Immortal V3C51: Bang! Bang! Bang!

Immortal V3C51: Bang! Bang! Bang!

Translated by: RedLotus.

Zhong Shan on the huge red wolf was on the front, Yinglan, Lin Xiao, and Zhong Zheng were all behind with ten-meter-high wolf, followed by thousands of wolf cavalry soldiers.

Qing Yun stepped on and jumped slightly to stand beside Zhong Shan on the top of the red wolf.

When he saw Qing Yun coming up without permission, Zhong Shan’s brows were slightly wrinkled, but he didn’t say anything because it’s useless now. However, wait for his cultivation base to be high enough later, who would dare to stand next to him without his permission?

“The red wolf can help you, but you have to know that Lei Ting has recovered his peak, and in the face of a mortal situation, the Red Wolf has the right to give up helping you.” Qing Yun said.

The red wolf under his feet also hummed twice, apparently agreeing with Qing Yun.

“Just wait.” Zhong Shan revealed a faint smile and said nothing else. He was looking at the distant Red Cloud Town.

After General Lei Ting entered the deep tunnel, he suddenly discovered that the tunnel was extremely deep, and at the bottom, There were many passages spreading in all directions.. Which side did that stinking insect escape to?


From a distant place, suddenly the roaring sound of Wei Taizhong was heard.

“Bang… ….”

In Red Cloud Town, the place of the tunnel where General Lei Ting entered, suddenly exploded with a loud bang, the earth moved and the deep tunnel was buried with an enormous amount of soil.

Looking at this scene, Qing Yun was slightly confused, what happened? There were no fluctuations of cultivation technique activation just now?


In the distance from Red Cloud Town, the land is sent out one after another. The sound of roaring sounds like a thunderous loud noise. After every loud noise, the earth must be glimpsed, and the endless earth is rising.

“Bang …….Bang ……..Bang ……. Bang ……. Bang ……..”

In Red Cloud Town, everything was in a complete chaos, innumerable houses were exploding with a loud bang, the debris were flying up in the sky. Even those who were standing at a great distance, felt the ground, under the feet, was trembling.

The ground was shaking, like a huge earthquake. A wave after wave of the roaring explosions and with every explosion they could feel the bitter vibration below the ground.

In a half incense burning time, the whole Red Cloud Town was turned into a pile of ruins. Not only that, the ground around Red Cloud Town continued to vibrate, the dust was rising high to the sky, and the trees were shaking and even strangely burnt down.

In a distant place, the hearts of the soldiers, despite everyone was standing on the top of a large and sturdy wolf, were full of worries. If they haven’t been organized here, these big wolves would have already run away.

Half an hour later, the ground in the distance was still trembling. Qing Yun has been using his divine sense to explore out of curiosity.

In the underground, the flame was rising from all directions, as long as the flames ignite the black-gray powder, The black-gray powder would explode, the key was the quantity was too much, too much. It was like the ground below, was all filled with the powder in general, it seemed to be separated from each other, but because of the placement of Zhong Shan, it made the explosions continue one after another, from top to bottom, one layer after another. Even a lot of iron pieces were also mixed within it. Once the explosion started, the pieces were shot like sharp swords in all directions.

Although General Lei Ting was a Nascent Soul Stage, he seemed to be imprisoned by a large amount of soil under the ground, and was bombed from all directions. He was in an extremely difficult situation.

As the explosions continued, the ground, not only in Red Cloud Town but also in the entire radius of hundreds of miles, was constantly moving and it was trembling continuously. The sky in the distance had already been covered with a dark clouds of dust.

All the soldiers showed horrified expressions. What happened? What happened there?

“What are these things?” Qing Yun asked Zhong Shan curiously.

“Black powder, mortal fireworks, I had asked someone to re-examine the mixing ratio for decades.” Zhong Shan answered simply.

“Huh?” Qing Yun’s eyes flashed a trace of accident.

An hour, a whole hour, the explosions continued for an hour, the ground has been continuously shaking, and it took an hour to calm down.

“Bang ……”

In the north of Red Cloud Town, the original huge dormant volcano, suddenly erupted with a loud bang, a red light column appeared in the sky.

A large amount of lava was released into the sky, and the sky was instantly illuminated by a red dusky color.

The volcano erupted, the lava was released in all directions and the mountains were covered with fire.

But in the moment of the volcanic eruption along with the first wave of lava releasing, there was still a figure in an extremely bad condition.

General Lei Ting!

General Lei Ting’s clothes have been torn, his face was black, his hair was scattered in disorder, and the corners of the mouth were overflowing with dry blood. It was obvious that he suffered a destructive attack for more than an hour. To General Lei Ting, it was a ruinous attack, both physically and psychologically.

General Lei Ting was seriously injured again, and the injury was so depressing, there was no enemy, no power to fight back. If above the ground, General Lei Ting could escape in a flash, but in the underground, there was no way to go, no way to escape. Wherever he would go to the underground, there will be explosions.

