Immortal V3C40: invincible.

Immortal V3C40: invincible.

Translated by: RedLotus.

After hugging the little wolf for a while, also the little wolf gradually calmed down from the excitement, and then released Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan sat up, and the little wolf was also like a spoiled child and used the small head to rub the arm of Zhong Shan. Zhong Shan took advantage of this and caressed the head of the little wolf, the wolf’s hair was still so smooth, Very comfortable to touch, and it seemed that the little wolf was also enjoying that.

The next moment, the little wolf suddenly jumped away and ran in front.

Zhong Shan was confused and had some doubts, so the little wolf stopped. Turning its head and yelled at Zhong Shan ‘Hum, hum’ two times.

Seeing this scene, Zhong Shan immediately understood that the little wolf wanted him to follow.

Zhong Shan’s heart was slightly puzzled. However, the matter of the teacher’s request had already been completed, and Qingsi had left. Now that he has nothing to do, he got up and followed the little wolf.

The little wolf saw Zhong Shan following, it jumped. Obviously, it knew that Zhong Shan understood its thoughts and was very happy.

There was some doubts in Zhong Shan’s heart, as the little wolf ran in front, he was chasing after it.

Shortly, the little wolf took Zhong Shan to a mountain peak. looking at the front, Zhong Shan’s brow wrinkled. This area, he came here before and he saw it. It was a wolf area that has a lot of wolves inside it and their cultivation bases weren’t low. When he and Bei Qingsi were passing through the wolf territory, they came here before.


The little wolf called out at the distant mountain valley.

“Hum”, “Hum”, “Hum”…

From all the directions of the distant mountain valley, a very strong howling sound of wolves came out. standing on the top of the mountain, watching the mountain valley that was covered by clouds, even if he didn’t see the shadow of any wolf, Zhong Shan had a feeling of fear in his heart, this, the sounds of these wolves were too many, like the sounds of 100,000 army of the Great Zheng King Dynasty, no 200000 army, and even more wolves were calling out.

Ten thousand wolves were shouting loudly, as if responding to the little wolf beside him. This made the little wolf keep walking around and it was very excited.


A group of white wolves quickly ran quickly from a distant place, the bodies of the white wolves were as white as snow, and even Zhong Shan saw a lot of fog outside of the bodies of these white wolves. No, it was not a fog, it was the cold air, and the cold air made the surrounding moisture to be condensed into a fog.

Hundred wolves, some of the white big wolf were nearly 30 meters high, and the short ones were more than ten meters. According to the information from Kai Yang Sect, these wolves, the weakest was as strong as the human Golden Core Stage, even there were some wolves in the Nascent Soul Stage. Just like that, a hundred ran over?

Zhong Shan looked at the excited little wolf, and was not anxious, just sighed deeply. Previously, it was absolutely the correct choice to save this little wolf.

The hundred-headed big wolf stood under the mountain and shouted, as if waiting for the instructions of the little wolf.

The little wolf rubbed its head on Zhong Shan and shouted at the bottom of the mountain valley.

“Hum, hum, hum” it seemed to be using the unique language of the wolf clan in a general conversation.

After the conversation in the wolf language, the 30-meter-high wolves looked up and looked at Zhong Shan. There was a hint of surprise in their eyes, and a trace of depression. After all, the big wolves in Nascent Soul Stage can see through the cultivation base of Zhong Shan, although Zhong Shan did not Know what the little wolf said to them, but from their grieved facial expression, Zhong Shan could guess the depression of these big wolves.

But the little wolf simply ignored them, called out two times to Zhong Shan, and took Zhong Shan down to the mountain valley.

Of course, Zhong Shan followed, the little wolf ran cheerfully, and the wolves below, slowly squatted down and put their heads on the ground.

On the way down to the mountain valley, Zhong Shan, there was a flash of accident in his eyes, this, what is the background of this little wolf? To reveal such exaggerating actions?


The little wolf quickly jumped to the top of the biggest wolf, standing on top of its head, excited and calling out. The little paws kept grasping the hair of that Nascent Soul Stage cultivation base big wolf, even turned it into a mess. The big wolf did not even wrinkle his eyebrows. The little wolf rolled over the top of the head of the big wolf, at the side of the mountain, Zhong Shan was staring at the little wolf and his eyes were opened wide.

After rolling for a while, the little wolf immediately got up and called out a few times at Zhong Shan, and pointed its head to another big wolf in the Nascent Soul Stage.

Seeing this scene, Zhong Shan immediately knew the meaning of the little wolf, to let him stand on the head of another big wolf.

Looking at the big wolf with its fierce appearance, Zhong Shan hesitated.

“Hum” the little wolf called twice to the disobedient wolf.

The big wolf could only bow down its head and reluctantly let Zhong Shan go.

Invincible! The little wolf was really invincible.

Looking at this scene, Zhong Shan’s original little bit of hesitation immediately changed to a hint of excitement. Although Zhong Shan was very cautious in his work, but in his heart, he was also a lawless person. With the command of the little wolf, Zhong Shan immediately jumped on the head of the big wolf.

The big wolf’s head swayed a bit, a little reluctant, but, even so, the big wolf could only accept his fate, and shook his head and stood up.

