Immortal V3C49: World Search.

Immortal V3C49: World Search.

Translated by: RedLotus.

The True Body of Zhong Shan was moving quickly back to the Great Zheng King Dynasty. At the same time, in Great Zheng King Dynasty, Longevity Palace, the Shadow Body of Zhong Shan went straight to a certain palace inside the Imperial Palace.

Outside the palace, there was a large number of imperial guards guarding the surroundings, but no one dared to step into it except for his majesty.

Zhong Shan’s face was full of anger and quickly moved to the place that was renamed the “Wolf Temple”, followed by Wei Taizhong, Yinglan, Zhong Zheng and Lin Xiao.

The four people saw Zhong Shan moving quickly, they were extremely anxious and their hearts were filled with doubts. However, no one asked, but they frowned deeply, and their eyes were full of anxiety. What happened exactly, to make his Majesty acting urgently?

Arriving to the outside of the Wolf Temple , the imperial guards saluted respectfully, and no one dared to stop them. In this palace, no, in this Great Zheng King Dynasty, Zhong Shan was the god.

The front door of the Wolf Temple was closed tightly, so the outsiders simply did not know what was inside.

“Taizhong, make the surrounding personal withdraw.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes.” Wei Taizhong immediately complied with a bow. Subsequently, he quickly ordered, making the imperial guards leave this courtyard.

When all the imperial guards left, Wei Taizhong came back. He stood behind Zhong Shan, looking at Zhong Shan.

Taking a deep breath, Zhong Shan pressed down the anger in his heart, then he pushed the front door.

“Rumbling.. “the door was slowly opened, and the sunlight illuminated the interior.

At this moment, the four people looked doubtfully at the interior of this Wolf Temple. They saw a chocking large number of Spirit Stones. The Spirit Stones were arranged according to an unusual positions forming a spider web shape great array. At the center, an azure robed man was sitting cross-legged. The man was not different from an average man, but he has a pair of green wolf ears.

When the four people behind Zhong Shan saw this man, their hearts became slightly tight. What was this? Was he a person or a monster?

Inside, it was Qing Yun Wolf General who has been guarding the Great Zheng King Dynasty.

When Zhong Shan opened the door, Qing Yun Wolf General opened his eyes.

He frowned slightly, gently stood up, and accidentally looked at Zhong Shan.

“Do you want to summon a group of wolves?” Qing Yun Wolf General said.

“Qing Yun, I have something to ask for your help.” Zhong Shan said immediately.

“Oh?” Qing Yun looked at Zhong Shan doubtfully.

“Summon all the wolves that you can summon, search for Lei Ting, the one who injured Xianxian last time.” Zhong Shan pinched his fist and said.

“Why are you looking for him? To kill him?” Qing Yun looked at Zhong Shan with narrowed eyes.

“Yes, I must tear him to shreds.” Zhong Shan said and did not hide it.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Qing Yun Wolf General said: “Supreme has already said, the previous matter wouldn’t be pursued. I can not help you.”

Hearing what Qing Yun Wolf General said, the four people behind Zhong Shan were angry. They were staring at Qing Yun Wolf General, but no one interrupted.

“You don’t need to do it, I only need the location of Lei Ting, I will kill him myself.” Zhong Shan said again.

“You want to kill him? Why?” Qing Yun Wolf General said solemnly.

Staring at Qing Yun Wolf General, Zhong Shan took a deep breath then said: “He almost killed my close relative, this enmity is absolutely irreconcilable, I’m only asking you, are you going to help, or not?”

Keeping a close eye on the Qing Yun Wolf General, there was even an aggressiveness in his eyes, and this was not the manner of asking others for help. But for Zhong Shan, if Qing Yun Wolf General wouldn’t help, he definitely has a way to force him to help, but this was not what he and Qing Yun Wolf General wanted to see. To be tolerant? It was certainly impossible for Zhong Shan. Although his cultivation base was low, but Zhong Shan knew that when he signed the wolf contract, his status and the Wolf Supreme Di Xuansha was at the same level.

Will Di Xuansha be tolerant with Qing Yun Wolf General?

