Immortal V3C41: the little wolf suffers a disaster.

Immortal V3C41: the little wolf suffers a disaster.

Translated by: RedLotus.

At the entrance of the mountain valley, the red wolf stopped and gently leaned his head on the ground for the little wolf to land smoothly.

The little wolf ran in the front, running down the head of the big wolf, followed by Zhong Shan.

The little wolf called at the big wolf twice, the big wolf nodded, turned around and left quietly.

Only Zhong Shan and the little wolf remained.

The sky was dark, but the excitement of the little wolf has not dissipated. It continued to run in front of Zhong Shan, as if wanted to take Zhong Shan to see its treasure.

The previous scene made Zhong Shan feel like he was dreaming. The previous arrangement of the countless big wolves made Zhong Shan feel that it was an army, and then the little wolf was carrying on a grand military inspection.

Following the little wolf that was quickly running towards the mountain valley, his heart was filled with expectations, what strange treasures, in the mountain valley, made it shines brightly?

Previously, the ten thousand wolves were spitting fireworks, in the quiet night, illuminating the dark sky brightly. This was very beautiful.

In another mountain valley, the Emperor of the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty, Mr. Shi, General Lei Ting, and the others, were all frowning and looking at the fireworks in the distant dark sky.

Each and everyone of them was staring at that with an inconceivable facial expression.

“Your Majesty, this, these…” General Lei Ting, who was extremely curious, said.

“It is the matter of the wolf clan, don’t interfere.” the emperor said immediately.

They were curiously looking at the distant place. After all, the scenery in the distant place was too beautiful, and shocked everyone.

“Your Majesty, Qing Yun Wolf General Wolf has not come back, let me go to have a look.” General Lei Ting said excitedly.

“Qing Yun Wolf General is handling the important matter, moreover Qing Yun Wolf General said no to go to the north.” The emperor frowned and said.

“Your Majesty, em, Qing Yun Wolf General only said that the young lord of the wolf clan is there, fearing that we would disturb it, I will carefully go to have a look, then I will come back to tell you.” General Lei Ting said very excitedly.

The emperor frowned, obviously moved by his curiosity, why was there a cultivation technique casting in the sky?

“Your Majesty, I will go with General Lei Ting to have a look and return quickly.” Another person said.

“Your Majesty, I will go to have a look.” Another person said.

Everyone seemed to be very curious and wanted to have a look.

The emperor looked at the crowd and frowned slightly: “No, you will wait here for Qing Yun Wolf General, and Lei Ting, you go alone, be careful, don’t offend any wolf here.”

“Yes…. ..” General Lei Ting was incomparable Excited.

The others were envious. However, the emperor has already made a decision, so they didn’t speak again.

General Lei Ting excitedly flew up in the sky, heading north to that distant place.

Under the leadership of the little wolf, Zhong Shan stepped into the bright mountain valley.

Entering the mountain valley, Zhong Shan finally saw what the shining thing was.

This was a peculiar mountain valley with a pond that occupied more than half of the valley. The source of illumination was actually flowers, flowers that were shining and growing all around the mountain valley. Even a large numbers of these flowers were growing underwater in the pond, and the whole pond was incomparably beautiful.

There were flowers in all directions of the mountain valley illuminating it. Most of the flowers were different in shape. There was a refreshing scent that instantly rushed into the mind of Zhong Shan. It made Zhong Shan suddenly have a relaxed mind and an incomparably comfortable feeling in his heart.

The flowers were shining brightly with the water in the background, it looked like a fairyland. Occasionally, one or two dandelion-shaped petals would be flying in the air, that made it looks more mysterious.

Not to mention that the little wolf liked it, but also, Zhong Shan was sighing emotionally. It was incomparably attractive.

Although Zhong Shan was somewhat fascinated, he knew these bright flowers in the mountain valley. There were records about it in the Rare Treasure Pavilion. The flowers in this mountain valley are only grown on a rhizome.

It was called ‘Light Dew Hundred Flowers,’ Fifth Grade material. It was much more precious than the Flame Fruit.

There were hundreds of different flowers on the top of one rhizome. It absorbs the light during the day and brightens at night.

Moreover, the Light Dew Hundred Flowers also has an incomparably unusual dew.

In the center of hundred flowers, there is a transparent flower. The hundred flowers collect some essence and pass it, through the rhizome, to the central transparent flowers to fuse it into a cup of dew.

This cup of dew has a mysterious effect. It is a wondrous medicinal material that is used for therapy.

The most unusual thing is that as long as it is not a rainy weather, you can collect a cup of dew every day.

When Zhong Shan entered the mountain valley, he quickly discovered the transparent flower, just in a corner not far away.

