Immortal V3C42: Ten thousand wolves arrived.

Immortal V3C42: Ten thousand wolves arrived.

Translated by: RedLotus.

After all, General Lei Ting was in the Nascent Soul Stage. Even if he used the thunder to attack conveniently, the attack was extremely powerful. The thunder energy was very massive. Most of the thunder was blocked by the back of Zhong Shan, there were still many passed from around the body of Zhong Shan. The whole body of Zhong Shan seemed to have been completely covered by electricity.

And this thunder, a lot of it landed on the left leg of the little wolf burning it.


After the thunder attack, all the clothes of Zhong Shan was burned black. The cultivation base of Zhong Shan was a lot higher and he had a lot of experience, so he could resist the thunder slightly. But the little wolf didn’t have any, even if the majority of the thunder was blocked by Zhong Shan, still a little of it landed on the foot of the little wolf.

This little amount of thunder made the hair of the little wolf’s leg to be burned and its skin to be bruised and lacerated.

“Ha ha ha ha ….” General Lei Ting was laughing excitedly, this stinky insect, just a simple strike and yet he was extremely devastated.

“your death is imminent, do you have the mood to protect your pet? You just covered it? Haha, with your cultivation base, you can only cover this small beast, hahaha.” General Lei Ting laughed.


The little wolf screamed sorrowfully, and the voice was so sharp that it rushed into the sky and spread in all directions of the mountain valley.

Seeing that the little wolf was screaming loudly, General Lei Ting became more and more excited.

“A useless little beast, it is the same like you from before, with a little pain, it is screaming like this, hahaha.” General Lei Ting was laughing.

The screaming of the little wolf did not stop for a moment.

In a distant places, in the surrounding mountain valleys, countless big wolves were resting, but when they heard the sorrowful screams of the little wolf, they opened their eyes suddenly and quickly stood up. As long as they heard the little wolf calling for help, they would stand up quickly and without any delay, they rushed to the mountain valley where the little wolf was located.

The wolves was running, with a fierce look revealing their extreme anger.


While running, some wolves were howling. Under this howling, more and more wolves, in distant places, were awakened and followed. No matter what they were doing before, as long as they heard the sound, they all They put everything down and quickly ran to the valley where the little wolf was.

One by one, they were running with their fastest speed. The former scene ,as the ten thousand wolves were gathering, appeared again. The surrounding mountain valleys were covered with clouds of dust. The huge wolves were jumping, crossing over the mountains and were howling. This howling was spreading farther and farther away.

General Lei Ting naturally did not know about this situation, thinking that the little wolf was afraid, his face looked even more excited.

In a distant place, the emperor of the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty was in the mountain valley.

Qing Yun Wolf General has returned.

“How?” The emperor looked nervously at Qing Yun Wolf General and asked.

“Fortunately, I didn’t fail in the mission, congratulations, supreme agreed to meet you.” Qing Yun Wolf General revealed a smile on his face.

“Thank you.” The emperor was also very excited. Even if he said that, the emperor had been very calm for a long time, when he heard the words of Qing Yun Wolf General, he was excited and trembling, and his fists were pinched tightly.

The other people behind the emperor, in addition to Mr. Shi, all were excited, this moment, everyone had a feeling that could disperse the clouds to reveal the bright moon.

“Well, prepare then come with me to see Supreme immediately.” Qing Yun Wolf General nodded with a smile.

“Um, when Lei Ting comes back, we will go with you.” The emperor immediately said.

“Lei Ting? That man from before? Where did he go?” Qing Yun Wolf General asked in confusion.


From the north mountains, they heard a sharp sound of wolf howling. Then more and more wolves were calling out.


The wolf was screaming more and more anxiously. Standing in the distant mountain valley, the emperor could see a lot of wolves rushing to a distant place, what happened? What really happened?

“Not good……”

Qing Yun Wolf General suddenly called out, and then suddenly turned into a 50-meter-high wolf, did not say anything to the people from Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty, stepped on his foot and quickly ran towards the distant place, his eyes completely revealed the color of extreme anger.

Looking at that direction, the emperor’s heart became tense, and a bad feeling instantly filled his heart.

No, impossible!

The emperor got up leading the other people and followed behind the Wolf General. They pursued him quickly.

In the valley of Light Dew Hundred Flowers, General Lei Ting raised up his right hand that was holding a thunder ball. There was a faint electric arc sparkling on the surface of the thunder ball making it look extremely terrifying.

The tears of the little wolf were dripping due to the pain. The little wolf looked maliciously at General Lei Ting, its eyes were filled with hatred.

