IM V3C27: Bei Qingsi ability.

Translated by: RedLotus.

IM V3C27: Bei Qingsi ability.

Ok, all of you, follow us!

Hearing the words of Zhong Shan. Zhao Suoxiang felt warm in his heart and gratefully glanced at Zhong Shan.

Seeing Zhao Suoxiang grateful eyes, Zhong Shan’s heart relaxed , because Zhong Shan knew that Zhao Suoxiang gratitude was very rare. From the previous dialogue, he knew that Zhao Suoxiang is very proud and arrogant, may be grateful to his master or parents only.

As for Zhao Suoxiang master uncle, despite they were grateful to Zhong Shan, but they knew that gratitude came from their master nephew.

Tiansha of the brow was wrinkled, while Bei Qingsi was expressionless.

“Hey, Kai Yang Sect? This is a grudge between us. You better not to intervene.” A person holding a sword, in distant place, called out.

Indifferently, looking at the person who was talking, Zhong Shan smiled slightly . For Zhong Shan, to act according to the circumstances, was the best thing to do.

Despite Tiansha wanted to kill Zhong Shan, but he was concerned about the relationship between him, his master and Bei Qingsi. Therefore, on the surface, this desire wouldn’t be revealed. When the war starts, then he will definitely look for opportunities to carelessly let him die in the hands of these people. .

However, Zhong Shan still also have Bei Qingsi, as well as the Iron Spear Sect people, those who can protect him, what is their to fear?

“who can fly, bring those who cannot and follow me. Fist Senior Brother, trouble you to stop them “Zhong Shan suddenly said.

When he heard Zhong Shan said, Zhao Suoxiang looked at the others of Iron Spear Sect. He nodded immediately, but Tiansha who had an evil desire in his heart, he could not reveal it , only nodded.


Four Iron Spear Sect people, turned their hands and grabbed Zhao Suoxiang and the others, who were next to them, and flew together using their flying spears. Although they are all in the Golden Core Stage, the people who have the essence of the cloud are not as frequent as the immortal sect, Kai Yang Sect, and only half of them have the cloud essence was already good.

“Scoundrel…..” .

A disciple of Bright Sword Manor screamed, and used the sword in his hand to attack the crowd. The sword released sword Qi that wad 20 feet. This huge sword Qi ,quickly, rushed to block the way in front of Tiansha.

Tiansha eyes narrowed, used the long sword in his hand to attack. ‘’, the Bright Sword Manor disciple flew upside down.

However, previously, the hatred had already been settled. So, how could The 50 Golden Core Stage Expert let the Iron Spear Sect people leave.

About 20 Expert who were using their flying swords or flying blades to chase toward Zhong Shan. While the other 30 Golden Core Stage Experts were running fast on the ground, the speed of Golden Core Stage running was extremely fast. Although these people couldn’t fly, but their running speed was not slower than those who were flying. Moreover, the speed of Zhong Shan in the front was not very fast.

Seeing this scene, there was a joy in the eyes of Tiansha. Since someone was chasing down , then it was good, and he showed weakness intentionally.

Tiansha was practicing Heaven Severing Drawing Sword Art. This sword art no one, in the past millennium, has succeeded in practicing it. About six months ago, many people believed it to have the strength to threaten a Nascent Soul early stage Expert. This kind of strength could not stop most of the Golden Core Stage Experts. At least 20 or more could be stopped, but at this moment, Tiansha only stopped eight Golden Core Stage Experts, and allowed another 42 Golden Core Stage Experts to chase after Zhong Shan, which just crossed the mountain.

Although the speed of everyone was fast, but the strength and speed of the people who were chasing was not lower, only after crossing two mountains, they have been surrounded by the Golden Core Stage Experts.

Everyone of the Golden Core Stage Experts eyes were full of intense hatred . They stared at the Iron Spear Sect people in the center.

“Qingsi, please.” Zhong Shan said to Bei Qingsi.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Bei Qingsi did not complain, just nodded directly.

