Immortal V3C39: Qing Yun.

Immortal V3C39: Qing Yun.

Translated by: RedLotus.

The Mountain Protector was lying there, leisurely and carefree, as if he didn’t hear Ling’er.

“Grandpa Shan.” Tian Ling’er turned her head to see that the Mountain Protector was asleep.

“huh?” the Mountain Protector seems to be awakened by Tian Ling’er, with an innocent facial expression.

Tian Ling’er had no choice but to go to the lounge chair, drank a cup of tea, and lie down to look at the sky.

“Grandpa Shan, do you think when Zhong Shan will come back?” Tian Ling’er asked again.

The Mountain Protector opened his eyes and said lightly: “Ling’er, are you going to wait here for Zhong Shan?”

“Yeah, I have to wait until Zhong Shan comes back.” Tian Ling’er said affirmatively.

“The body root of Zhong Shan is not good, his cultivation is also slow, what is good about him?” Mountain Protector asked with a smile.

“Zhong Shan, everything about him is good, don’t say bad things about Zhong Shan, or Ling’er will not talk to you anymore.” Tian Ling’er immediately wrinkled her small nose and said immediately.

“Okay, okay, I won’t say it again!” the Mountain Protector shook his head and said with a smile.

“En” Ling’er nodded.

“So you are waiting here until Zhong Shan comes back, what do you want to say to him?” Mountain Protector asked again.

“Oh, I want to say, I want to say…” The face of Tian Ling’er gradually became red, as if the next words were a bit embarrassing to say it.

“Ling’er ……”

The voice of Tiansha came suddenly from behind the two of them.

Tian Ling’er and Mountain Protector immediately got up.

“First Senior Brother?” Tian Ling’er looked at Tiansha with a surprised facial expression.

But the Mountain Protector, he immediately moved the two lounge chairs into the small house and slowly retreated from the side to the Kai Yang Sect Great Array.

Tiansha looked at the Mountain Protector. The Mountain Protector, Shou Shan, and the protector of the Rare Treasure Pavilion, Shou Zong, the two of them seemed to be a very strange existences in the Kai Yang Sect. They said that they were on the verge of death and would not take care of others. However, Tiansha for many years, hasn’t seen the two people die.

These two people, in Kai Yang Sect, were considered to be older generations. However, no one knew what their identity was. In brief, in Kai Yang Zong, they wouldn’t respond to anyone, even the Sect Master. But they were somehow only familiar with Tian Ling’er.

“Ling’er, what were you talking about with the Mountain Protector?” Tiansha asked.

“Nothing!” Tian Ling’er said immediately.

When he heard Tian Ling’er’s answer, Tiansha’s brows wrinkled, and his whole body calmed down from the impulse.

Ling’er was no longer the former Ling’er.

Thinking about what he said before at the Eight Golden Lock Array, the heart of Tiansha sank, Ling’er was no longer the former Ling’er who used to be incomparably attached to himself.

At this moment, Tiansha suddenly had the impulse to slap himself. What did you say at that time?

The facial expression of Tiansha slowly relaxed, but Tian Ling’er didn’t notice it at this moment.

“First Senior Brother, are you looking for me? Is there something you want?” Tian Ling’er asked in confusion.

“Yeah, what are you doing here? Why aren’t you going back inside the great array?” Tiansheng asked immediately.

“Oh, I am waiting for Zhong Shan to come back.” Tian Ling’er said.

I am waiting for Zhong Shan to come back!

These words were like needles piercing through the heart of Tiansha. The extreme depression was suppressing his heart and making his heart inflate like a balloon. The words of Tian Ling’er pierced it making it explode loudly.

Tiansha only felt that his anger was exploding outwards, and his eyes suddenly became red.

Zhong Shan, it is Zhong Shan?

“First Senior Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Ling’er asked doubtfully.

Ling’er’s words instantly awakened Tiansha. At this moment, it’s not right to be angry, at least not in front of Ling’er.

Squeezing the anger in his heart, Tiansha looked at Ling’er, and shook his head: “Nothing, when Zhong Shan comes back, he will definitely go back inside the great array. Let’s go back first, you are here alone, aren’t you bored?”

“No, First Senior Brother, you go back, I want to see Zhong Shan first when he comes back. ” Tian Ling’er shook her head immediately, and then she stopped looking at Tiansha.

Looking at the back of Tian Ling’er, a dismal feeling flooded his heart with an overwhelming force, he has been ignored?

Not long ago, when Tian Ling’er sees him, she would be extremely excited, and she has been admiring him, but now? Tian Ling’er only cares about Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan, it is Zhong Shan again, he coldly snorted!

With a cold snort, angry and depressed, Tiansha turned around to return back to the Kai Yang Sect great array.

The wolf territory, within a certain mountain valley.

The emperor of the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty, Mr. Shi, General Lei Ting and other people were all here.

The other people stood behind the emperor, and the emperor was talking to an azure robed man.

The face of the man in the azure robe was white, his pupils were strangely green and what was even more sinister, the ear of the man in the azure robe was a pair of green little ears, green wolf ears, yes, a pair of wolf ears.

“Qing Yun Wolf General, thank you very much this time.” The emperor said.

The group of people behind the emperor looked respectfully at this wolf-eared man.

