Immortal V3C54: One Fate, two Luck, three Feng Shui, four Cultivate Inner Virtue.

Immortal V3C54: One Fate, two Luck, three Feng Shui, four Cultivate Inner Virtue.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“Teacher, you can feel relieved, Ling’er is my wife, I will treat her well, wait for me to reach Nascent Soul Stage, I will go and bring Ling’er back and let her live a happily life every day. ”Zhong Shan said seriously.

Staring at Zhong Shan, Tian Xingzi looked at him for a while and felt the sincerity and solemnity of Zhong Shan. Tian Xingzi nodded.

Clay Bodhisattva, according to your customs, you never reveal the Heavenly Mystery for no reason, otherwise you must suffer the scourge, but you have revealed the details of Zhong Shan. How can you be so friendly?” Tian Xingzi immediately turned to look at Clay Bodhisattva. Apparently by the half status of son-in-law, he now stands on the side of Zhong Shan.

Looking at Tian Xingzi, Clay Bodhisattva nodded slightly: “Oh?
You can say.”

Clay Bodhisattva said so in a simple manner, as if the previous exposure of the details of Zhong Shan, was deliberately made, so Zhong Shan did not feel good and subconsciously frowned slightly.

Tian Xingzi looked at Zhong Shan as if he was giving a hint for Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan knew that there was a big opportunity in front of him, but he didn’t know how to talk about it. What should he ask for?
“Teacher, the disciple does not know the ability of senior, so can not talk about.” Zhong Shan asked immediately.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Tian Xingzi nodded with satisfaction.

“Zhong Shan, do you know the difference between Immortal and mortal? ”Tian Xingzi asked quietly.

When he heard the question of Tian Xingzi suddenly, Zhong Shan was slightly confused, but still said: “Immortal, immortality, mortal, the life is different.”

Well, yes, immortality, why would seek immortality? Why is there a difference in life?” Tian Xingzi asked again.

When he heard Tian Xingzi ask again, Zhong Shan’s brow wrinkled. He used to only know about it, but he did not know the reason.

Because of fate, mortals have mortal fate, Immortal has Immortal’s fate, the fate is different, so how can the life be the same? If you want to become an immortal, that is a heaven defying Life Transformation, change the life of mortals to the life of Immortal, so that you can not really die, so the cultivation is not for strength, strength is only a process, a mean. However, its purpose is to help the defying Life Transformation, to fight the heaven to change the fate. This can be immortality, the fate of Immortal. ”Tian Xingzi explained.

When he heard what Tian Xingzi said, the heart of Zhong Shan became tight, he discovered that his previous thoughts were too superficial, immortality was an extremely complicated, not just the increasing of the cultivation base.

“I don’t know how you know about establishing a Luck Dynasty. I just want to tell you that since you have a method, you should grasp it well. Sovereign Dynasty, Emperor Dynasty, Heavenly Dynasty, each promotion is a Life Transformation. Reaching Heavenly Dynasty Emperor, there is a chance to fight the heavens for fate. At that time, as long as can succeed, the Fate will be Immortal Fate, then, can achieve immortality. ”Tian Xingzi explained.

“Yes” Zhong Shan immediately complied, obviously this was something he knew.

“First: Fate, Second: Luck, Third: Feng Shui, Fourth: Cultivate Inner Virtue, Fifth: Fame. Fate, no one can directly cultivate Fate, can only cultivate the latter four, and then use then in Life Transformation.” Tian Xingzi said.

“Luck? Feng Shui ? Cultivate Inner Virtue ? Fame? ”Zhong Shan surprisedly asked.

Yes, your King Dynasty, by establishing a Luck Dynasty, you cultivate Fame. Cultivating Feng Shui, cultivating inner Virtue, cultivating Fame, all based on Heaven and Earth Virtue Position, no matter what, those cultivating Fame are the most and those cultivating Feng Shui are the least in number under the entire the heavens. The few individuals cultivating Feng Shui, Clay Bodhisattva in front of you is one of them, moreover he is Heaven and Earth Virtue Position Middle Position’. ”Tian Xingzi explained.

