Immortal V3C18: Great Zheng King Dynasty.

Immortal V3C18: Great Zheng King Dynasty.

Translated by: RedLotus.

“Yes.” Wei Taizhong nodded.

“Taizhong, are you still no willing to tell Yinglan about your relationship?” Zhong Shan sighed slightly and said.

“He he, I still want to conceal the truth, I am an eunuch, I don’t want Yinglan to know that she has such an eunuch granduncle. Big Sister is dead, Second Brother is dead, Second Brother’s son is dead, and I still have Yinglan. As long as Yinglan can be happy, that will be enough.” Wei Taizhong shook his head and said.

Wei Taizhong, the third brother of Kui’er.

Zhong Shan looked at this little brother-in-law, there was a hint of helplessness in his eyes and said: “What happened of that year, you did not blame Su Lianxian.”

“Su Lianxian, snort, I didn’t entirely know why to blame Su Lianxian, but if it was no for Su Lianxian, will Second Brother die in his home country? Second Brother’s most direct enemy was killed and his clan was extinguished by you, but I wanted to kill Su Lianxian, I wanted to extinguish the entire clan of Su Lianxian.” Wei Taizhong said with cold eyes.

“But you don’t have to mistreat yourself like this.” Zhong Shan shook his head and sighed.

“I am a natural eunuch, I entered the palace to know what happened? Miss Bao’er deserves my respect, but if it was not Miss Bao’er, would you let Su Lianxian go? I think you wouldn’t, you are crazy, even the gods can’t stop you, but you accepted this treaty of alliance because of Miss Bao’er, I didn’t blame you, and I also thank Miss Bao’er for letting me to have the opportunity to personally revenge. After decades, I successfully entered the Su Family Power Center, but it was obviously impossible for me to destroy the entire Su Family, so I brought them and tore the treaty for you in order to completely destroy Su Family. This time it wasn’t you who took revenge personally, is I, I personally avenged.” Wei Taizhong said excitedly, he also shed sad tears.

“Hey, these matters already passed, and Su Family is gone. In the future, you will enjoy your happy life.” Zhong Shan sighed.

“It doesn’t matter, being an imperial palace manager for many years, I am already used to it. If I leave this circle, maybe I will not be able to get used to it. Moreover, I also hope that you can avenge big sister, I will certainly help you, so that the soul of big sister can rest in peace in heaven.” Wei Taizhong said solemnly.


Zhong Shan crushed the teacup in his hand.

“You can rest assured that Kui’er’s enmity has been engraved in my heart, Crown Prince Lietian, I will definitely use his head to hold a memorial service for Kui’er’s soul in heaven. Moreover, regarding Crown Prince Lietian, I also have some ideas.” Zhong Shan said with deep voice.

“Ideas? Do you know who the Crown Prince Lietian is?” Wei Taizhong immediately excitedly said.

“I just have a little idea, Crown Prince Lietian, is a true Prince, is a superpower Prince, and I will certainly control a superpower, destroy the Crown Prince Lietian country, kill Crown Prince Lietian with my own hands, revenge for Kui’er.” Zhong Shan said solemnly.

“Good, Hahaha, good, Hahahaha.” Wei Taizhong said while shedding demented tears from his eyes.

“Um.” Zhong Shan nodded.

Two and a half months later, the seventh day of July.

Xuan City, In the south of the city, a huge high platform, on it at this moment already there were a lot of good sacrificial offerings. The platform was very majestic, standing below Zhong Tian and the civil and military officials who he brought from the original Great Kun Country, there were also countless soldiers. All of them were serious and waiting for the arrival of main character of today’s sacrificial event.

Xuan City, Zhong Mansion, in Leaning Orchid Hall, a group of people was standing in front of Zhong Shan, Zhong Tian, Zhong Zheng, Yinglan, Wei Taizhong, there was still square faced man, a dignified man, the face of the man was slightly red, he seemed to be slightly harsh.

“Big Brother, today is the last time I will call you, big brother. After today, I will be an official under the emperor.” The man’s expression was somewhat excited and said.

“Lin Xiao, remember, you and I will always be brothers, apparently like the ruler and minister, but actually like real brother.” Zhong Shan was facing the original Great Kun Country military god and solemnly said.

“Um.” Lin Xiao said excitedly. He was looking at Zhong Shan with eyes full of adoration.

“However, this time I can establish a country, thanks to Lin Xiao, you arrived in time. ”Zhong Shan said right away.

“For forty-two years, Lin Xiao has been waiting for this day. When Su Lianxian threatened the big brother, I was prepared to conquer the Great Kun Country. But the big brother, you were not willing, after this brat broke the treaty, of course, I can not be lenient, otherwise I will have wait until when another good opportunity to come. Big brother, you have saved my life ten times, even when I pass away, I will let my descendants to follow the big brother for ten generations.” Lin Xiao said solemnly.

Gently patting Lin Xiao, Zhong Shan nodded, in heart, he was extremely touched.

Subsequently, Zhong Shan looked at Yinglan again and frowned. “Yinglan, as I said before, when I become an emperor, I will confer ranks and titles, do you really want not to be a princess?”

“Yes, I only want to become a general, I don’t want to be a princess.” Yinglan said solemnly, a bright light flashed in her eye, as if she had her own other plans.

Wei Taizhong on one side frowned slightly but didn’t say anything. After all, Yinglan chose it, and he could only support it.

