Immortal V3C45: Heaven and Earth, Summon.

Immortal V3C45: Heaven and Earth, Summon.

Translated by: RedLotus. 

Great Zheng King Dynasty, Longevity Palace.

Early at the beginning of the day, hundred officials, civil and military, were standing in two rows.

At this moment, the military commander Yinglan was standing in the center of the main hall.

“Your Majesty, the remnants of the Great Kun Country have been completely extinguished and the whole country is stable, the subordinate is waiting your orders to subjugate the other five countries, striving for more prosperity for the Great Zheng.” Yinglan said respectfully.

Shadow Body Zhong Shan on the throne looked at Yinglan, smiled slightly and said: “Great Zheng has been just established, the popular sentiment is still unstable, so slow down for a while, train the soldiers and raise the people’s morale. ”

“But” Yinglan immediately called out.

At this moment, Zhong Shan on the throne suddenly frowned, and his eyes suddenly looked out of the main hall.

“Draw back to the outside of the palace.” Zhong Shan said immediately.

Draw back to the outside of the palace? All the courtiers were surprised and looked at Zhong Shan, what is going on? draw back to the outside of the palace, just draw back? Without any sign?

All the courtiers have a feeling that something was wrong.

“Yinglan, obey the orders.” Zhong Shan suddenly called out.

“Feudal official in.” Yinglan immediately said respectfully, although she doesn’t know what happened, but from the sudden change of her granduncle, she knew that something big happened.

“Lead all the imperial guards of Xuan Capital City to guard the palace walls. Everyone has to wait outside the palace walls. Kill who dare to step into the palace.” Zhong Shan got up then said quickly.

When they heard what Zhong Shan said, everyone was puzzled, they don’t know what happened to the emperor.

“Yes,” Yinglan immediately complied.

Subsequently, the courtiers stepped out of the main hall, and Yinglan organized the imperial guards to guard the half built Palace walls.

In the main hall, the Shadow Body was sitting on the throne. He turned his hands and took out the Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal and the Investiture of the Gods.

Putting the two objects in a hidden place, he thought for a while, cut open his hand, leaving a bowl of blood essence. He checked his surroundings, his body slightly shivered, turned into a shadow, sank into the ground then quickly rushed in one direction, far away from the Longevity palace.

After two hours, outside the palace wall, everyone was arranged outside the palace walls, waiting quietly, even if the most close to the emperors such as Wei Taizhong and Zhong Zheng, they also left the palace. They were puzzled, Looking from the outside as they don’t know what is the emperor going to do?

Outside the palace walls, Yinglan was patrolling unceasingly. When all the military officers saw this female general, Yinglan, the commander of the Second Legion of the Great Zheng King Dynasty, they all showed admiration. Not only for her rank, but also the commanding ability, she has shown in the past year, was not any weaker compared to the ability of the First Legion commander Lin Xiao.

Yinglan was inspecting until she arrived at the south gate. Just at the south gate, Wei Taizhong was leading a group of eunuchs to wait outside the palace.

Seeing Yinglan coming, Wei Taizhong’s original worried facial expression suddenly turned into a gentle smiling face.

“General Yinglan.” Wei Taizhong walked towards her immediately.

“huh, Wei Eunuch?” Yinglan, somewhat accidental, looked at Wei Taizhong. After more than a year together, Yinglan also saw the good intentions of Wei Taizhong, especially his good intentions for her.

“General Yinglan, previously you said that you wanted a ten thousand years red coral screen, I already asked someone to find it, and it will be sent to your house later.” Wei Taizhong said with a gentle smiling face.

“Really? That is really thank you Wei Eunuch.” Yinglan was happy.

Seeing Yinglan was happy, Wei Taizhong also revealed a satisfied smile, as long as Yinglan was happy, everything was worth it.

While Yinglan and Wei Taizhong were talking, in the Longevity Palace of Great Zheng King Dynasty, three people and one little wolf appeared out of thin air. Zhong Shan brought the Wolf Clan Supreme, Qing Yun Wolf General and the little wolf Xianxian and arrived at the Longevity Palace.

When they arrived at the Longevity Palace, Qing Yun Wolf General was still kneeling down, and he did not get up. Zhong Shan quickly went to the hidden place, first he concealed the blood essence in the storage bracelet, and then took out the Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal and the Investiture of the Gods. He received the Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal, leaving only the Investiture of the Gods in his hand.

The Wolf Clan Supreme observed the situation around and suddenly looked at Zhong Shan.

“How did you arrange your subordinates?” The Wolf Clan Supreme was slightly surprised.

Because the Wolf Clan Supreme found out, the people outside the palace walls seemed to have just gone out, what is it going?

“Senior forgive me, this is a life saving secret of the younger generation.” Zhong Shan said. He did not deny that this was arranged by himself, nor revealed the existence of the Shadow Body.

“Oh?” Supreme astonished looked at Zhong Shan, obviously Zhong Shan was getting more and more interesting.

“Senior, this is the Investiture of the Gods, please have a look.” Zhong Shan said.

After that, Zhong Shan slowly spread out the Investiture of the Gods, slowly, a nine pink colored smoky diagrams appeared in front of Supreme.

When the Investiture of the Gods was opened, Supreme suddenly stared at the name of Zhong Shan.

“Zhong Shan? Well?” Supreme read the name of Zhong Shan, and suddenly became surprised.

“Is this your seal?” Supreme looked at that great seal, somewhat surprised.

Receive the Mandate of Heaven, Long-lived Forever Prosperous!

Eight characters , these eight characters, Supreme suddenly was staring at them motionless.

Zhong Shan looked slightly strange at Supreme.