Zhong Shan was extremely shocked and thought: “What about Luck? What about cultivating Luck? ”

Looking55 at Zhong Shan, Tian Xingzi: “ No one cultivates Luck now, the method to cultivate Luck has already been lost. In the entire Great Divine State Land, already, there has not been a single person cultivating Luck for 100,000 years. ”

“Uh?” hasn’t there been a single person who cultivated ‘Luck’ in 100,000 years? Is Luck cultivation that difficult? What is the difference?” Zhong Shan asked.

“Luck? Legend has it that 100,000 years ago, in the Great Divine State Land, only one person appeared, this one person, could distinguish between Heaven and Earth yin and yang, and conclude the lucky fortune and misfortune. He could avoid disasters all times and frequently receive the good fortune. This is the real heaven defying cultivation. However, 100,000 years ago, he disappeared and never appeared again. ”Tian Xingzi said with an incomparable yearning.

Luck? Cultivating Luck? Zhong Shan was extremely shocked, so it is too abnormal, frequently? Always avoid the disaster and receive the good fortune?

There are only three remaining cultivation methods. Cultivating Fame, he, himself, is a sovereign, has gathered various officials and established a Luck Dynasty to cultivate Fame. Cultivating Feng Shui, there is Clay Bodhisattva in front of him, but what about cultivating Inner Virtue?

“Teacher, then we are now in sect cultivation, belonging to the cultivation of Inner Virtue? ”Zhong Shan asked in confusion.

Looking at Zhong Shan with satisfaction, Tian Xingzi said: “Yes, we are cultivating the Inner Virtue, we accumulate the Inner Virtue inside the body. As for the outer Inner Virtue, for the time being, you have no ability to contact and will know later. ”

“Yes” Zhong Shan immediately complied.

The technique of Feng Shui is extremely profound. You can use Feng Shui to take advantage of the Qi, gathering and increasing Qi. Using this Qi to increase the Luck of the country. It seems invisible, but actually increase the good fortune blessing.” Tian Xingzi explained to Zhong Shan.

Immediately, Zhong Shan heard the hint from the tone of Tian Xingzi.

Turning his hand, Zhong Shan took out a huge map, facing Clay Bodhisattva respectfully said :” Senior, the younger generation established the Great Zheng King Dynasty. The foundation is still shallow, the road ahead is confused, asking senior to direct and dispel the confusion.”

Zhong Shan has already planned for the future of Great Zheng King Dynasty. However, with such a master of Feng Shui in front of him, of course, he should listen to his opinions. As the teacher said, Feng Shui strength is in line with the national strength. That would be a better development. As for the map of Heavenly Wolf Island, it was also made by Zhong Shan according to the description of Kai Yang Sect, such as Nan Batian, and also the description of the wolf cavalry.

Heavenly Wolf Island in the map, except the wolf territory, was extraordinarily meticulous, deducting the roughly Heavenly Wolf Island graphics.

Looking at the map, Clay Bodhisattva asked lightly: “Where is your Great Zheng King Dynasty?”

Zhong Shan quickly spread the map equally and pointed to the central area of the southern three human society zones.

“Senior, here. Within three years, I will surely be able to unify this area. ”Said Zhong Shan.

Looking at the map, Clay Bodhisattva flipped a branch and said: “Great Zheng King Dynasty, in this territory, set the foundation, must be here, here build a three hundred meters stone dragon, the dragon mouth facing the sky, dispel the evil Qi, gather Heaven and Earth Luck, while the Qi is flying upwards, increasing the Great Zheng National Luck, only then can set foot on the other two territories. At this point, with the irresistible force, you can unify them under your rule.”

After that, Clay Bodhisattva did not say anything else, as if he said everything.

“Thanks, Senior” Zhong Shan immediately complied with the way.

“Well, after a thousand days, you will go with us to the Grand Pill Sect. At the appointed time, I will take advantage of the Qi of your Human Sovereign.” After Clay Bodhisattva said that, he turned around and went back to the house next to the bamboo forest.

Looking at the back of Clay Bodhisattva, Zhong Shan finally knew why Clay Bodhisattva has to tell him these things, obviously there is something, at the appointed time, that needs to be done.

However, for the sake of his teacher, even if there is no Clay Bodhisattva today’s comment, Zhong Shan will go.

