Immortal V3C43: Futile.

Immortal V3C43: Futile.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Qing Yun Wolf General arrived quickly, and he did not expect it to be such matter.

Praying for rescue, it was actually praying for rescue, the voice of the Young Lord was praying for rescue, in the entire wolf clan, except for the supreme, the most honored was the Young Lord, the Young lord was bullied? Moreover was dying? Who is so daring to bully the Young Lord in the wolf territory?

The person who bullied the Young Lord only then has to die, no one, under this big heaven, dares to act wildly in the wolf territory, attacking the Young Lord? If the Young Lord has lost even a single hair, he has to die.

Qing Yun Wolf General was rushing toward the direction of the sound, when he saw the fireball in the distant place, he snorted coldly.

Qing Yun Wolf General was rushing to the distant place at the fastest speed. He was rushing to the place of the fireball. He saw the tears of the Young Lord was climbing slowly to the head of a big wolf.

On the opposite of the Young Lord, was the person who bullied the Young Lord, but when the Wolf General saw this man, the depression filled his chest. Is he, the man of the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty?

The little wolf called out in the wolf language: Kill him, kill him, he.. , he wants to kill Xianxian.

Under the command of the little wolf, the wolves opened their mouths to prepare to lunch the energy ball.

“Wait.” Qing Yun Wolf General called out immediately.

The wolves, that just opened their mouths slightly and were ready to attack, stopped. It was obvious that Qing Yun Wolf General has a high status in the wolf clan.

Wolf language: “Uncle Qing Yun, he wants to kill Xianxian, kill him, kill him, hum, Xianxian almost died a moment ago.”

The little wolf kept calling out, the body of Qing Yun Wolf General instantly changed into an azure robed man once again, the he quickly flew to front of the little wolf and looked at the place where its leg was scorched by thunder. His eyes were filled with hostility.

At this time, Zhong Shan was holding a flower in his hand, running from the back of the big wolf, and quickly ran up to the front of the little wolf.

Qing Yun Wolf General looked at Zhong Shan’s eyes, then frowned, obviously felt the specialty of Zhong Shan.

“Drink it.” Zhong Shan immediately handed out the flower that had just been collected from the transparent flowers.

The little wolf looked at Zhong Shan, and immediately drank it. Obviously, it also knew what it was.

Qing Yun Wolf General also immediately released an azure light covering his hand and was caressing the little wolf’s black legs unceasingly.

After a while, the little wolf’s leg recovered, and the original black-injured leg seemed to be completely restored except for the hair. Apparently, It would take a while for the hair to grow again.

After the recovery of the little wolf, he once again looked at the not far away General Lei Ting.

At this moment, General Lei Ting finally knew how much trouble he had stirred. This disaster, even if he killed himself, could not pass trough this great disaster.

“Howl, howl…”

The number of wolves was still increasing. During the time of this short meeting, tens of thousands of big wolves gathered around them, and more was gathering, each of them had a fierce appearance.

The Emperor of the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty, leading a group of people, also flew over, because Qing Yun Wolf General jumped directly to the center.

The emperor had some concerns, extremely worried, and hoping it would be different from what he imagined. Maybe, because they came with Qing Yun Wolf General, so the wolves did not make it too difficult for them. When the emperor took the group of people to fly inside, his heart was beating fiercely, but an icy cold feeling froze his heart instantaneously.

After this icy cold feeling, suddenly an endless anger aroused from the innermost of the emperor, Lei Ting? Did he stir this trouble?

Ten thousand wolves, the eyes of ten thousand wolves were all staring at Lei Ting, what did Lei Ting do To attract so many wolves? How did he stir such a big disaster in this short time?

“Hum.” Not far, from the top of the head of a big wolf, the little wolf was still yelling at Qing Yun Wolf General.

Wolf language: Uncle Qing Yun, he.. , he wants to kill Xianxian, Xianxian almost died.

Qing Yun Wolf General suddenly turned his head and stared at Lei Ting. His eyes were full of anger. The surrounding wolves had energy balls in their mouths, and they were ready to attack, as if they wanted to tear Lei Ting.

The emperor slowly fell in front of General Lei Ting and stared at General Lei Ting.

“Liu Dao, your subordinate wanted to kill my wolf clan’s Young Lord. This crime can not be forgiven.” Qing Yun Wolf General called out angrily.

Hearing what Qing Yun Wolf General said, the emperor felt that his scalp became, but General Lei Ting was suffering from incomparable grievance.

“What the hell is going on?” the Emperor Liu Dao immediately asked General Lei Ting.

“Your Majesty, I just wanted to kill that man and accidentally injured the little wolf.” General Lei Ting immediately pointed his finger at Zhong Shan who was standing on the big wolf’s head.

Following that finger, the vision of the numerous wolves was directed to Zhong Shan. There was a hostile flash in their eyes, because, from the words of General Lei Ting, they knew that the crisis of the Young Lord was because of Zhong Shan.

The big wolf, under the feet of Zhong Shan, called a few times and translated the words of General Lei Ting into the wolf language.

As soon as the little wolf heard it, it immediately rushed and called out quickly.

Wolf language: No, no, he is the big bastard. If it wasn’t for that good man to save me, I would have been killed by him. This big bastard is lying, he is a big bastard, kill him, kill this big bastard.

The numerous wolves were originally looking at Zhong Shan unfriendly. In a blink of an eye, their eyes became gentle. It turned out that he was the one who saved the Young Lord, or else the Young Lord would have died. In a blink of an eye, the vision of all the wolves turned again to General Lei Ting.