“Zheng, obviously is a King Dynasty, why is your Jade Imperial Seal seal appears as the same seal of a Sovereign Dynasty Seal? No, it is not right, your courtiers are weak, and the National Luck of your Imperial Palace is also very few. How could it be the Seal of a Sovereign Dynasty? Why does this seal have the aura of a Sovereign Dynasty?” Supreme strangely looked at the great seal.

Hearing what Supreme said, Zhong Shan’s eyes were slightly bright, and he immediately thought of the Dragon Pearl on the Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal top. The red bead that brought him here. Certainly ,it must be it.

“Show me your Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal.” The Supreme said to Zhong Shan.

Looking at Supreme, Zhong Shan gently shook his head: “The Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal is the symbol of the dynasty, except for me, no one can touch.”

Hearing what Zhong Shan said, Supreme slightly startled.

“Ha ha ha ha ha” Supreme suddenly laughed.

“Well, I won’t look, I have a great anticipation for your Great Zheng King Dynasty.” The Supreme frankly said with a smile.

When he heard what Supreme said, Zhong Shan was slightly relieved. In fact, his heart was also nervous.

Regarding Zhong Shan, Supreme was more and more interested. When he saw the body root of Zhong Shan, he was slightly dissatisfied. However, Xianxian’s contract root was injected into him, so Supreme must keep the promise. Zhong Shan also saved the life of Xianxian.

When he was testing Zhong Shan, Supreme was surprised as he found out that, beside the weak cultivation base and bad body root of Zhong Shan, some strange matters always occur around him. He didn’t understand these strange matters, but also he didn’t try to understand them. Supreme thought this would be better than a clear but fishless water.

“Yes, Senior.” Zhong Shan said immediately.

“Do you know what is the usage of the wolf clan contract?” supreme asked.

“The younger generation does not know.” Zhong Shan said immediately.

“Establish it first.” Supreme said with a slight smile.

In the middle of the air, a huge scroll suddenly appeared. The shape of the scroll was somewhat like the ‘Investiture of the Gods’, but it didn’t have the magnificence of the Investiture of the Gods. The scroll was translucent, and it seemed like a virtual image. It was dancing in front of Zhong Shan. It was very mysterious.

On the back of the scroll, there were five large characters.

Wolf Clan Contract Book.

Five very peculiar characters, while on the front, there were three rows of characters.

The first row: Yutang, Kong Deming.

The second column: Yuan, Huang Jian.

The third column: Zuo, Ru Yi.

Three rows, each row was written with strange red letters, the first was like a country name, the second was like a person name, and each name was covered with a big seal of a Jade Imperial Seal. The three rows, were written by blood.

“Establish the contract, first is the dynasty name, followed by your name, then stamp it with the Jade Imperial Seal.” Supreme said.

“Is this a contract that has already been established?” Zhong Shan took a deep breath then said.

“Yes, these three, tens of thousands of years ago, signed a contract with the wolf clan, and finally reached the level of Heavenly Dynasty, respectively, Yutang Heavenly Dynasty, Great Yuan Heavenly Dynasty and Great Zuo Heavenly Dynasty, but along the years had gone and turned into nihility. Only my wolf clan still exists.” The Supreme said.

Looking at Supreme, Zhong Shan took a deep breath, but the little wolf Xianxian, nearby, was constantly rubbing the body of Zhong Shan, as if urging Zhong Shan to hurry up.

Zhong Shan quickly cut his finger. He collected some blood then mixed it with the blood of the Shadow Body. He used this blood mixture to write above the Wolf Clan Contract Book.

Zheng, Zhong Shan.

The fourth row: Zheng, Zhong Shan.

Turning his hand, Zhong Shan took out the Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal. He was holding the seal covering the Dragon Pearl with the palm of his hand.

Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal, doesn’t need any ink, as if its ink comes from the collection of Luck.

“Bang… …”

Once the Jade Imperial Seal and the Wolf Clan Contract Book touched each other, a loud bang was heard. A great thunder appeared in the sky above the imperial palace.

“Bang… …”

Everyone was shocked as they knew nothing about what was happening.

Zhong Shan stamped by the big seal, then he turned his and received it. In the Wolf Clan Contract Book, a bright red seal appeared , which was much brighter than the other three, even the characters, written by Zhong Shan’s blood, were much brighter than the other three.

Looking at the great seal, the eyes of Supreme were widely opened from extreme astonishment, what is this jade seal?

And this moment, Zhong Shan suddenly felt that his body seemed to be connected to something.

Taking a deep breath, the Supreme was, slightly surprised, looking at Zhong Shan. He turned his hand and rolled up the Wolf Clan Contract Book then received it.

“How do you feel?” Supreme said with a slight smile.

“A strange feeling, as if what my body is connected to something.” Zhong Shan said softly then took out the ‘Investiture of the Gods’. On the Investiture of the Gods, after the row of the Crown Prince, a floating row of characters appeared once again.

Country Beast: Wolf.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Supreme nodded with satisfaction.

Gently, Supreme raised his hand and pointed out a finger, a green light appeared on the fingertip, and rushed straight to the place of Zhong Shan.

Seeing the green light, Zhong Shan extended his hand to catch it. But the green light suddenly sank into the palm of his hand, then Zhong Shan suddenly closed his eyes.

Opening his eyes again, Zhong Shan revealed a panicked facial expression, then respectfully said to Supreme: “Thank you, supreme.”

“Why do not you give it a try?” Supreme smiled.

“Um.” Zhong Shan nodded and turned his hand to close the list.

Walking to the center of the main hall, the palm of his right hand trembled slightly, forcing a drop of blood.

Quickly, Zhong Shan’s right palm pressed on the ground, and suddenly he called out: “Heaven and Earth, Summon.”

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