Immortal V3C44: Wolf Clan Supreme.

Immortal V3C44: Wolf Clan Supreme.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“it is the heinous crime of the feudal official.” General Lei Ting knelt down on the ground and said. At the same time, he despised Zhong Shan more. If it weren’t for that person, would he make such a big mistake? Everything was his fault.

Helplessly, Liu Dao turned around to look at the kneeling General Lei Ting, his facial expression revealed some hostility, if not for Lei Ting, his plan wouldn’t have been ruined?

A turning point of life, a huge turning point, this time he missed it, he doesn’t know for how long he need to wait for the next time.

Looking at General Lei Ting, the emperor took few deep breaths to suppress the depression in his chest.

“I can’t blame you alone. If I didn’t let you go to the north, this would not have happened.” The emperor immediately appeased.

“Speaking of it, I blame that man. Previously, not only he didn’t die at the place of the Thunder Scorpion’s egg, but this time he also caused Lei Ting to make such a big mistake. It was all his fault. If it weren’t for him, how would the important plan of your majesty have been ruined?” A man behind the emperor Liu Dao immediately said.

“Yes, it is the fault of that person, that person must die for his heinous crime.” Another person complied, apparently blaming General Lei Ting.

The emperor took a deep breath, looked at the crowd, then looked at General Lei Ting who was kneeling down on the ground, and his eyes flashed with resentment.

“Lei Ting.” The emperor called out seriously.

“Yes.” General Lei Ting immediately answered.

“This person is guilty with the most heinous crime. He is the cause of this time failure. With every effort, you will chase this person, and to redeem yourself, you must kill him. If this person is not dead, you aren’t allowed to return to the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty.” The emperor immediately said.

Obviously, there was a need for a scapegoat now, and Zhong Shan has just become the object for these people to vent their anger.

“Yes.” General Lei Ting immediately called out. Obviously, his hatred for Zhong Shan has already reached to its limit.

Mr. Shi, nearby, was looking at this indifferently. when he heard that the emperor wanted Lei Ting to chase and kill Zhong Shan, Mr. Shi was not worried at all, and somewhat he some anticipation regarding this matter, as if looking forward to Zhong Shan be chased, and also looking forward to how Zhong Shan will turn danger into safety.

“Return to the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty.” Liu Dao said once again.

“Yes.” everyone complied immediately.

After that, they left, leaving General Lei Ting behind alone. The other people followed Liu Dao and quickly flew to the north, to the boundaries of the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty.

General Lei Ting looked at the direction of the emperor’s departure, his fists were pinched, and a kind of sorrowful look appeared on his face. Then he turned his head and looked to the east. He must kill Zhong Shan to report the graciousness of his majesty.

However, the Eastern Wolf territory, now Lei Ting can not go in, unless he has a death wish.

But the identity of Zhong Shan, General Lei Ting already guessed it the last time he saw him, he was with Kai Yang sect disciples, Kai Yang sect disciple? Will he hide in the wolf territory and won’t come out for a lifetime?

Qing Yun Wolf General was running quickly toward the original mountain valley.

The speed was very fast. When he reached to the outside of the mountain valley again, the sky was already bright. However, outside the mountain valley, the original ten thousand wolves have not retreated, but the number of wolves was increasing more and more.

Countless wolves, in all directions, were kneeling down with an extremely respectful appearance. Looking at the kneeling down wolves, Qing Yun Wolf General immediately knew what was going on.

Supreme has come.

Qing Yun Wolf General turned into a human form and flew toward the mountain valley.

All the big wolves stayed in the outside of the mountain valley, even the big wolf that was carrying the little wolf on its head also went out of the mountain valley and was kneeling down on the ground.

Qing Yun Wolf General quickly entered the mountain valley.

In the valley, in addition to the little wolf and Zhong Shan, there was a white robed man.

The white robed man has the appearance of a fifty years old mortal, with a white hair draping over his shoulders and a hoop on his head. Unlike Bei Qingsi, the man’s eyebrows were black.

The man was standing there, as if he didn’t exist, giving a very strange feeling, as if this man and the surrounding were merged together, in a state of one with the world, making the people subconsciously ignore him, even if they turned their heads, they wouldn’t remember him.

The little wolf was no longer accompanying Zhong Shan at this moment, but went to side of the man’s feet and kept rubbing this man’s legs with its small head.

The man looked at Zhong Shan in front of him with a serious look, his hands were behind him, as if he was examining Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan also stood quietly in front of the man.

It wasn’t that Zhong Shan didn’t speak, but he couldn’t open his mouth. The man didn’t release a little bit of pressure on him. However, when he saw the man’s eyes, Zhong Shan suddenly felt that these eyes were as deep as the sea, as if attracting his soul and consciousness. He felt that his soul will leave his body and will be received by the man in the next moment.

Just one look, Zhong Shan felt that he couldn’t bear it. This feeling, as if the time became static. Looking at these eyes, as if the heaven and earth stopped revolving.

Until the man turned his vision to the little wolf near his feet, Zhong Shan inhaled a long breath.

The man once again looked at Zhong Shan, and his mouth showed a faint smile: “Kid, you have a really big fate!”

“Senior overpraised.” Zhong Shan immediately said, did not dare to look at this man.

“Do you know who I am?” The man asked Zhong Shan, and his bright eyes seemed to look through Zhong Shan.

” Senior is the Lord of the wolf clan.” Zhong Shan immediately said his speculation. At this moment, Zhong Shan did not conceal.

With a smile, the man’s eyes flashed with a glimpse of appreciation, he said: “The wolf contract, is not something that anyone can sign, do you know that?”

