Immortal V3C52: The death of Lei Ting.

Immortal V3C52: The death of Lei Ting.

Translated by: RedLotus.

A one-foot long Soul Restricting Bone Penetrating Nail was held in the left hand of Zhong Shan, as if General Lei Ting was now a huge prey.

“Red wolf, I don’t know what your name is, but you are Golden Core Stage Eighth Layer, and the person in front of you has only half of his life left, so you are not facing a dead situation, you can finally escape at any time, then do your best and fulfill the promises of the wolf clan.” Zhong Shan said quietly to the big wolf under his feet.


The big wolf roared loudly, apparently accepting what Zhong Shan said, preparing to fight with all his strength, his eyes gradually became red, and he looked at General Lei Ting in front of him.

At this moment, General Lei Ting did not know why, suddenly his eyes became slightly red, and his breathing suddenly became rapid.

“Now.” Zhong Shan roared out.

“Bang……. ”

Another fireball was released out from the big wolf’s mouth, directly towards General Lei Ting. At the same time, the big wolf also stepped on the ground, its huge body rushed toward General Lei Ting.

General Lei Ting suddenly was confused, what is it going? How can he think about a woman at this time?

Shaking his head, his heart is tight, not good, he has fallen in some psychedelic cultivation techniques. While waiting to regain on his own senses, a huge fireball collided with himself.


Lie Ting’s eyes stared widely, and he formed some thunder threads in his hand to smash the incoming fireball, but it seemed that there was still a beautiful woman in his eyes.

When he was about to smash the fireball with his punch, he saw an attractive thing.

Came, the beautiful woman came, and when General Lei Ting was confused, the original peerless beauty suddenly turned into a big wolf claw.

Immediately right behind the fireball was the huge red wolf.

The red wolf with a fierce expression has shaken out General Lei Ting. The huge sharp claw was about to cut maliciously the body of General Lei Ting.

General Lei Ting felt that something was not good, so he released the aura cover to cover his body entirely. The claw wad blocked, but there was still a feeling of congestion in his head.


General Lei Ting was thrown into the lava, and the fire wolf seemed to be the fire attribute type so it was not afraid of the already cold lava. It threw General Lei Ting to the ground, attacked him maliciously with its claws and released some fireballs one after one, as if it wanted to kill General Lei Ting in on vigorous effort.

However, General Lei Ting’s vitality was too tenacious. Even so, the aura cover was weak to the limit, it did not collapse. But he wasn’t able to fight back at all.

At this time, the big blade in the hands of Zhong Shan had been put away, and he jumped. He held the Soul Restricting Bone Penetrating Nail in his hand and covered them completely with the Red Luan Bewitching Mist. Because of the previous fight with Miao Xianren and Mr. Shi, Zhong Shan saw that the Red Luan Bewitching Mist can penetrate the aura cover directly.

Sure enough, it was unhindered, the Red Luan Bewitching Mist covering Soul Restricting Bone Penetrating Nail, directly pierced the aura cover of General Lei Ting.

The red wolf held the body of General Lei Ting down, and under the full force attack of Zhong Shan, the Soul Restricting Bone Penetrating Nail penetrated the left wrist of General Lei Ting.


General Lei Ting roared loudly from the pain. His right hand was moving crazily, but his left hand was nailed into the ground after being pierced with the Soul Restricting Bone Penetrating Nail and could no longer move.

After this change, General Lei Ting was heavily injured, and the Red Wolf was also able to relax a little.

“Ci… ..”

Another Soul Restricting Bone Penetrating Nail pierced the right wrist of General Lei Ting and nailed it to the ground.

“Roar… ….”

General Lei Ting was madly roaring, but after being pinned, it seemed that he couldn’t move.

The red wolf also seemed to know what Zhong Shan was doing, it immediately used its claws to hold down the legs of General Lei Ting.


Zhong Shan, with a ruthless facial expression, nailed the limbs of General Lei Ting with four Soul Restricting Bone Penetrating Nail, General Lei Ting was no longer able to move at all.

Meanwhile, Zhong Shan took out the big blade and stroked it diagonally above General Lei Ting.


A huge trench suddenly appeared. The large amount of lava that was flowing from above, started to flow to the side along the trench and no longer flowed to the place of General Lei Ting.

With Zhong Shan’s Heavenly Demon Pure Body Great Technique Second Layer, he was already able to condense the aura cover around his body, so there was no problem in moving around without any issue. But the aura cover of General Lei Ting was now completely gone. He was just like a secular world martial artist whose shoulder was penetrated and could no longer use the energy in his body.

It was only because of General Lei Ting’s long years of cultivation and skin quenching, that his skin was incomparably hard and it did not burn in the light of this.

In the sky, Qing Yun was watching for a while and his eyes revealed his extreme shock. Was Zhong Shan only Xiantian Stage Eighth Layer? Really, a Xiantian Stage Eighth Layer? How could he condense the aura cover around his body moments ago? Also, how did he insert the Soul Restricting Bone Penetrating Nails through the aura cover of General Lei Ting?

It shouldn’t be? Qing Yun’s eyes contained intense doubts, but the big wolf on the side of Zhong Shan, there was a slight satisfaction in its eyes. A Nascent Soul Stage, he unexpectedly turned a Nascent Soul Stage into this sorry condition.

In a distant place, the countless soldiers were also watching the scene at the volcano. His Majesty, his majesty was too strong, but this was an immortal, an immortal? Was the immortal also nailed down to the mountain by his majesty?

