Immortal V3C55: Bao’er trace.

Immortal V3C55: Bao’er trace.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Picking up the bowl of the nine spirits ten thousands flowers wine, Zhong Shan took a light sip and when it entered into his abdomen, a fiery energy quickly spread out in his abdomen.

Zhong Shan immediately sat down cross-legged, closed his eyes controlling his breath, and with that following energy, Zhong Shan quickly attacked his acupoints.

“Bang!, Bang!”

After a while, two consecutive muffled sounds, Zhong Shan slowly opened his eyes, looked at Nan Batian with a strange look, this is the effects of the nine spirits ten thousands flowers wine? So fierce?

“How was it?” Nan Batian asked with a smile.

“Formidable” Zhong Shan nodded and said with a dignified tone.

“So drink more, I still have this big jar.” Nan Batian laughed loudly and said.

Zhong Shan didn’t act politely, picking up the big bowl and started drinking with Nan Batian, but the later effect was a lot weaker, but it could still increase the Spiritual Essence. In this wine, there was an exclusive Spiritual Qi.

“Batian, do you know Grand Pill Sect?” Zhong Shan asked Nan Batian.

“Grand Pill Sect, one of the Five great Immortal Sects of the Heavenly Wolf Island, how could you not know?” Nan Batian said right away.

“Oh?” Zhong Shan looked at Nan Batian.

“Grand Pill Sect, the weakest of the five great Immortal Sects, also is the one that can’t be offended.” Nan Batian said.

“Why?” Zhong Shan asked in confusion.

“Because Grand Pill Sect is a Pill refining Sect, all the people inside the sect are Pill refining masters. Although in my kai Yang Sect, some can refine pills, but the Pill Refining Technique and ability are much weaker than the Grand Pill Sect. After all, life is limited, so to learn Pill refining, as well cultivation in a limited time is more difficult. So, to enhance their cultivation, they prefer to use the spirit stones to buy the medicinal Pills” Nan Batian said.

“Why can’t be offend?” Zhong Shan nodded then asked.

“Grand Pill Sect people, basically all are pill refining masters, although they neglect the diligence cultivation, but they can refine pills to be eaten like the beans, to make up for their own shortcomings. Therefore, the strength of Grand Pill Sect is not strong, but because of pill refining, it has a lot of friendly relationships with many sects. That is why they can’t be offended.” Nan Batian explained.

“Um.” Zhong Shan nodded.

“Zhong Shan, Ling’er, I also heard about her matter, no matter what, I grew up with Ling’er, Ling’er can choose you, I feel more relieved.” Nan Batian suddenly said in an awkward manner.

“Thank you!” Zhong Shan looked at Nan Batian and nodded.

“Don’t mention it, although Ling’er has always called me Little Nanzi, but our relationship is like a brother and sister. So for Ling’er, to choose you, is always better than choosing First Senior Brother.” Nan Batian said seriously.

“First Senior Brother?” Zhong Shan frowned slightly and asked.

“Yes, First Senior Brother looks very glamorous and extremely talented, but I know that he is proud, has a greedy heart, and cares about himself too much. Ling’er will not have good results with him.” Nan Batian said while drinking.

Looking at Nan Batian, Zhong Shan nodded, Tiansha has an impressive look but lacking substance with a petty heart. But, one day, his God-given wisdom and rare talents will be destroyed by his own disposition.

“Zhong Shan, your previous secret technique is extremely exciting. It made me break through, in order to thank you, for the next year, I will be your sparring partner. So every three days, we will take part in martial arts contest to stimulate your cultivation.” Nan Batian suddenly said.

Hearing what Nan Batian said, Zhong Shan suddenly stared at him, and he was extremely grateful, but the gratitude between men doesn’t need to be mentioned. Having it in the heart, is enough.

