Immortal V3C48: Nirvana Rebirth.

Immortal V3C48: Nirvana Rebirth.

Translated by: RedLotus.

The Mountain Protector grasped the wrist of Tian Ling’er, and poured a green energy in it to examine her condition. He frowned deeply, then disappeared instantaneously from the place.

This green energy as if made Tian Ling’er more sober instantaneously. Zhong Shan unceasingly instilled his spiritual essence, and didn’t stop. Now, what remains in Zhong Shan’s heart only to save Tian Ling’er, as long Tian Ling’er could be saved, It’s worth losing everything.

“Zhong, Zhong Shan, Pu.. ” Tian Ling’er spurted a mouthful of blood with difficulty. She revealed a beautiful smile on her face.

“I’m here.” Zhong Shan was holding the tears in his eyes and unceasingly instilling the spiritual essence into the hand of Tian Ling’er. He was rubbing the blood from the corners of Tian Ling’er’s mouth.

“Am I beautiful today?” Tian Ling’er difficultly said with a smile and a weak expression. Her tone was so weak as if it would disappear at any time.

“Beautiful, very beautiful, Ling’er, you don’t need to talk, the teacher will come right away, you will be saved immediately.” Zhong Shan said with an ache in his heart.

“Ling’er is a blurry person, there is no sister of Kui’er and Bao’er sister, but Ling’er can die for you, Ling’er is very happy.” Tian Ling’er said with a trembling voice.

“Don’t say it, you will be fine, certainly.” Holding Tian Ling’er, Zhong Shan felt that his whole body was broken.

“Can Ling’er be your third wife?” Tian Ling’er said with extreme difficulty. When she said this, the smile on Tian Ling’er’s face was dissipated, and there was only a hope. A hope, Even if she was going to die soon, she had to get an answer.

“Can, can, heaven as a witness, from now on, Zhong Shan and Tian Ling’er are a husband and wife, in life and death, they would relay on and never give up or abandon each other.” Zhong Shan grabbed the left hand of Tian Ling’er’s by his right hand, buckling their ten fingers, gently holding up her hand.

Looking at her left hand that was held by Zhong Shan, Tian Ling’er’s pale face showed a very beautiful smile.

“I am the wife of Zhong Shan.” Tian Ling’er said in a weak voice. After that, Tian Ling’er’s eyes closed slightly, as if the final wish was fulfilled, that was enough.

At this moment, suddenly several people appeared around Zhong Shan.

Tian Xingzi, Nie Qingqing, Gu Shuangzi, Xuan Xinzi, Shou Shan, and Shou Zong.

(TLN: Shou Shan is the Mountain Protector. Shou Zong is Sect Protector. )

“Teacher, teacher, save Ling’er quickly, save Ling’er quickly.” Zhong Shan immediately called out.

Because Zhong Shan was instilling his spiritual essence into the body of Tian Ling’er, he discovered that Tian Ling’er’s body was getting weaker and weaker, and it seemed that she has to let go at any time.

Tian Xingzi immediately rushed to the front, but he was a step behind Nie Qingqing. Nie Qingqing grabbed the hand of Tian Ling’er and kept instilling the green energy. She was extremely worried.

At the beginning, Tian Xingzi was also rushing forward. However, when he saw Nie Qingqing acted first, he immediately withdrew slightly. Although he was extremely worried, he knew that as long as Nie Qingqing acted, it would be better than himself.

Nie Qingqing instilled a certain amount of energy, and took out another medicinal pill and put it into the mouth of Tian Ling’er.

Tian Ling’er’s face gradually became rosy, and Zhong Shan also laughed, but the tears in his eyes did not disappear, because Ling’er was still not good, not all good.

Zhong Shan cried and laughed as if he was a child, but no one laughed at him at this moment. Everyone was worried about Tian Ling’er, and there was the conversation between Tian Ling’er and Zhong Shan before, everyone listened secretly.

“How is Ling’er?” Tian Xingzi immediately called out with extreme worry.