The little wolf was walking in front, above the pond, a long rhizome was like a single-plank bridge. The little wolf led Zhong Shan, slowly walked over the single-plank bridge and watched the shining flowers in the pond. Zhong Shan was continuously sighing emotionally, this valley was extremely beautiful, no wonder that the little wolf would put this trip behind the fireworks show of the ten thousand wolves.

The little wolf was jumping, running around and rubbing its body on Zhong Shan, as if it was showing off its treasure. Generally, it did not let others come here. This was its private territory.

However, perhaps it used some strength while rubbing Zhong Shan. Under the strong rubbing, the foot of Zhong Shan slipped, and the little wolf followed as its foot also slipped.

“Pu.. ” “Pu.. ”

A man and a wolf fell into this dreamy pond.

Falling in the water of the pond, the little wolf became more excited, and it was swatting the water of the pond, and its mouth was cheerfully calling with the sound of ‘Hum, hum’.

Looking at the little wolf excited, Zhong Shan took a handful of water and splashed it on the head of the little wolf. The little wolf was splashed with water, and immediately excitedly splashed water against Zhong Shan with two small claws.

A person and a wolf, so excitedly, was splashing the water.

General Lei Ting flew to the place where the wolves used the cultivation techniques, only to find that the wolves has begun to disperse, and no longer firing fire to the sky. His heart was slightly depressed, but seeing the gathering of these wolves, General Lei Ting was extremely shocked.

After watching for a while, suddenly, a red wolf that was about to leave, turned its head and stared at General Lei Ting in the sky.

“Hum, hum, hum…..”

The wolf fiercely called out several times, and the voice went straight into the sky. General Lei Ting wasn’t welcomed here.

General Lei Ting nodded immediately, expressing that he would not disturb and quickly retreated back. General Lei Ting didn’t want to oppose the wolves here. There was a large number of Nascent Soul Stage wolves here. It wasn’t that they can’t fly. They just didn’t want to fly. If they attack together, even his majesty wouldn’t be able to save him.

Coldly sweating, General Lei Ting retreated back to one side.

He went to a place where there were no wolves.

Suddenly, in the place where there were no wolves, General Lei Ting saw a bright, bright mountain valley.

General Lei Ting’s eyes lit up. What was it?

The curiosity made General Lei Ting fly quickly to the mountain valley.

Flying outside the mountain valley, General Lei Ting also saw the light source.

Flowers, a lot of shining flowers, the flowers of this mountain valley, can actually shine? What are these flowers?

“Ha ha ha, ha ha ha.” There was a hearty laughter inside the valley.

“Hum.” a little wolf excitedly exclaimed.

Hearing the voice of the little wolf, General Lei Ting didn’t respond, but when he heard the sound of Zhong Shan’s hearty laughter, suddenly, General Lei Ting’s pupils shrank, and a feeling of incomparable familiarity suddenly filled the mind.

Is that stinky insect? Really, travel far and wide to search for something, only to find it easily. Unexpectedly, he met him here.

Using the divine sense to investigate, he discovered that Zhong Shan and a little wolf that just entered the Xiantian Stage, were splashing water.

Previously, he saw him to be a very calm old man, but now he was like a child without a brain? This person was really incurable, playing with a beast?

However, there was no danger here.

He slowly descended.

“Ha ha ha ha, stinky insect, meet again.” General Lei Ting, who was slowly descending, called out happily.

When they heard this towering voice, Zhong Shan and the little wolf were suddenly shocked. Fast, Zhong Shan took out the great blade ‘nightmare’ and picked up the little wolf and flew on the great blade.

Because Zhong Shan already knew the owner of this voice.

Worried, holding the little wolf, he flew to escape out of the mountain valley.

“Snort… ..”

General Lei Ting coldly snorted and suddenly released the formidable imposing manner of the Nascent Soul Stage. The overwhelming imposing manner was unreservedly pressing against Zhong Shan and the Little Wolf.

“Bang… …”

Zhong Shan was forced to fall down from the sky above of the pond by the formidable imposing manner. Falling down, Zhong Shan hugged the little wolf to prevent the little wolf from getting injured.

“Hahaha, I want to see where you are going to escape today.” General Lei Ting was self-confident in his victory and said excitedly.

“Roar… ..”

The little wolf felt the hostility of General Lei Ting, and quickly stood up, screaming at General Lei Ting, as if to rely on its thin and weak body to scare the formidable General Lei Ting.

“Ha ha ha ha, little animal, do you dare to block me?” General Lei Ting was acting in a carefree manner, but noticing the hostility of the little wolf towards himself, he thought it was funny.

Turning his hands, he gathered a lightning thunder on his hand and directly shot it at the little wolf.

Seeing this scene, Zhong Shan jumped towards the little wolf to shield it.


A group of thunder and lightning slammed on the back of Zhong Shan. An enormous thunder light was making sounds.

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