In the following time, Zhong Shan worked hard to cultivate, constantly impacting acupoints, and using Heavenly Demon Pure Body Great Technique again and again, as if it has a lot of effect in opening the acupoints. Nan Batian assisted Zhong Shan once every three days, just like this, Zhong Shan cultivation became much faster than ever.

At the same time, after the help of Wolf Clan, Great Zheng King Dynasty, the common people received the incomparable support and were satisfied, and the wolf cavalry was increasing in number, but the cultivation base of these wolf cavalry soldiers was not very high.

Great Zheng King Dynasty, Yinglan, Zhong Zheng, and Lin Xiao also stepped into the Xiantian Stage. After all, Zhong Shan selected the Cultivation Techniques from Kai Yang Sect Scriptures Pavilion for everyone, so their cultivation was extremely fast.

Everyone knew Zhong Shan’s goal, the Great Divine State Land. The goal of his Majesty is to step into Divine State, to go on expedition fighting under the heavens, and to open Heavenly Dynasty.

The main body of Zhong Shan has returned back to Kai Yang Sect for about three years. The Great Zheng King Dynasty strength was prosperous and officially launched the attack out. The remaining three countries formed a single group. However, on the battlefield, facing the wolf cavalry roaring, the other army horses became uneasy and restless. Therefore, with the irresistible force, they fought forward towards the imperial capitals of the Three Kingdoms.

The three countries were helpless. In just three months, they lost their lives. The royal families of the Three Kingdoms surrendered and fell into Great Zheng.

Great Zheng’s national strength was unmatched and powerful beyond comparison.

Longevity Palace

“Your Majesty, the six countries were unified and the common people surrendered.” Yinglan looked excitedly at the Zhong Shan on the throne and said.

In the main hall, the royal courtiers congratulated.

“My Sovereign heavenly might, long live.”

Hearing this, Zhong Shan on the throne became more relaxed. Although it was slower, the first step has been completed.

“Zheng’er ”Zhong Shan called out.

“Feudal Official in.” Zhong Zheng immediately complied.

“How about the construction of nine hundred meters stone dragon?” Zhong Shan asked.

“Reporting Imperial Father, it has been half complete, and it will be completed in half a month.” Zhong Zheng said.

“Good, after completing the stone dragon, two months later, gather the people, form two groups to go to the east and west, enter the mountains and open the road to the other two domains. The underground train will be used for carrying the mountain large stones to strengthen the construction of Great Zheng.” Zhong Shan spoke again.

“Yes” Zhong Zheng Immediately complied.

“Lin Xiao.” Zhong Shan called out immediately.

“Feudal Official in.” Lin Xiao immediately answered.

“Work hard to train, a year later, you will take the Great Zheng King Dynasty The 1st Legion and recover the seven countries of the Eastern Region.” Zhong Shan said seriously.

“Feudal Official obeys the aim.” Lin Xiao immediately complied.

“Yinglan” Zhong Shan called out.

“Feudal Official in.” Yinglan immediately answered.

“Intensify your training. One year later, you will take the Great Zheng King Dynasty The 2nd Legion and recover the five kingdoms of the Western Regions.” Zhong Shan solemnly said.

“Yes” Yinglan excitedly complied.


Zhong Shan’s military orders and government decrees were unceasingly issued one after another, as if Heaven and Earth were in command, constantly affecting the entire Great Zheng King Dynasty, and quickly upgrading and making the Great Zheng King Dynasty strong.

At the same time, in front of Zhong Shan, the Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal also appeared to be giving off a slightly yellow color, not only its connection with Zhong Shan was getting stronger, but also quickly collecting Great Zheng National Luck, Earth’s Luck and Heaven’s Luck enhancing its power.

Everything was done in an orderly manner. At the same time, in the northwest of Heavenly Wolf Island, above the Great Divine State Land, in a very deep mountain valley.

There is a clear spring flowing through the mountain valley, but on the bank of the spring, there was a ten-meters cauldron. Next to the cauldron, there was a small thatched hut.