The first time stepping on such a big wolf, Zhong Shan’s heart was full of intense happiness. This big wolf was in the Nascent Soul Stage. The big wolf even shook his head several times, but the top of his head was still steady. Moreover, with the cultivation base of Zhong Shan, it was not easy to stand firm.


The little wolf above the other wolf’s head shouted loudly, and all the wolves quickly got up and shouted together.

“hum, hum, hum, hum”

The wolves shouted as if they were responding to the call of the little wolf.

The little wolf issued an order to the big wolf under its feet. The big wolf immediately ran in front of the other wolves, but the big wolf under the feet of Zhong Shan also ran next to it.

The 30-meter-high wolf is like a huge fortress. A ten-store high wolf fortress was running fast above the earth, like a wolf-shaped combat tank.

Zhong Shan can imagine that such a large group of wolves, if they appear in a King Dynasty, how shocking would it be, what strong effect would it cause? Moreover, the Nascent Soul Stage was also the time when displaying the cultivation technique is most effective. When it comes to a wolf, according to its attributes and cultivation technique and a suitable environment is created, wouldn’t it be like a meat grinder on the battlefield?

The speed of the big wolf running was terrifying. In the twinkling of an eye, it passed over mountains. After all, Its cultivation base was certainly high, followed by a group of Golden Core Stage wolves, running in these mountains were revealing an incomparable imposing manner.

The little wolf was extremely excited on the other side, and all the wolves were obeying it, which was very mysterious.

Zhong Shan was enjoying this kind of speed. This speed was faster than stepping on the flying sword of Bei Qingsi, or that the running was not weaker than flying using a flying sword.

The wolves were dashing wildly and quickly ran to a mountain valley. In the mountain valley, a large number of wolves were eagerly waiting. The wolves with high strength followed this group of wolves, and the weak ones could only look and sigh.

Looking at the more and more wolves behind the team, Zhong Shan sighed in his heart, so many powerful wolves, if these wolves were used by the Great Zheng King Dynasty, what kind of strength should the Great Zheng King Dynasty has?

If in the army, one person and one wolf, a group of wolf cavalry soldiers, entered the battlefield, this would definitely be the most powerful team .

Ten thousand wolves were running, these wolves were galloping. At this moment, it has run from one wolf area to another. From the white wolf area to the red wolf area, the black wolf area, one by one, a large number of powerful wolves were behind accompanying the little wolf to play.

All the way, the little wolf has been very excited, as if this was specially prepared for Zhong Shan. All this was prepared to be seen by Zhong Shan. It was hoping that he could enjoy this. Of course, it was just fun in the eyes of the little wolf, but in the eyes of Zhong Shan, it wasn’t as simple as just fun. The status of this little wolf was soaring in the heart of Zhong Shan. All the way up, this was not only the white wolf, but all kinds of wolves were listening to it.

However, the cultivation base of this little wolf, was even inferior to his own.

With a doubt in his heart, Zhong Shan was enjoying the feeling of support from the ten thousand wolves.

The little wolf yelled at the big wolf.

The big wolf under the feet of Zhong Shan, moved its head and threw Zhong Shan flying. However, Zhong Shan did not resist, because Zhong Shan believed that the little wolf would not harm him now.

Sure enough, a black 30-meter-high wolf caught Zhong Shan on the other side.

It was also a wolf with a Nascent Soul Stage cultivation base.

The little wolf was also thrown from the head of one big wolf to another. The little wolf flew in the air and looked very happy and very excited.

Zhong Shan accompanied the little wolf to play for a while, but also his heart was full of emotion. Ten thousand wolves were dashing wildly, if he were to go back and tell his teacher about it, his teacher might not believe it. It was too ridiculous!

They were running until it was getting dark. At this moment, there were nearly 20,000 wolves behind Zhong Shan.

When it became dark, the little wolf called out, all the wolves suddenly stopped, more than 20,000 wolves, should have been chaotic and noisy, but this moment became very quiet.

Under the call of the little wolf, a row of red wolves opened their mouths to the sky, spit out a huge fireball that soared into the sky, suddenly exploding in the air, turning into a large fireworks.

Then the white wolves, opened their mouths and spit out the blue shiny ice ball that soared into the sky, blasted into a blue fireworks.

Purple wolves, purple fireworks, all kinds of fireworks flying in the sky. But the Nascent Soul Stage would fly into the sky and use their cultivation techniques forming fireworks of different shapes like a wolf head, or a fireworks like a tree.

At this moment, Zhong Shan looked at this dull-minded, this little wolf was too good, a group of big wolves released their cultivation techniques to let this little wolf play as fireworks?

After spraying for an hour, the little wolf was incomparably satisfied to stop, looked at Zhong Shan, jumped to the head of the big wolf where Zhong Shan was, and used its head to rub the body of Zhong Shan, seemed to inquire about if Zhong Shan was enjoying this.

Of course, Zhong Shan was sighing deeply. He touched the head of the wolf with his hand. The identity of this little wolf is too formidable.

The little wolf was very happy to enjoy Zhong Shan’s show of affection. It rubbed its head against him repeatedly.

After a while, the little wolf suddenly called two times to the wolves.

The wolves have dispersed. Only a red wolf that Zhong Shan was sitting down on its head. Under the command of the little wolf, it continued to run to a place outside the mountain valley.

Outside the mountain valley, Zhong Shan saw the inside was shining brightly, as if there were some good things inside.

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