Trying to kill the wolf clan’s Young Lord in the wolf territory, dying 10,000 times is not enough to redeem himself.

“The Young Lord said, it was he who saved the Young Lord, otherwise the Young Lord would have already died in your hands.” Qing Yun Wolf General said coldly.

“Your Majesty, I didn’t , I, I just wanted to kill that person, I just wanted to kill him to complete your order.” General Lei Ting was extremely terrified.

The Young Lord? Unexpectedly, is the wolf clan’s Young Lord? At this moment, General Lei Ting wasn’t stupid, and knew that he has kicked the hornet’s nest, a hornet’s nest that can kill him.

“Qing Yun Wolf General, Lei Ting is the person of my Yin Moon Sovereign dynasty, I must take him away.” The emperor Liu Dao frowned and looked at the Qing Yun Wolf General then said with a an expression revealing incomparable helplessness.

Hearing the words of Liu Dao, General Lei Ting immediately looked at the emperor, and his eyes were full of surprise and embarrassment. General Lei Ting naturally knew why Liu Dao came to the wolf territory, and now he wanted to save him? To save him, he may give up this opportunity?

In General Lei Ting’s heart, he has already thought that Liu Dao would give up the rock to protect the king, but he couldn’t think that finally the emperor actually wanted to protect him. At this moment, General Lei Ting’s eyes were revealing a touched flash.

The people beside the emperor Liu Dao also looked at the emperor, and there was a trace of surprise and respect in their eyes. At this moment, the decision made by the emperor gathered the hearts of the various officials.

As for the emperor, it was also a helpless move. At this moment, it was a deadlock situation. If he was to abandon General Lei Ting, he would definitely lose the hearts of the various officials. Regarding The wolf clan supreme, after this incident, the hope was not great.

As for the near by Mr. Shi, he was always looking at the distant Zhong Shan, his eyes were gradually narrowing, his eyes flashed with a little admiration, and anticipation. Regarding the emperor who was trying to win over the hearts of the people, Mr. Shi did not pay too much attention.

Qing Yun Wolf General looked at Liu Dao, and his eyes flashed with a cold intent.

“Go, leave quickly!” Qing Yun Wolf General immediately said.

Hearing what Qing Yun Wolf General said, among the numerous wolves, there were many wolves knew the human language, so they were all glaring at Qing Yun Wolf General angrily.

The big wolf under the foot of Zhong Shan also called out, apparently to translate the words of Qing Yun Wolf General to the little wolf.

When the little wolf heard the translation, it immediately jumped up and called out.

Wolf language: Uncle Qing Yun, he has bullied Xianxian, you have to kill him to revenge for Xianxian.

Qing Yun Wolf General turned his head, somewhat embarrassed said to the little wolf.

Wolf language: Xianxian, this time, Uncle Qing Yun has an obligation for that man, I have to let him go, this time, when Uncle Qing Yun comes back, you can bully Uncle Qing Yun, you want to burn Uncle Qing Yun’s hair, Uncle Qing Yun will also let you burn, and won’t avoid too.

Wolf language: No, no, Uncle Qing Yun does not like Xianxian, this person wants to kill Xianxian, Xianxian almost died.

The little wolf kept jumping, and calling out very aggrieved.

When the surrounding wolves heard the sound of the little wolf, they made a howling voice.

“Howl”, “howl” “howl”…

The countless wolves stared at these people.


Qing Yun Wolf General called out, flying in front of the people of the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty, and the emperor Liu Dao followed with everyone, the face of General Lei Ting was red because of the extremely ashamed feeling.

The little wolf was on the head of the big wolf, jumping very anxiously and very angry. The other wolves were also extremely angry, with more than half of them were pursuing these people. However, Qing Yun Wolf General was protecting everyone, so it wasn’t good for the wolves to attack.

The Young Lord was bullied by a group of people. This group of people still wanted to leave swaggering.

If it wasn’t for the power and status of Qing Yun Wolf General, the wolves would have attacked.

Qing Yun Wolf General was also extremely angry, but he still led everyone quickly flying towards the West.

Slowly, the number of the pursuing wolves was getting less and less, until they flew far and far away , and no more wolves were pursuing them.

Along the way, no one spoke. General Lei Ting was full of shame, an infinite sorrow filled his heart.

Until they reached to the outside, Qing Yun Wolf General suddenly stared at the Emperor Liu Dao.

Liu Dao took a deep breath, frowned then said: “Qing Yun, I am really sorry this time. As for Supreme…?”

” Supreme? don’t even think about it. This time, you have offended the Young Lord, even if the emperor of a Heavenly Dynasty comes here, he also has to give up getting the approval of the supreme. Supreme does not find you to ask for troubles, is the greatest virtue. I told you not to go to the north before, you actually did not listen, today, the Young Lord was almost killed in your hands, if other people, I will let his state of mind to extinguish entirely. today, I went against the rules to save you to leave, but it is also the repayment of your life-saving graciousness. After today, you and I will not owe each other.” Qing Yun Wolf General said angrily.

After that, Qing Yun Wolf General turned into a 50-meter-high wolf, stepping on his feet then rushed back toward the East.

Looking at Qing Yun Wolf General leaving, the emperor Liu Dao gently raised out his hand, as if wanted to capture Qing Yun Wolf General preventing him from leaving. A feeling of loss filled his heart, this time they came to the wolf territory and were about to succeed, it was a little bit difference. It was just a little bit, but finally it was all destroyed moreover completely destroyed.

Why, why did this happen?

General Lei Ting, quickly knelt down on the ground, and called out: “It is the heinous crime of the feudal official.”

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