“Her meridians are broken, the acupoints are completely destroyed. If it was an ordinary Golden Core Stage cultivator, he would be dead by now dead.” Nie Qingqing took a deep breath and said.

“Senior, Senior, you must save Ling’er, you must save Ling’er.” Zhong Shan has lost his calm mind, earnestly seeking Nie Qingqing’s help.

“Can she still be saved?” Tian Xingzi immediately called out with extreme worry.

Zhong Shan and everyone else were also looking at Nie Qingqing, hoping for Nie Qingqing to say ‘can’.

“There is a way to save her, but…” Nie Qingqing said and looked at Zhong Shan.

“Senior, please save Ling’er, I will agree with all your requests.” Zhong Shan immediately said, this moment, Zhong Shan did not consider the other things, Tian Ling’er was his wife, as long as she could live, anything requested, can be promised.

Everyone was looking at Nie Qingqing with anticipation.

“Ling’er has the Mystical Cauldron Body. To save Ling’er, I must take her back to the ‘Phoenix Palace’. In the Nirvana Fire Pool, she will go through Nirvana rebirth again, but you are not allowed to see her.” Nie Qingqing looked at Zhong Shan.

“Ling’er is my wife.” Zhong Shan said immediately.

When she heard what Zhong Shan said, Nie Qingqing frowned and said: “I have to take Ling’er away, you…, I will not make you feel embarrassed, if you can reach Nascent Soul Stage, come and look for me, then I can let you see Ling’er, otherwise, you won’t see Ling’er.”

“Yes, as long as you can save Ling’er, as long as Ling’er can live.” Zhong Shan immediately said.

If Zhong Shan was in his calm mind state, must know that even if he didn’t agree, Nie Qingqing would save Ling’er. However, this moment, Zhong Shan didn’t think about it. As long as Ling’er could be saved and live, it didn’t matter. The important thing was to save Ling’er and save his wife.

Looking at Zhong Shan with satisfaction, Nie Qingqing turned her hand to take out a red ball, the big ball was three meters diameter, but it appeared to be transparent and could generally see its interior, the interior was full of flames, the flame was constantly jumping, it seemed that the red ball was incomparably Bizarre.

“let go.” Nie Qingqing said to Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan was slightly reluctant, looking at Tian Ling’er in his arms, gently kissed her forehead, and let Nie Qingqing hold Tian Ling’er up and gently placed her on the red ball. The big ball strangely that made Ling’er’s body penetrate into it.

Ling’er was lying flat inside the big ball, closing her eyes as if was asleep, the pale face showed a smile, a lot of flames covered her body entirely, but it seemed that didn’t burn the body of Ling’er.

Looking at the Ling’er in the big red ball, Zhong Shan stretched his arms and was reluctant to let her go.

“Qingqing.” Tian Xingzi looked at Nie Qingqing and called out.

Nie Qingqing looked at Tian Xingzi then said: “Tian Xingzi, Ling’er I will take her away, if she were to stay with you, Ling’er will only be injured.”

“Oh… .”

Tian Xingzi helplessly sighed deeply, Ling’er only Can be sent to the Phoenix Palace to be saved, and Nie Qingqing was the only person who can enter and exit the Phoenix Palace. As long as she can save Ling’er, everything is enough.

“Qing’er …..” Nie Qingqing shouted to the sky.

“Reciting ……”

A long cry was heard coming from the sky. In the blink of an eye, a huge Blue Luan flew down from the sky, flapping its wings and entering the mountain valley, falling in front of them.

Nie Qingqing held the big ball covering Ling’er and jumped on the Blue Luan.

“Go, return to the Phoenix Palace.” Nie Qingqing said.

“Reciting… ..”

The Blue Luan called out and rushed to the sky, flying with Nie Qingqing to the northwest far away, and instantaneously disappeared from the front of everyone.

Zhong Shan looked as Tian Ling’er was taken away, his arms stretched out, as if to catch the flying Ling’er, his eyes revealed his reluctance.