It was only after the last explosion, the incomparably hot underground by countless lava, was blasted out creating a huge crater, he was released from the oppression.

A long time of grievances, let General Lei Ting have the urge to cry, too wronged, so unclear, hurt in the hands of this trash.

“Let’s go, Lei Ting has been seriously injured, now let’s go together.” Zhong Shan shouted at the red wolf under his feet.

“Wooo…. .”

The red wolf roared and stepped on, rushing to the distant place of the volcanic eruption.

Above the wolf’s head, Qing Yun exclaimed: “You are really lucky. If it was not that he finally ran to the direction of the volcano, he wouldn’t be so badly injured by the volcanic magma.”

“Luck? Snort, lucky! The explosions from all directions occurred according to my gunpowder arrangement, with his wisdom to run underground, can only go to the volcano.” Zhong Shan said coldly.

When Qing Yun heard Zhong Shan’s remarks, he felt cold in his heart. Although Zhong Shan only has the cultivation base of Xiantian Stage, his wisdom made Qing Yun feel some fear.

Control? Yes, it is control, to control Lei Ting’s walking route with the underground explosion?

This, this is the most terrible thing in the military confrontation, manipulating the opponent to act according to their own requirements? How is it possible? This is incredible.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Qing Yun took a deep breath, this moment, Qing Yun finally realized the deep meaning of Supreme. When Supreme chose to sign the contract with Zhong Shan at the beginning, Qing Yun thought it was due to the young lord favor. After all, the cultivation base of the signing person is too low, and the body root is too bad, how could Supreme choose him? Moreover, his expression as if he also has incomparable expectations, was this the reason?

Qing Yun needs to re-examine this Zhong Shan. At first, he only stayed to guard the Great Zheng King Dynasty due to Supreme order. But now, Qing Yun, himself, has the curiosity to stay behind, to see what magical things this Zhong Shan has.

After the trembling of the ground stopped, the already rugged ground couldn’t withstand anymore, huge stones appeared above the ground. The horses can’t pass through it, only creatures like wolves can walk up.

After several jumps, the big wolf carried Zhong Shan and Qing Yun to the foot of the volcano.

From top to bottom, many of the lava were sprinkling from the air, but the wolf was so keen, and in a flash, it avoided a lot of lava and rushed up the mountain.

Opening its mouth, the big wolf released a big fireball and rushed to General Lei Ting who was seriously injured.

General Lei Ting was seriously injured. Hehe also saw the big wolf running fast from the distance. When he saw the big wolf, General Lei Ting’s pupils shrank, and a very bad feeling filled his whole body.

It was that stinking insect, he was standing on the big wolf? How come? The last time, when he was still in the wolf territory, his majesty did not obtain the wolf clan recognition, did the person in front of him get it?

No, something isn’t right, there is someone on the top of the wolf, Qing Yun Wolf General, is he?

How is Qing Yun with that stinking insect? Qing Yun Wolf General will not target him. Although he had injured the wolf clan young lord, Qing Yun wolf let him go in order to repay the graciousness of life saving, otherwise he would have killed him in the wolf clan territory.

However now, he was not in a good condition, his body was badly injured, so he must find a place to heal and cultivate.

As General Lei Ting turned around and wanted to leave, suddenly, a huge fireball came.

With the huge fireball release, Zhong Shan also raised his blade.

Heavenly Demon Pure Body Great Technique, Second Layer.

Red Luan Bewitching Mist!

A huge red blade qi with a length of ten meters long, there was a slight pink color energy inside it, immediately followed behind the fireball, directly towards General Lei Ting.

When he saw Zhong Shan’s attack, General Lei Ting’s expression became cold. Even if he was seriously injured, it was also a slap in his face. He turned his hand to grab the huge fireball and formed a small thunder thread which was much weaker than the thunder ball released before.

“Bang …..”

With a loud bang, the huge fireball was crushed by General Lei Ting, but the complementary wave also caused some flames to land on General Lei Ting. The original torn-black clothes, once again were burned by the small flame from the fireball.

General Lei Ting’s eyes stared widely, this must be the end of days as it was absolutely impossible for a fierce Tiger to be bullied by dogs.

Taking a deep breath, General Lei Ting looked at the big wolf on the boulder not far away.

But seeing General Lei Ting inhale deeply, Zhong Shan actually smiled coldly.

“Qing Yun Wolf General, why are you stopping me?” General Lei Ting asked immediately.

“I am just a viewer, I won’t intervene.” Qing Yun smiled slightly, then his body moved and jumped from the red wolf head and flew into the sky.

Hearing the words of Qing Yun, General Lei Ting suddenly smiled and looked at Zhong Shan.

Even if he was seriously injured, General Lei Ting also believed that he, for sure, can pinch Zhong Shan till death.

Coldly staring at Zhong Shan, but Zhong Shan, with eyes filled with hatred, slowly took out a Soul Restricting Bone Penetrating Nails.’

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