Zhong Shan was keeping off the little wolf behind him. Although his clothes was burnt, but still pointed his big blade at General Lei Ting.

“Ha ha ha, really a sentimental master and servant, this time, let’s see if you can receive this thunder ball, Xiantian Stage Seventh Layer, it is not easy for you to reach the Xiantian Stage Seventh Layer by your this body root. However, those who offend me, will not have a good end, then you will die with your beloved pet dog!” General Lei Ting laughed wildly.

The thunder ball in the hand also quickly was shot to the place of Zhong Shan and the Little Wolf.


The little wolf, behind Zhong Shan, called out in grief once again.

Under this sorrowful long scream, a huge fireball rushed from a distant place.

“Bang… …”

With a loud bang, the thunder ball formed by General Lei Ting suddenly was hit and dispersed by this fireball.

General Lei Ting suddenly was startled and looked at the direction from which the fireball came .

In a distant place, at the peak of a distant mountain, a 30-meter-high giant red wolf was running quickly, stepping on a big stone on the mountain peak smashing it, and staring angrily at General Lei Ting.

“Bang… ….”

With a loud bang, the huge red wolf jumped to the front of General Lei Ting, and General Lei Ting quickly retreated back. With an amazed facial expression, he was looking at the big wolf that has suddenly appeared.

The big wolf stopped in front of Zhong Shan and separated Zhong Shan from General Lei Ting and only at this moment, its heart felt relieved.


The big wolf looked to the sky and let out a long howl. The howling sound, as if reached the clouds and spread to thousands of miles in all directions.

“Hum, Hum, Hum…”

More and more wolf voices were coming from all directions.

General Lei Ting stared at the big wolf, his eyes revealed a little surprised flash, his heart suddenly sank, a very unpleasant feeling instantly filled his heart, this feeling is very terrifying, terrifying to the point that made the whole body fine hair of General Lei Ting, whose cultivation base was at Nascent Soul Stage, to be erected.


The big wolf looked fiercely at General Lei Ting, as if wanted to swallow General Lei Ting.

General Lei Ting felt uneasy. His only thought now was to run and escape.

However, the General Lei Ting has just flew a little bit.



Suddenly, outside of this mountain valley, a more and more big wolves arrived, and the number of wolves grew more and more.

In a blink of an eye, more than 500 wolves arrived from all directions. Among them, 30 meters high wolves, there were fifty of them.

Fifty big wolves with a cultivation base at Nascent Soul Stage? General Lei Ting’s mind froze from this scene.

The wolves stepped on, and they all stared at the General Lei Ting fiercely.

General Lei Ting just flew a little.

“Bang, Bang…”

Ten of the big wolves released ten huge fireballs that directly hit General Lei Ting.

The fireball was white, and its power was infinite. Even under the full protection of General Lei Ting, still his whole body turned black completely.

The wolves seemed to be warning General Lei Ting. Apparently, he was not allowed to leave, one by one stared at General Lei Ting revealing their sharp fangs.

At this moment, the former little wolf climbed up to the head of the big wolf in front of it.

Seeing that the little wolf was injured, the wolves were extremely mad. Obviously, the little wolf was actually bullied in this wolf territory. The crime of the person who bullied the little wolf, was unforgivable. It was not enough to kill him 10,000 times. If it weren’t for the taking care of the little wolf, the wolves would have rushed, at the first moment, to tear General Lei Ting.

General Lei Ting looked at the little wolf on the big wolf’s head, and his eyes flashed an inexplicable sorrow. How could he know that this little wolf was so important? If he knew that this little wolf has such strong background, he would kill himself rather than hurting it.

The little wolf’s tears have yet to dry. When it looked at General Lei Ting, its eyes were full of hatred, a kind of unforgettable hatred.

“Bang… …”

The 50 meters high giant green wolf, Qing Yun Wolf General, suddenly jumped to the mountain valley.

The other wolves moved quickly to make a way for him, obviously Qing Yun Wolf General, among the wolves, his status was very high.

The numerous wolves retreated to the side of the little wolf, and Qing Yun Wolf General stood alone in front of General Lei Ting. However, the hatred of all the wolves towards General Lei Ting did not reduce at all, and they were staring at General Lei Ting maliciously.

“Hum…” the little wolf yelled at General Lei Ting.

Wolf language: Kill him, kill him, he, he wants to kill Xianxian.

When the little wolf screamed, the numerous wolves gathered the energy forming huge energy balls in their mouths preparing to fire them at General Lei Ting immediately.

Seeing the huge energy balls in the mouths of the  wolves, General Lei Ting’s body trembled, and he moved quickly near to Qing Yun Wolf General. After all, he knew this Qing Yun Wolf General.

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