Seeing Clay Bodhisattva leave, Tian Xingzi sighed slightly and then looked at Zhong Shan.

“Zhong Shan” Tian Xingzi called out.

“Disciple in” Zhong Shan immediately responded.

Tian Xingzi turned his hand and took out a booklet and looked at it. He looked at Zhong Shan and said: “This is the Golden Core Stage Cultivation Technique that I have prepared for you, Thunder Prison Pure Yang Art, when you reach the Golden Core Stage, study it.”

Zhong Shan was startled slightly, he has only reached the Xiantian Stage Eighth Layer. Is this time to prepare the Cultivation Technique of the Golden Core Stage? It is too early? It is not right, probably, the teacher is preparing the things to do after his death?

With a dignified expression, Zhong Shan took a deep breath and said: “Yes, teacher.”

After gently receiving the booklet, Zhong Shan didn’t have much happiness, but all that was in his heart was just a dignity.

“Go, I will find you after a thousand days. ”Tian Xingzi said.

“Yes, teacher. ”Zhong Shan nodded immediately, gently retreated, but Tian Xingzi stood in front of the grave of Wu You and continued to look at it.

Zhong Shan returned back to the Listening Water Pavilion, his heart was still full of shock.

Clay Bodhisattva? Feng Shui master, if he can use him, for the Great Zheng King Dynasty, how good it will be, if it is true, then the Great Zheng King Dynasty will surely last forever, but Zhong Shan also knows that hiring Clay Bodhisattva to work for Great Zheng, is basically impossible. At least it is impossible now.

Not to mention Clay Bodhisattva’s cultivation base, but also his Heaven and Earth Virtue Position, Middle Position that is not what Great Zheng King Dynasty can give now.

According to Establishing the Heavenly Court, there are three kinds of Heaven and Earth Virtue Position, Soft Position, Middle Position, Top Position, and now he doesn’t even have a Soft Position. How can he give someone a Middle Position?

Taking a deep breath, Zhong Shan suppressed this thought in his heart, as everything will be said later. Great Zheng King Dynasty, it must get strong. Heaven defying Life Transformation, I will fight to change the mortal life to Immortal life.

“Zhong Shan” from outside the Listening Water Pavilion suddenly he heard the voice of Nan Batian.

Zhong Shan frowned slightly and walked out, because after returning from the outside world, he never saw Nan Batian. According to his teacher, Nan Batian was breaking through. Did he reach the Golden Core Stage?

Out of the small courtyard, sure enough, it was really Nan Batian.

Nan Batian held a jar in his hand and saw Zhong Shan coming out with a happy expression.

“Haha, Zhong Shan You are really here, come, I just got it from my teacher, it is fermented from the nine spirits of ten thousands flowers, let’s taste it together. ”Nan Batian said with a smile.

Fermented from nine spirits of ten thousands flowers?

“Is this wine?” Zhong Shan immediately came over and asked doubtfully.

“Yes, it is wine, but this is not the wine in the secular world. It is not too much to say that it is an immortal wine. I have been stunned for a long time. Until the day before, I have reached Gold Core Stage. The teacher wanted to give me a reward, so I asked him while he was collecting it.” Nan Batian said excitedly.

“Oh?” Zhong Shan said with somewhat accidental expression, then he turned his hand, took out two large bowls and put them on the stone table.

Seeing that Zhong Shan was impolite, Nan Batian was also very bold and put the wine on the table.

Forcedly tearing open the sealing paper on the top of the jar, and a fragrant smell of wine suddenly poured into the nose of Zhong Shan. For a time, it seemed that the pores of his whole body were opened and inhaled it. It was extremely comfortable.

Smelling the flavor, Zhong Shan could feel that the wine was extraordinary.

“Good wine,” Zhong Shan praised.

“It is a natural.” Nan Batian said with a smile. He raised the jar and started to fill the two sea bowls on the table.

Nine spirits of ten thousands flowers fermented wine, the fluid was in a golden color, but it was a golden transparent liquid, it seemed like it has the illusory images of many small flowers, and appeared very beautiful. If not for the smelling the fragrance, it really makes people feel like they can’t bear to consume it.

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