Immortal V3C46: Di Xuansha.

Immortal V3C46: Di Xuansha.

Translated by: RedLotus. 

“Heaven and Earth, Summon”

Zhong Shan called out, the spiritual essence in his body seemed to suddenly be out of control, was crazily being sucked into the drop of blood in the palm of his hand. The blood and the spiritual essence merged together according to the incantation taught to him by Supreme.

The drop of blood suddenly expanded, and it seemed to be turned into a smoke column formed from nine black wolf heads, and it was expanding quickly to the four sides of the earth.

It seemed that nine black wolf heads emerged from the palm of Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan only felt that there was a distortion in the space under the palm of his hand.

Then, the palm of his hand suddenly touched a thing, a furry thing, a furry thing suddenly emerged from the space distortion under the palm of his hand, the nine black wolf head smoke column instantly burst away, and dispersed instantaneously.

All the surroundings were covered by the bursting smoke of the nine wolf-heads, but it also dissipated instantaneously.

At this time, in the main hall, suddenly a huge red wolf three meters high appeared.

The red wolf seemed to appear out of thin air, just appeared out of thin air.

The red wolf was slightly puzzled and looked around. When he saw Supreme, he quickly kneeled down on the ground and showed an incomparable respect.

At this moment, Zhong Shan felt one third of his spiritual essence disappeared at once.

However, trading the consumption of one third of his spiritual essence with an assistant who has strength quite similar to his own strength. It was actually worth it.

Supreme looked at this newly-emerged red wolf, smiled slightly, and then looked at Zhong Shan: “In your optimal condition, using one third of your spiritual essence, you can summon a wolf with a strength that is close to your strength. That wolf here, as long as it is not the life and death situation, will help you. If you use all your spiritual essence, you can summon a wolf with a realm higher than yours. For example, you are Xiantian Stage Seventh Layer, you will be able to summon a wolf clan member at Golden Core Stage Seventh Layer. If you use your life as the price, you can summon a wolf clan member that exceeds your strength by at least two realms.”

Zhong Shan sighed in his heart, looking at the three-meter-high red wolf lying in front of him, his eyes were filled with excitement.

“Of course, in the life and death situation, the summoned wolf will assist for you. It also depends on your feelings. You can have a targeted wolf summon. As long as you know it well, you can summon it instantaneously to your side.” Supreme said.

“If I am familiar with Qing Yun Wolf General, then I can summon him, can I?” Zhong Shan immediately asked.

“Oh? If you want to pay your life as a price, you can summon a wolf who surpasses you by two realms?” Supreme, surprised, looked at Zhong Shan.

“Indeed, in a matter of life and death, have to do?” Zhong Shan looked to Supreme.

“Ha ha ha, kid, you are really greedy, well, the human race emperor should be like this, yes, you can summon a powerful wolf, or even me, as long as you use the targeted summon, we will induce the summon, but to come or not, it’s our matter. If you don’t pay your life, but you need only to pay one third of your spiritual essence for us to appear in front of you, do you think we will do this?” Supreme looked at Zhong Shan and said.

“Thank you.” Zhong Shan sincerely said.

Indeed, with this possibility, everything is worth it.

“Since the wolf clan has become the Country Beast of the Great Zheng Country, every year, the wolf clan will dispatch a large number of wolves to come and join your army. If your soldiers can convince them, the wolves will not mind fighting with them and go on an expedition to conquer all the land under the heaven.” Supreme said.

Listening to Supreme, Zhong Shan felt that one surprise after another was descending upon him. Isn’t this obvious to let him train wolf cavalry? When a team of soldiers is riding wolves to fight across the world, won’t that team sweep all the battlefields?

“Well, as the contract has been established, ten generations of your bloodline descendants can summon the wolf clan members. But I have examined you before and found that you don’t have any bloodline descendants unexpectedly. You still have 300 years of opportunity, put your best into it.” Supreme said solemnly.

“Yes,” Zhong Shan immediately complied.

Zhong Shan knew the reason, why he can’t leave behind a descendant, it is the Shadow Body. There must be something wrong with it, but Zhong Shan believes that this problem will definitely be solved in the future.

“The contract has been established, so the wolf clan will share the luck of your Luck Dynasty and hope that your Luck Dynasty will be more formidable.” Supreme said.

“Thanks, Senior” Zhong Shan immediately complied again.

“Hum, hum.” the nearby little wolf called out once again.

“It’s not good, you have to go back to the wolf territory, unless you reach Golden Core Stage cultivation base.” Supreme suddenly said to the little wolf.

Although Supreme spoke in the human language, but this as if made the little wolf understand his meaning apparently.

The little wolf jumped as if not willing.

Looking at the little wolf, Supreme then looked at Zhong Shan and said: “Do not summon Xianxian, unless it reaches the Golden Core Stage.”

In fact, Zhong Shan paid attention to the little wolf from the beginning, he thought, if he can Summon the little wolf, isn’t it possible to command all the wolves under the heaven? However, since Supreme has already said that, Zhong Shan can only nod.

The little wolf was jumping on one side, wearing a very reluctant facial expression.

“Okay, if you cultivate well, will you not be able to reach Golden Core Stage earlier? As long as you arrive at Golden Core Stage, on that day, all the wolves under the heaven will know. At that time, wouldn’t Zhong Shan know as well? At that time you can come out.” Supreme suddenly became a gentle grandfather and was talking to convince the little wolf.

The little wolf argued for a while, as if it was not convinced, it could only drop its head with a very unhappy appearance.

At this time, Supreme turned to look at the Qing Yun Wolf General who has been kneeling down.

“Qing Yun, how big is your courage? Don’t you know the importance of Xianxian?” Supreme suddenly called out.