Staring at Zhong Shan, Qing Yun Wolf General felt a strong strength, although Zhong Shan cultivation base was only a Xiantian Stage, but the coming strong strength was too strange, how could he has this Feeling?

Looking at Zhong Shan, Qing Yun Wolf General was silent for a while, then finally said: “I will only help you to find him, I will not get rid.”

“Thank you.” Zhong Shan said.

“Um” Qing Yun Wolf General nodded and said.

“When you find him, feel free to seek me.” Zhong Shan said.

“Ok” Qing Yun Wolf General nodded.

“These four people are my trusted subordinates. When the first patch of wolves come, let them contact first.” Zhong Shan said again.

Zhong Zheng, Yinglan, Wei Taizhong and Lin Xiao were all looking at the azure robed man who looked like a monster.

Qing Yun just nodded lightly.

“This is Qing Yun Wolf General.” Zhong Shan introduced to the four people.

“Zhong Zheng, has seen Qing Yun Wolf General.” Zhong Zheng said immediately.

“Lin Xiao, has seen Qing Yun Wolf General.”

“Yinglan, had seen Qing Yun Wolf General.”

“Wei Taizhong, has seen Qing Yun Wolf General.”

“Um” Qing Yun Wolf General merely nodded gently.

Subsequently, Zhong Shan led the four people and walked back again. On the way, Zhong Shan was extremely silent, and no one of the four people spoke.

Until they returned to the Longevity Palace, Zhong Shan only took a token, handed it to Lin Xiao and said: “Lin Xiao, this is the highest token of the Zhao family of the Great Song Country. Take this token to the Zhao Family and the Zhao Family will obey you, including their army. Within six months, you have to take down the Great Song Country.”

Looking at the token in Zhong Shan’s hand, Lin Xiao’s eyes were wide-opened, Zhao Family, the Great Song Country’s Zhao Family? Nearly one third of the Great Song army was under their command, if this token was really like that, then would it take half a year to take down the Great Song Country? Two months should be enough.

“Yes.” Lin Xiao immediately complied.

“Good” Zhong Shan nodded.

“Yinglan, your Eight Gate Golden Lock Array, how is it now?” Zhong Shan asked.

“It has started to take shape, but to cope with the secular world army, it is invincible.” Yinglan said confidently.

“Good, in six months, you have to take down a big country completely. Choose country, from the other five countries, with a weak national power and doesn’t have a fierce general. After you take it down, my Great Zheng King Dynasty will regain this piece of human society. After that we will wait for a while, train the wolf cavalry soldiers and take the remaining three countries in one fell swoop.” Zhong Shan said solemnly.

“Yes” Yinglan immediately complied.

“Zhong Zheng.” Zhong Shan called out.

“Child is here.” Zhong Zheng immediately responded.

“You are responsible for preparing the logistics, also you are responsible for receiving people in the city, electing the talented from them to be feudal officials then bring them over to me to have a look.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes,” Zhong Zheng immediately complied.

“Taizhong.” Zhong Shan called Wei Taizhong.

“In” Wei Taizhong immediately responded.

“I will arrange something for you later, and you will be responsible for working, with me, to prepare for the slaughter of Lie Ting.” Zhong Shan said ruthlessly.

“Yes” Wei Taizhong immediately complied.

“Good” Zhong Shan nodded.

After that, the True Body of Zhong Shan was in a mountain village in the Great Zheng King Dynasty, and was cultivating diligently. Now, the more strength he has, the more it will help him in revenge. Qing Yun Wolf General has sent a large number of wolves to search, as long as General Lei Ting did not leave the Heavenly Wolf Island, the wolves will seize every opportunity to find him. It’s just that there has been no news of General Lei Ting.

Obviously, General Lei Ting was also seriously injured last time by that strong palm of the Mountain Protector. He definitely found a safe place to heal.

As for the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty in the north of the Heavenly Wolf Island, Qing Yun Wolf General also sent a large number of wolves to search, and there was no trace of General Lei Ting there. Obviously, he didn’t return back for healing, he should only be somewhere on the Heavenly Wolf Island.