The hut was giving off a slightly red light, as if there was a small formation, isolating the inside and outside of the thatched hut.

There were three old people standing outside, two men and one woman, with grey hair and wrinkled faces. The three old people were staring at the hut together, continually frowning and sighing, and there was a worry in their eyes.

Inside the hut, above a bed, at this moment, there was an old woman. The old woman facial features were extremely thin and pale, as if she was about to die. She was lying supinely on the edge of the bed, looking at another young woman kneeling in front of her.

The young woman in front of the old woman, her face was very beautiful, her hair was rolled up with a simple jade hairpin, dressed simply, but even with such a simple dress, it was difficult to cover her peerless beauty, big eyes, revealing a bit of a sweet feeling, even if it’s a sad now, it’s even more pitiful.

“Teacher.” The young woman was looking worriedly at the elderly woman in front of her eyes.

“Bao’er, I didn’t let you leave for decades. Are you still blaming the teacher?” the older woman said with some hardships.

“The disciple did not.” Bao’er shook her head right away and said.

“You don’t have to comfort me. In these years, you have been staring at the jade hairpin on your head every day. Every day, in your dreams, you have been calling out the name ‘master’, I know that you can’t forget him. I can’t take care of you anymore.” The elderly woman said with difficultly.

“Teacher, you will be fine. Didn’t you say that there is Heavenly Yuan Divine Pills in the ‘World Mysterious Yellow Cauldron’? Below Body Fusion Stage cultivation base, as long as you take one grain, you can break through a layer of realm imprisonment. As long as you take one pill, you can add another 800 years lifespan.” Bao’er said right away.

“Silly girl, you don’t know anything. The teacher should have died a hundred years ago. I just used the ‘Lock Soul Pill to buckle the soul in the body. Only then can live to the present, how can Heavenly Yuan Divine Pill be useful? For a hundred years, I have been content with it for a hundred years. Moreover, for I have also to found a successor, have you to inherit my legacy, I am also satisfied.” The old woman said solemnly.

“Teacher.” Bao’er said with eyes full of tears.

Gently, the old woman wiped the tears of Bao’er with her hand.

“Do you know why the teacher has received you as a disciple? Between Heaven and Earth females, the best physique is the Nine Cauldrons and you are the most unusual ‘Center Cauldron Body’ in Nine Cauldrons. Also only the Center Cauldron Body, can inherit me, except for both of us, you and me, don’t tell anyone about your Physique.” The old woman said.

“Hmmm” Bao’er said with tears.

“The three outside are the three elders of my Grand Pill Sect, and the cultivation bases are all up to the Body Fusion Stage. Everything can be passed to you by the teacher.” The elderly woman looked lovingly at the Bao’er in front of her eyes.

“Yeah” Bao’er answered in tears.

“Bring the Storage Bracelet and I will pass on my things to you.” The old woman said.

“Teacher.” Bao’er looked at her teacher with her teary eyes and her heart was incomparably sad.

“Hurry up.” Old woman called out.

“Um.” Bao’er stretched out her white arm.

The old woman smiled and touched the two Bracelets with a slight touch, and a blue light flashed, and the existing things were transferred to Bao’er’s Bracelet.

Looking at Bao’er with satisfaction, the old woman smiled gently: “Everything about Grand Pill Sect, I have given it to you. These things are only known to the Sect Master. To recover to the glory of the sect from ten thousand years ago, everything will depend on yourself. I won’t force you. After all, I didn’t let Grand Pill to restore its Glory.”

“Teacher, don’t go.” Bao’er grabbed the old woman’s arm.

“Hehe, silly girl, is not good for your teacher not to leave, I can’t hold anymore. You let the three Great Elder come in. Before I leave, I will lay the road for you.” The elderly woman touched the hair of Bao’er gently and said.

“Um.” Bao’er tears her eyes and sorrowfully complied.

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