“Teacher, will Ling’er be fine?” Zhong Shan asked Tian Xingzi.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Tian Xingzi sighed slightly: “In that phoenix egg, Ling’er is absolutely all right. As long as she go through Nirvana Rebirth, Ling’er will definitely recover as before, even better. You shouldn’t be worry too much.

” Yes, teacher” got the answer from Tian Xingzi, and Zhong Shan took a deep breath and wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes.

“Who is the person who has injured her?” Tian Xingzi looked at Zhong Shan and asked, his eyes flashed with hostility and anger.

In front of Tian Xingzi, Zhong Shan clenched his fists and blue veins appeared on his forehead.

“Ling’er is already my Zhong Shan’s wife. This time, she received the injury for me. The enemy is Lei Ting who we had met previously in the Thunder Flower Valley. It is his heinous crime. I must tear him into tens of thousands pieces, and even execute his nine generations, teacher, this enmity, I must report personally.” Zhong Shan said with a wicked voice, his eyes were red, and his expression revealed a dreadful of anger.

Execute his nine generations?

Everyone looked at Zhong Shan and took a deep breath. The fight between the cultivators and killing the other party was normal, but what Zhong Shan said, was too crazy, execute his nine generations?

Taking a deep breath, Tian Xingzi nodded and said: “Well, you go to take revenge for Ling’er.”

The few words that Tian Xingzi said as if answered the request of Zhong Shan and did not consider the cultivation base of Zhong Shan.

Everyone looked at Tian Xingzi, and could see the deep cold hatred from the expression of Tian Xingzi, but no one tried to persuade, since Tian Xingzi was so confident about Zhong Shan to let him go.

“Thanks teacher.” Zhong Shan immediately kowtowed to Tian Xingzi and said.

“Also, calling me teacher?” said Tian Xingzi.

Looking up at Tian Xingzi, Zhong Shan immediately said to Tian Xingzi: “Thanks father-in-law.”

“Well, when you return after killing this criminal, I will take you to hold a memorial service to your mother-in-law.” Tian Xingzi said.

“Yes,” Zhong Shan complied immediately.

Turning his hand, Tian Xingzi took out four nails each one foot tall. He looked at Zhong Shan and said: “Soul Restricting Bone Penetrating Nails, you should know what to do, capture Lei Ting, don’t let him die too easily.”

Tian Xingzi’s expression was extremely cold as if a gust of cold wind blowing around, Obviously, Tian Xingzi was not a kindhearted generation, especially the hatred of his loved ones, he wouldn’t show any mercy.

But this cold wind did not make everyone fearful, but like a cool breeze blowing through their hot innermost feelings, made them feel very comfortable.

“Yes, teacher.” Zhong Shan called out again, calling the father-in-law was only a form. In general, Zhong Shan called Tian Xingzi teacher.

Carefully, he received the Soul Restricting Bone Penetrating Nails, there was a murderous intention in the eyes of Zhong Shan.

“Get up.” Tian Xingzi said.

“Yes” Zhong Shan gently got up.

“Has Bei Qingsi left?” Tian Xingzi asked again.

“She has already gone to the Divine State. The disciple already found Clay Bodhisattva. I don’t know if he has come to Kai Yang Sect?” Zhong Shan said immediately.

“Clay Bodhisattva is in the Kai Yang Sect, you go, for the time being, you don’t need to care about the other things.” Tian Xingzi said.

“Yes, the disciple asks to be excused.” Zhong Shan said to the three people.

They nodded. Zhong Shan glanced at them again and turned around to go the place where he had come from.

Among the previous group of people, Shou Shan and Shou Zong also disappeared again, leaving only Tian Xingzis, Gu Shuangzi and the Xuan Xinzi. They were looking at Zhong Shan who was going far away.

“Brother, let’s go back first,” said Gu Shuangzi.

“En” Tian Xingzi nodded and took the other two to Kai Yang Sect.

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