“Supreme, it is the most heinous crime of the subordinate, but the last time, when I was taking care of the thing for Supreme, in a life and death situation, Liu Dao saved me, and the subordinate had to save.” Qing Yun Wolf General said with an ashamed appearance.

Looking at Qing Yun Wolf General, Supreme frowned, then said once again: “Life and death situation? It was your disadvantageous matter, are you going to use your obligation to write off the great enmity of the wolf clan? How many times do you have to this?”

“Supreme, the subordinate has already drawn a clear line with Liu Dao. If Liu Dao has to do things that harm the wolf clan again, then the subordinate will kill him personally.” Qing Yun Wolf General said while kneeling down.

Looking at the Qing Yun Wolf General, Supreme frowned, thought for a while then said: “The last time you were taking care of that thing, it was also for the wolf clan. This time, letting them go, it was still the repayment for their benevolence. Okay, The revenge for hurting Xianxian that day, can be abandoned for the time being, but if anyone has to harm the wolf clan again, annihilate them all.”

“Yes” Qing Yun Wolf General immediately said.

“However, the capital crime has been forgiven, but not completely, so you are punished to stay in the ‘Zheng’ country wolf temple, and listen to Zhong Shan to dispatch.” Supreme said.

“Yes, supreme.” Qing Yun Wolf General took a deep breath and complied immediately, after all, this was his own fault.

“Good, Xianxian, let’s go.” Supreme said to the little wolf.

The little wolf seemed to be very reluctant to leave Zhong Shan. It quickly ran to the foot of Zhong Shan, and used its small head to rub the legs of Zhong Shan. Apparently, it was reluctant to part.

After rubbing for several times, it slowly ran to the front of the Qing Yun Wolf General, and called out “hum” at the Qing Yun Wolf General. Qing Yun Wolf General looked at the little wolf, then looked at Zhong Shan and said: “Xianxian said: Wait for me, I will come to see you again after reaching the cultivation base of Golden Core Stage.”

Looking at the little wolf, Zhong Shan nodded, his eyes were gentle.

Supreme looked at the little wolf, and looked at Zhong Shan, then slightly frowned.

The little wolf smartly ran to the front of Supreme.

“Senior walk slowly.” Zhong Shan said.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Supreme finally said: “Since the signing of the wolf contract, you don’t need to call me Senior in the future. My name is Di Xuansha.”

After that, Supreme “Di Xuansha” with the little wolf suddenly disappeared from the Longevity Palace.

Looking at the wolf clan supreme disappearance, Zhong Shan sighed slightly, and then looked at the Qing Yun Wolf General in the main hall, and also the red wolf that he summoned.

At this moment, Qing Yun Wolf General was standing with the red wolf. However, the red wolf was very respectful to the Qing Yun Wolf General.

“Supreme made me listen to you to dispatch, as long as you don’t violate the principle, I will do it.” Qing Yun Wolf General immediately said.

Looking at the Qing Yun Wolf General, Zhong Shan quickly arranged the position of the Qing Yun Wolf General in the Great Zheng King Dynasty.

“In the future, can I call you ‘Qing Yun’?” said Zhong Shan.

“That is natural. You can call Supreme by his full name, and I will not agree.” Qing Yun Wolf General said.

Nodded slightly, Zhong Shan said: “There is nothing to do for the time being. You will stay in my Imperial Palace for the time being.”

When he heard what Zhong Shan said, Qing Yun frowned slightly: “Don’t you need to train wolf cavalry? I can recruit a large number of the wolf clan members.”

“Not for the time being, wait for me to arrange first, and then I’ll bother you to help.” Zhong Shan said.

“Okay, however, you should find an open place as soon as possible, build a ‘Wolf Temple’ for me to live, and for other wolves to be stationed in the future, so that the wolves can gather there for your ‘Zheng’ Country.” Qing Yun Wolf General said .

“Rest assured.” Zhong Shan nodded.

Looking at the big red wolf next to him, Qing Yun Wolf General said: “Send it back, will you?”

“Ok, it is the same as the previous time, it’s just the opposite, it also consumes one-third of the spiritual essence.” Zhong Shan nodded.

After that, Zhong Shan walked to the front of the big red wolf, the red wolf was also very obedient and motionless. Zhong Shan’s palm once again forced a drop of blood.

“Heaven and Earth, Return.”

Zhong Shan called out, and under his palm, again appeared smoke column of nine black wolf heads, the space under the palm of his hand distorted, the smoke column was scattered in all directions, and then dispersed, the original red wolf was sent to its previous place where it had come from mysteriously.

When he walked out from the Longevity Palace, Zhong Shan called out to a distant place: “Yinglan, enter the palace.”

It was not difficult for a Xiantian Stage Expert to spread the sound to a very long distance. Soon Yinglan outside the palace walls received the message, opened the door, and let the other people to enter the palace.

After arranging Qing Yun Wolf General in the palace, Zhong Shan called Yinglan alone.

“Granduncle, what exactly happened moments ago?” Yinglan immediately asked, after all, it was too strange to see the thunder in the clear sky. Others may think it was the weather, but Yinglan believed that it must have been caused by her granduncle.

“Choose the most reliable and talented people as they will be trained as wolf cavalry soldiers in a few days.” Zhong Shan said solemnly.

“Huh.? Wolf cavalry soldiers?” Yinglan, surprised, asked.

“Yes, find some people with good body root, in the future, they will be your most reliable squad.” Zhong Shan said seriously.

“Yes.” Yinglan nodded immediately. Although she did not understand what a wolf cavalry was, she understood the meaning of Zhong Shan’s words. The selected people will get the best equipment.

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