“Ok, then you are a general, you can still enjoy the country’s Luck, and even if my country is destroyed, it will only be me and the princes who will be in danger, the courtiers won’t be in danger.” Zhong Shan looked at Yinglan and said solemnly.

In this way, in case of problems, it can be considered as a way out for Yinglan.

“No, Granduncle, if Granduncle were to meet any mishap, Yinglan will surely avenge Granduncle at the risk of her life.” Yinglan said anxiously. Her tone has also become somewhat incoherent.

Looking at Yinglan, Zhong Shan smiled and said: “I know, I know.”

With Wei Taizhong, even if he has to die, he wouldn’t let anything to happen to Yinglan. If this is the case, then this arrangement would be better.

“Space Spirit Bead, I will give it to you, do you know how to use it?” Zhong Shan looked at them and said.

“Yes.” Lin Xiao, Wei Taizhong and Zhong Zheng said with extreme excitement.

“Ok, so that’s it, then let’s go.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes.” Everyone nodded.

Subsequently, Zhong Shan in his splendid clothes, along with everyone behind him, walked on the red carpet, from Zhong Mansion to the gate of the city, the bridge at the gate of the city was also refurbished. Walking on the red carpet, they went to the south where the high platform was.
“Hou, Hou, Hou”

It seemed that in order to greet Zhong Shan, the one million soldiers let out three roars simultaneously, roaring to the heaven and earth.

When they arrived to the high platform, except for Wei Taizhong, everyone else stopped under the high platform.

The high platform was 100 meters high, Zhong Shan started to climb step by step, and Wei Taizhong was behind him.

Above the top of the platform, there was a huge circular table, and the center of the table was square in shape, indicating that the heaven encompass the earth.

Above the high platform, there was a silk praying mat for kneeling down to worship, there was a square table to put objects on it. Zhong Shan gently took out the ‘Investiture of the Gods’ and the ‘Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal’, which were placed on the square table.

Gently, Zhong Shan, very solemnly, knelt down on the praying mate.

“First Kneel to the Heavens” Wei Taizhong on behalf of Zhong Shan called out.

“Do obeisance.”

Zhong Shan immediately paid respect to the heaven.

“Do obeisance again.”

“Third time, do obeisance.”

“Get up.”

Zhong Shan After doing obeisance three times, gently got up.

“Second kneel to the Earth.”

Zhong Shan knelt down again.

“Do obeisance.”

“Do obeisance again”

“Third time, do obeisance.”

“Get up.”

Zhong Shan got up quickly, this was the procedure that has to follow.

“Third Kneel to the Country.”

“Do obeisance.”

“Do obeisance again”

“Third time do obeisance.”

“Get up.”

After kneeling for three times and doing obeisance for nine times, Zhong Shan got up gently.

On the other side, Wei Taizhong, bowed, slowly retreated from the high platform, walked down, and slowly stood below in his position.

Zhong Shan overlooked the millions of troops below. He has an oppressive imposing manner and there was a flash of arrogance in his eyes revealing disdain to the common people.

Gently, Zhong Shan spread out the ‘Investiture of the Gods’, then held the Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal with both hands, slowly facing the ‘Investiture of the Gods’.

Starting today, I establish a country ‘Zheng’, receive the Mandate of Heaven, Long Live Forever Prosperous….”

Zhong Shan said slowly, at the same time, when Zhong Shan said the dynasty name ‘Zheng’, on the front of the Investiture of the Gods, a big ‘Zheng’ character suddenly appeared. It was partially visible, it also meant that this ‘Investiture of the Gods’ has been exclusive for the dynasty named ‘Zheng’ from now on.

At the same time, on the far left, a big ‘King’ character appeared, and under the ‘King’ was the characters of ‘Zhong Shan’.

The big Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal, against his name, was printed.

The moment of contact between Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal and Investiture of the Gods.


The sound of a dragon roar, piercing through Heaven and Earth, penetrating through the clouds and fog, resounded throughout the high platform.

At the same time, above the high platform, it was like a huge wind source. The endless wind was blowing from the high platform to all directions. Even above the high platform, a wind dragon formed entirely by the wind, in the amazed vision of everyone, it was soaring on, like a tornado, rushing to the sky.

The wind dragon rushed to the sky and instantly penetrated the white clouds in the sky, making it to disperse, exposing the sun in the vast sky, allowing the sunlight shine brightly. Zhong Shan at this moment was even more like a golden god of war.

“Long live your majesty!”

“Long live your majesty!”

The sound of the loud roaring was continuously increasing, it was like the waves, one wave after another, a bigger wave after another, Great Zheng, Zhong Shan was truly a destiny chosen, a true dragon, the rightful emperor!

At this moment, countless people have revealed their adoration. In their hearts originally, there was still a fascination with the Great Kun Country Su Family. At this moment, All of this was gone, the celestial phenomenon above showed that the destiny has chosen. This Great Zheng sovereign, was the true Sovereign.

Standing on the platform, Zhong Shan was slightly excited to look down. In fact, the scene just now, he did not expect that the Investiture of the Gods and the Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal have such a major role, Wind Dragon? Dragon Roar ? That’s the true dragon emperor symbol. The Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal hasn’t absorbed a country’s Luck. This Investiture of the Gods has not been used for conferring a title or a rank, but it could also have such an effect. It could be seen that the level of these two items was extremely high.

Enjoying the endless adoration below, Zhong Shan gently put away the Righteous Heavenly Jade Imperial Seal, leaving only Investiture of the Gods.

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