: “Sect Master, the old Sect Master already passed away, you have to complete the old Sect Master’s last wish, burn her body to avoid the Heavenly Demon possession.”

Bao’er didn’t talk, just kept crying, and after crying for a while, she just got up and stood alone, holding the body of her teacher, and went outside the hut, slowly putting the body of the old Sect Master into the cauldron of the mountain spring.

Standing in front of the cauldron, Bao’er burst into tears. Although she refused to let her leave for decades, she had taken care of by Bao’er. She had already been seen by Bao’er as a mother. Now the teacher has gone, Bao’er heart was full of sorrow.

Kneeling in front of the big cauldron, three Great Elders controlled the burning process of the body, they were constantly recalling the memories past in the mind and their hearts were full of sorrow.

After an hour, the three Great Elders completed the task and went to Bao’er.

“Sect Master.” Three Great Elder called out.

Looking at the three Great Elders, Bao’er wiped her tears but her eyes were revealing her extreme heartache, walked alone to the cauldron, slowly collected the ashes in the cauldron, collecting it into a small jar. Looking at the small jar, Bao’er felt a sad nostalgic feeling.

“Yao Yu Elder.” Bao’er suddenly looked to one of the elders.

“Sect Master.” An elder immediately came forward.

“This cauldron was used to burn my teacher, and should not remain in the world, destroy it. ”Bao’er said faintly.

When they heard what Bao’er said, the hearts of the three elders became tight. The Eight Ears Hot Cauldron, this is a Fifth Grade cauldron. Such a good cauldron, in front of the new Sect Master, how can she say that it has to be destroyed? And the reason for its destruction, is actually because it was used to burn the body of the old Sect Master?

Thus, the three Great Elder also saw that this new Sect Master, although gentle as a cool spring breeze, is only for those close to her, treating the enemy without any mercy. Just like the old Sect Master, even a woman is holding on to a big sect.

“Yes.” Yao Yu Elder immediately complied.

“Sect Master, what are we going to do right now?” Another elder asked immediately.

“Get ready, let’s leave Divine State in the afternoon, go to Heavenly Wolf Island, return back to the sect to bury the teacher.” Bao’er said.

“Yes.” Three Great Elder obeyed the order immediately.

Bao’er took the small jar and walked into the hut. She packed up something and then looked at the small jar in her hand. She gently turned her hand and took it into the Storage Bracelet. Bao’er inspected everything that was behind inside by her teacher, and there was a trace of grief in her eyes. The teacher has left a lot of medicinal pills for her.

Slowly, Bao’er saw withered flowers in the Storage Bracelet, looking at the awful withered flowers, a rare smile appeared on Bao’er’s face.

Gently taking it out, staring at the withered flowers and looked at it again, saying to herself: “Master, Bao’er is coming back, you are eighty-seven years old now, you must wait for Bao’er to return, you must be alive. Must, must be…”

Great Zheng King Dynasty, north of Xuan Capital, on a summit of a mountain, at this moment, there was a black robed man wearing a bamboo hat looking at the lively Xuan Capital in the distance.

Standing on the summit of the mountain, the black robed man sighed softly.

“Adoptive Father, nineteen has already gone to the Great Divine State Land, the unfilial son also must go, Great Zheng King Dynasty, huh, Great Zheng King Dynasty.” The black robed man said to himself, his expression had a lot of vicissitudes, somewhat ashamed, and yet there was a firm feeling in his tone.

While the black robed man was whispering to himself, from the sky a flying sword suddenly fell in front of the black robed man, above the flying sword, there was an old man with a white beard.

“Let’s go.” The white-beard old man said.

“Yes, teacher.” The black robed man nodded and stepped on the flying sword.

The old man was controlling the flying sword under his feet and took the black robed man and headed towards the northwest.

Heavenly Wolf Island, at the end of a long mountain range, the summit of the highest mountain.

On the summit of that mountain, at this moment, there were three people, Zhong Shan, Tian Xingzi, Clay Bodhisattva.

The three people were standing on a huge stone. The huge stone was surrounded with mysterious bright yellow colored Runes. These Runes were very strange, as if it was going to jump off at any time, sometimes was flashing brightly and another time it was about to vanish.

“Senior, you drew these Runes, can the outsiders not see the three of us?” Zhong Shan asked with eyes full of doubts.

“Under our feet, is a Dragon Vein, to be more specific, the Dragon Vein Dragon Head, and you have the Qi of Human Sovereign, which is also called the Dragon Qi. I use this Great Yan Array to attract and unify your Dragon Qi and Dragon Vein Dragon Qi to make everything within the array become in the state of one with the world so that anyone outside can not see anything inside of the array including its runes, also can not feel anything including our aura.” Said Clay Bodhisattva.

“Can’t feel even the aura?” Tian Xingzi frowned slightly.

“If you do not believe, go and have a look.” Clay Bodhisattva nodded.

Tian Xingzi flew out of this area and looked at Zhong Shan again. When he was observing it carefully, then he took out a spherical crystal-like object which was as big as a fist and then flew back.

“Teacher, can you really not see?” Zhong Shan surprisedly said.

Clay Bodhisattva shook his head, he was obviously very confident. Tian Xingzi handed the spherical crystal in his hand to Zhong Shan.

“Memory crystal, this is what I recorded outside, have a look at it.” Tian Xingzi said.

“Yes.” Zhong Shan took it immediately. It was recorded in the Rare Treasure Pavilion that the Memory Crystal can record images for a period of time.

Zhong Shan released his Spiritual Essence, inside of the crystal was the scene that Tian Xingzi just recorded, a mountain peak, there was no one on it and even the array was also invisible.

At this moment, Zhong Shan has really believed, Feng Shui Master? An awesome mysterious ability.

“Good, in the front is Grand Pill Sect, the demon is going to appear soon.” Clay Bodhisattva said suddenly.

“Yes.” The people nodded, they all calmed down, and were observing the not far away place.

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