“The younger generation does not know.” Zhong Shan immediately said.

“Oh?” There was a slight accidental trace in the man’s eyes.

Zhong Shan was frowning doubtfully.

Looking at Zhong Shan, knowing that he did not lie, the man sighed and said: “I really didn’t want to pursue this matter, it’s really the ignorant meets a big fortune, Xianxian actually injected her contract root into your body, it is the Heaven’s will.”

“Senior, what is the wolf clan contract? What is the contract root?” Zhong Shan immediately asked respectfully.

Looking at Zhong Shan in front of him, he obtained great benefits from this, but he still doesn’t know about it. The man sighed slightly.

“With your this body root, if you can’t reach the Nascent Soul Stage, you will live for more than 300 years. If you can achieve it, then my wolf clan will uphold the agreement with you. Just, you must establish a Luck Dynasty, take the wolf clan as the country beast to share the heavens and the earth luck.” The man said after thinking about it.

Hearing that, although Zhong Shan still didn’t understand what was going on, but Zhong Shan, who was old and proficient, still could hear a huge benefits, an extremely huge benefits. At this time, he knew that it was the time to take out some bargaining chips.

“Senior, rest assured. The younger generation, not long time ago, has established a Luck Dynasty.” Zhong Shan immediately stated.

“Oh?” The man was slightly surprised. Looking straight at Zhong Shan, after a while, the man once again asked: “what is the thing that you used as a base of the country? And the thing of the book of god? No, with your cultivation base, you can establish a country, is a very good matter, talk about the things used to establish the country.”

The man shook his head, apparently his expectations for Zhong Shan were very high.

“Senior, the younger generations established the Great Zheng King Dynasty, the thing that was used as a base of the country, is the ‘Nine Dragons Heavenly Jade’ used to cast the ‘Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal’. As for the book of god, I used the ‘Nine Colored Dragon Silkworm’ to make the ‘Investiture of the Gods’.” Zhong Shan said immediately.

Because Zhong Shan heard about the huge benefits, a big cake needs a big stomach, you must have enough appetite to eat, otherwise you can not eat, also others will not give you food to eat.

“Oh?” The man looked at Zhong Shan with some surprise. There was a hint of surprise in his eyes.

These two were all treasures of heaven and earth. This little Xiantian Stage, actually have these two things?

“Really?” the man asked. Obviously curious about this weak person.

“I certainly wouldn’t tell lies, also the Great Zheng King Dynasty, is in this Heavenly Wolf Island.” Zhong Shan immediately said.

Carefully, the man looked at Zhong Shan. Zhong Shan was standing up straight.

“Hum, hum” the little wolf was rubbing the legs of the man with an adorable appearance.

On the other side, Qing Yun Wolf General also entered into the mountain valley, quickly knelt down on the ground.

“Supreme.” Qing Yun Wolf General called out.

Turning his head, he looked at Qing Yun Wolf General, the man frowned slightly: “did those people leave?”

“Yes, the subordinate is guilty, asking Supreme to punish.” Qing Yun Wolf General immediately said.

However, the man did not pay attention to the Qing Yun Wolf General, but looked at Zhong Shan.

“Do you know who it is?” The Wolf Supreme asked while pointing at the little wolf with his finger.

The little wolf saw Supreme pointing at itself and immediately stood up.

“The wolf clan Young Lord.” Zhong Shan nodded.

“Why do the ten thousand wolves listen to it?” Supreme asked.

“Because of Senior.” Zhong Shan said immediately.

“No, even without me, the ten thousand wolves still would listen to it.” Supreme smiled slightly.

“Huh?” Zhong Shan frowned and looked at Supreme doubtfully.

“Because, besides me, it is the second wolf to have the source bloodline of the wolf clan. As long as the source bloodline doesn’t extinguish, the wolf clan will flourish forever. Also among the wolves, beside me, it is the only wolf that can sign the wolf contract with others. It would be honored by all the wolves under the heaven.” Supreme said.

Looking at the little wolf in front of him, Zhong Shan’s heart was full of excitement. Meeting this little wolf, was really his big fortune. signed the wolf contract? Yes, if it was not for the wolf contract, why didn’t the wolf clan attack when they meet him?

“Walk, let’s go to your so-called Great Zheng King Dynasty, if it is really as you said, then I will give you the approval of Xianxian’s contract root, and then you can summon the wolf clan members for your use.” Supreme said.

From then on, you can summon the wolf clan members for your use?

From then on you can summon the wolf clan members for your use?

These words were constantly echoing in the mind of Zhong Shan, this moment, Zhong Shan has a feeling of being happy and stunned, summoning the wolf clan members? Can he summon a team of wolves?

“Yes,” Zhong Shan said excitedly.

Turning his hand, a white cloud appeared under his feet, carrying Zhong Shan, Supreme, the Little Wolf and Qing Yun Wolf General who was still kneeling down.

“You refer to the direction.” Supreme said.

“Yes” Zhong Shan immediately responded, pointing in one direction.

The white clouds carried them and instantly appeared in the place where Zhong Shan was referring to. It seemed that there was no flight. It suddenly appeared in that distant place. When Zhong Shan was dull and did not feel any flight, just appeared here?

“Refer again.” Supreme said once again.

“Yes” Zhong Shan immediately pointed to a distant place again, giving the direction to Supreme.

Zhong Shan knew that a big opportunity has come, and it must be well grasped, and Qing Yun Wolf General, nearby, didn’t stand up and was kneeling down, but the little wolf was jumping unceasingly, as if knowing what is going to happen in the future. It rubbed the body of supreme with its head then moved to the place of Zhong Shan to rub his body with its small head.

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