Time has passed day by day, and General Lei Ting’s injury was definitely getting better and better, but it doesn’t matter. Zhong Shan has already thought of ways to deal with him. Even with mortal means, Zhong Shan still has a way to deal with him. Moreover, he can summon a big wolf at the Golden Core Stage.

In a place where the wolves run wildly deep into the mountains, the mortal army can’t set foot, and only the wolf can be found in these mountains.

Under the leadership of Lin Xiao and Yinglan, the army of the Great Zheng King Dynasty was also killing in the four directions. They were killings continuously and many people died. However, the influence of Zhong Shan was also growing.

Half a year, after half a year, the Great Song Country and another big country were taken down completely. The influence of the Great Zheng King Dynasty was unmatched, so the remaining three countries quickly formed an alliance. However, no country has dared to attack the Great Zheng King Dynasty.

This also gave the Great Zheng King Dynasty a lot of time to train the soldiers and raise the morale of the people. After all, it is easy to fight all over the world but defending what you gained, is difficult. Besides, controlling the city and comforting the people need a long time.

During this period, Yinglan, Lin Xiao, Zhong Zheng and Wei Taizhong each tamed a big wolf, a big wolf that could ride on it.

Lin Xiao and Yinglan also selected some talented subordinates to tame wolves to become a real wolf cavalry soldiers.

Shadow Body Zhong Shan assumed the commanding position in the Xuan Capital City, while the True Body of Zhong Shan was in a closed door cultivation, very diligently. He has been at Xiantian Stage Seventh Layer, but still every day he would impact the major acupoints.

Since he transcripted of all the materials in the Rare Treasure Pavilion, Zhong Shan has also spread a large number of low-level spirit fruits illustrations to the world to collect, and sometimes there are people who offer him different spiritual fruits.

Although there wasn’t a super-fruit, but the support of many spiritual fruits also made Zhong Shan benefit a lot.

But the body root of Zhong Shan was still too bad. With a lot of spirit fruits, this King Dynasty Luck and nearly half a year of diligent cultivation, but he only reached the peak of Xiantian Stage Seventh Layer and it was too difficult to break through. There were two acupoints, opening them and he can reach Xiantian Stage Eighth Layer, but these two acupoints seemed to be blocked, and no matter how hard he try, can’t open them.

After a few days of attacking them, there was no slight sign for them to be even less crowded, so the True Body of Zhong Shan quickly returned from the underground to the imperial palace of the Great Zheng King Dynasty.

After combining with the Shadow Body, he went straight to the Wolf Temple.

This time, Zhong Shan came alone. In the Wolf Temple, Qing Yun was still cultivating alone, and when he saw Zhong Shan coming here, he became slightly confused.

“Did you find Lei Ting?” asked Zhong Shan.

“There is no news yet.” Qing Yun shook his head and said.

“So, please do me a favor.” Zhong Shan said.

“Oh?” Qing Yun wondered.

“Use your powerful imposing manner to oppress me and help me to open the acupoints.” Zhong Shan solemnly said.

“Oh? Do you want to use the imposing manner pressure to cultivate?” Qing Yun surprisedly said.

“Yes, I have felt the oppression of the strong expert before, so I know it is useful to me.” Zhong Shan said seriously. Recalling the imposing manner of Nie Qingqing, Zhong Shan has a feeling of craving.

“Well, let’s give it a try.” Qing Yun laughed, apparently he also wanted to see how the oppressive pressure of the imposing manner can help people break through.

Zhong Shan quickly sat cross-legged, and Qing Yun’s imposing manner was suddenly released, and it was oppressing toward Zhong Shan.

Heavenly Wolf Island, at the peak of a mountain, a two-meter-high giant green wolf, its eyes were staring straight down, the eyes that should have no expression suddenly shrunk, as if it discovered an important matter, turned around and left quickly.

In the mountain valley, at this moment, there were two people, one was General Lei Ting who was injured half a year ago. At this moment, he seemed to be fully recovered, and the other was the mysterious Mr. Shi.

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