At this moment, the strength of Zhong Shan was printed in the hearts of everyone instantaneously. Even the big wolf that was releasing fire before, it was not that mysterious anymore.

The immortal is damned. When his majesty got rid, he nailed him to the mountain. Moreover, wasn’t that black clothed demon who was flying in the sky an immortal? Then what about his majesty who has captured him in his hands? Wasn’t his majesty also an immortal?

At this moment, the innermost feelings of everyone were stimulated and they were extremely excited. No matter what, they have witnessed scenes that others have never seen in their entire lives and even later they will go back and brag about it. This scene of his majesty nailing down the immortal, will become the most powerful talk subject.

Three days later, the volcano stopped erupting.

The big red wolf stepped and returned back to the wolf territory .

The army was stationed at the foot of the mountain. On the mountain, Zhong Shan brought Qing Yun, Yinglan, Lin Xiao, Wei Taizhong and Zhong Zheng to look at General Lei Ting who was nailed down.

Soul Restricting Bone Penetrating Nail restrict the divine sense and seal the spiritual essence. General Lei Ting completely became a lamb.

Looking at this scene, the hearts of everyone were full of shock.

A Nascent Soul Stage expert was an existence that they couldn’t even think about it before, but now he was lying at the feet of everyone and waiting to be slaughtered.

Qing Yun Wolf General was also swallowing his saliva, although the Nascent Soul Stage couldn’t catch his eyes by far. After all, in the eyes of the Qing Yun Wolf General, the Nascent Soul Stage was like a kitten or a little puppy, but compared to this Xiantian Stage of Zhong Shan, Lei Ting of this Nascent Soul Stage was a giant existence.

Zhong Shan has really done it. In the Xiantian Stage, has he trapped in the Nascent Soul Stage?

Taking a deep breath, the faint cultivation base of Zhong Shan instantly became big in the eyes of Qing Yun. This person is extraordinary, no, very capable.

“Granduncle, is he the person who has injured sister Ling’er?” Yinglan asked immediately.

Zhong Shan frowned slightly and said: “Later, call her grandaunt.”

“Oh” Yinglan spit out her small tongue.

“Ha ha ha, little kid, stinking insect, I really hate it, really hate that, initially, I shouldn’t have held back from killing you.” General Lei Ting, who was lying down on the ground, was calling out crazily.

“Kill me? Snort, originally, I didn’t plan to look for you. At least, I won’t find you in the short term. However, you have to find me, trying to kill me one time after another, even more than half a year ago, you almost killed my wife. On that day, I swore that I must find you at the fastest time, kill you, making you die like a dog.” Zhong Shan said with a cold voice.

“Hahaha, come, kill me, when the time comes, the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty will make you die like a dog.” General Lei Ting snarled.

“Kill you? do you think it will be that easy? Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty? I will go later, I not only want you to die like a dog, I must extinguish your nine generations, just wait in the underground, as for the cause of your death, snort , Taizhong.” Zhong Shan coldly called out.

“In” Wei Taizhong immediately called out.

“Bring the nest of the flesh eating ant from the wilderness, I must use him to feed the ants, you wait here to guard, until the carnivorous ants thoroughly digest him, then come back to see me.” Zhong Shan said coldly.

“Yes” Wei Taizhong immediately responded.

When he heard the words of Zhong Shan, the iron-clad man, General Lei Ting, unconsciously, his whole body fine hair erected vertically. Feeding the ants? But the nearby Qing Yun also unconsciously felt cold. Suddenly he felt that he, previously, was too kind.

“Lin Xiao, you stay behind with 500 wolf cavalry and 50,000 heavy armored soldiers, guard this mountain for me, wait for Lei Ting to be digested by the ants, then come back to see me with Taizhong.” Zhong Shan ordered again.

“Yes.” Lin Xiao immediately responded.

Subsequently, Zhong Shan put on a new robe then turned around leading the other people to descend the mountain.

Zhong Shan returned to Xuan Capital, but the fact of the immortal slaughter was spreading in the army.

For the first time, the Emperor’s fortitude was imprinted in the hearts of the people. An immortal, a flying immortal, by the strength of his majesty, had been nailed tightly on the volcano in the north of Red Cloud Town. In light of this, that mountain was also named ‘Celestial Slaughter Mountain’.

His majesty receives the blessings of the heavens and the earth, and also the wolf immortal who also bows and pledged allegiance to his majesty.

At this point, the wolf became the national beast of the Great Zheng King Dynasty, and the wolf cavalry was no longer a top secret. As long as someone is loyal to the Great Zheng King Dynasty, then he may become the next wolf cavalry. From then on, he can ride the wolf and become invincible on the battlefield. Even the mountains that cannot be crossed are no longer so dangerous.

Mystical, the Great Zheng King Dynasty became more and more mystical with the appearance of the wolf cavalry. The surrounding three countries, at this moment, are even more afraid and don’t what to do.

In the Longevity Palace, the Shadow Body Zhong Shan once again was managing the political affairs, commanding the Great Zheng lands, but the main body was once again returning to Kai Yang Sect, General Lei Ting died, and was cruelly punished.

The enmity of Ling’er has been reported, but the whereabouts of Ling’er have become mysterious, Phoenix Palace? What is this place? Also the family of Nie Qingqing who he doesn’t know anything about them. When he goes back, he will ask the teacher about them.

This time, Zhong Shan has learned from the previous lesson. Even if he can fly, Zhong Shan will also walk back to Kai Yang Sect most of the time. In the sky, he will be a big target. Unless, his cultivation base is high enough to protect himself, he will walk.

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