Qing Yun Wolf General was looking at the emperor with his strange green eyes for a while and said: “No matter what, I must repay you for the graciousness of saving my life. I promised to introduce you to the Wolf Supreme, and try to speak for you, hoping that Supreme can give you an opportunity.”

“Thank you.” The emperor was incomparably excited.

“Well, the Heavenly Wolf Island only then has your Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty. So Supreme should consider it. I will go to the Supreme place right away. You stay here, don’t leave, especially try not to go to the north.” Qing Yun Wolf General said after thinking for a while.

“North? The north is the forbidden area of the wolf territory?” The emperor frowned and said in a surprised voice.

“huh? It’s not a forbidden area, but the north is somewhat special. The Young Lord would frequently pass there, so don’t bother the Young Lord.” Qing Yun Wolf General immediately reminded him.

“Young Lord?” The emperor seemed to grasp what the wolf general was trying to say and immediately asked.

“Well, anyway, you pay attention, I have to go now, otherwise I will not be able to see Supreme.” Qing Yun Wolf General immediately said.

“I will be exhausting you.” The emperor nodded.

The body of Qing Yun Wolf General swayed and instantly turned into a huge green wolf that was one hundred and fifty meters high. He stepped on and a smog appeared under his feet. He jumped out and in a blink of an eye he disappeared from the line of sight.

Looking at the Qing Yun Wolf General leaving far away, the emperor’s fist was slightly trembling, his heart was full of excitement, full of expectations, to be introduced to the Wolf Supreme. In order to save Qing Yun Wolf General, he offended a strong expert. the rescue of Qing Yun Wolf General may be the most correct decision in his life.

If this trip can be successful, then soon, the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty will be changed to the ‘Yin Moon Emperor Dynasty. When that time comes, there will be enough strength to go on a punitive expedition against the Divine State and enter the Divine State, occupying a piece of its heaven and earth.

“Congratulations your majesty.” General Lei Ting immediately congratulated the emperor.

“Congratulations your majesty.” The other people congratulated the emperor.

“The Wolf Supreme has not yet nodded, we are not successful, it’s too early for congratulations.” The emperor immediately said humbly. However, the tightly pinched fist made it difficult not to reveal the excitement of the emperor at this moment.

“Qing Yun Wolf General is the disciple of the Wolf Supreme. If it comes to Qing Yun Wolf General to act, it shouldn’t be a problem.” General Lei Ting said immediately. Obviously, in his eyes, this is already a sure matter.

“Hope so.” The emperor was a little excited, but did not reveal it, but nodded.

“It is a certain matter.” General Lei Ting immediately confirmed.

“What do you think of this, mister?” The emperor immediately looked at Mr. Shi and asked.

“Unclear, it is not clear, I hope that you can get the Supreme recognition.” Mr. Shi respectfully said.

“Em, we will take advantage of the wise words of the mister.” The emperor nodded.

After that, everyone waited patiently.

Near the north sea where Zhong Shan sent away Bei Qingsi, although his mood calmed down, but his heart was still slightly disturbed. Turning his head, Zhong Shan just saw a silver-white two-feet-high wolf on a distant mountain peak.

“Hum… ..”

The little wolf on the mountain peak was staring at Zhong Shan. Suddenly the wolf called out and the sound lasted for a long time. It seemed to have some kind of joy in the sound.

Looking at the incomparably pure little wolf, Zhong Shan frowned, and the past memories were quickly turning over in his mind.

Demon wolf? Is it that demon wolf?

When he first met Zhao Suoxiang in the past, the captured little silver wolf that he competed over with his unfilial son, Zhong Di, and later he released the little silver wolf?

It has the same appearance, the same hair, the same wolf nose, the same eyes. Only its body is twice as big as before.

Is it that little wolf? How is it here? How did it find me?

Thinking about it, Zhong Shan suddenly thought of another possibility, since the last time he contacted this little wolf, the little wolf spit some saliva at him. It seemed that he was recognized by the wolf clan. Every time he would meet a wolf, the wolf wouldn’t attack him. Even the wolf territory where the wolf clan runs amuck, he moves safely in it. Was this little wolf the cause of that?

Zhong Shan was running to the direction of the little wolf and the little wolf also was running quickly toward Zhong Shan. It was like a friend who had not seen for many years, and he was incomparably cheerful to run into him.

Seeing the little wolf, Zhong Shan, in his heart, was more and more sure of his conjecture. It is that little wolf, it still remembers him.

When he was halfway up the mountain, one man and one wolf met. The little wolf seemed to be very excited. It didn’t hesitate at all, and threw itself into Zhong Shan’s bosom.

“kaung… ..”

Zhong Shan was thrown to the ground by the little wolf. Of course, Zhong Shan could completely slap the little wolf it throw it away, but at this moment, how will Zhong Shan do that?

The wolf was acting in an intimate manner. The little wolf even licked the cheek of Zhong Shan with its tongue two times.

“Ha ha ha, good, don’t move, don’t move.” Zhong Shan immediately hugged the little wolf and prevented it from moving. Even the friendly form of the wolf clan, Zhong Shan could not bear it.

In any case, when he escaped from the wolf area entrance and also when he entered the wolf territory, he owed this little wolf. Zhong Shan also has an intense gratitude regarding this little wolf.

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