Under the oppression of the Golden Core Stage Experts in the sky, the people fell on the bank of a big river not far away, the Golden Core Stage Experts surrounded them and started to attack.

Kai Yang Sect? We gave you face, you didn’t accept it, then don’t blame us.

“Do not get rid.” Zhong Shan said to the Iron Spear Sect people next to him.

Zhao Suoxiang was looking at Zhong Shan, and the other eight Iron Spear Sect people were also dignified, looking at Zhong Shan. Although they were puzzled, they nodded.

Tiansha, the First Senior Brother of Kai Yang Sect, the strongest person in Kai Yang Sect only stopped eight Golden Core Stage Experts over there, and the sound of Zhong Shan, he wanted to make Bei Qingsi get rid. Qingsi, Kai Yang Sect, Third Senior Sister, She? Is she more powerful than Tiansha?


Not far away, one of the Golden Core Stage Experts of Bright Sword Manor could not bear and attacked, 20 feet sword Qi, rushed toward the direction of Zhong Shan.


Bei Qingsi coldly snorted. Suddenly, in front of Bei Qingsi, a huge ice wall suddenly appeared, and the cold ice wall immediately kept off in front of the sword Qi.


That person full attack was blocked. However, this attack was like a starting point of a chain reaction. Forty-two Golden Core Stage Experts got rid almost at the same time. An enormous amount of sword Qi and blade Qi was released. This sword Qi and blade Qi, as if it were the only remaining thing in heaven and earth generally. This sword Qi and blade Qi scattered wildly to the river bank where Zhong Shan was.

Seeing the scene of the sword Qi and blade Qi blocking the sky, Zhong Shan felt cold in his heart, this is too terrorist. Forty-two Golden Core Stage Experts actually played such a powerful mighty attack. If it was a mortal army, this can destroy tens of thousands of troops.

However, Zhong Shan didn’t let the Iron Spear Sect people get rid, to guard against any unexpected accident. Zhong Shan had faith in Bei Qingsi, but just in case something happened, these Iron Spear Sect people will not set themselves up and will act, surely .

Bei Qingsi did not let him down, in all directions, suddenly countless ice walls appeared out of thin air, and blocked that enormous sword Qi. But those Golden Core Stage Experts , the swords in their hands were not for a display.

“Crash, bang, crash……”

A large number of ice walls broke open. The Experts raised their swords and rushed toward the inside. Bei Qingsi could block more than ten people, but she couldn’t stop the people from all directions. The Golden Core Stage Experts in the sky above Zhong Shan head, they seemed that they must kill all the people from the Iron Spear Sect.

Because in the eyes of the Golden Core Stage Experts, the attack of Bei Qingsi was still in the accepting scope. Although it was stronger, it was not without a solution. As long as a few people block Bei Qingsi, the others can quickly kill these people who were originally scarred.

The Iron Spear Sect people also had long spears, and they knew in their heart it was impossible to evade this fight even if they wanted.

“whish… ”

Suddenly there was a loud sound.

The people of the Golden Core Stage who came flying from the river side instantly rushed out forcefully.

The big river, The water of the river was soaring , like the waves of the sea, sweeping toward the Golden Core Stage Experts.

The great water waves came too suddenly. In a blink of an eye, the Golden Core Stage Experts near the river bank were washed away.

And the great water waves did not weaken at all, it became higher and higher, reached as high as hundred feet, the great river, sank for ten meters instantly.

“ka ka ka.. ”

With A bursting sound, the hundred feet waves rolled up, turned into a huge glacier, instantly frozen?

Zhong Shan eyes wide opened, the Iron Spear Sect people also widened their eyes, the group of the Golden Core Stage Experts also widened their eyes. How could it be?

Countless ice walls surrounded Zhong Shan and the others, protecting them, while the white clothed Bei Qingsi was standing above a group of unfrozen water, at the top of the glacier.

Standing on the top of the high glaciers, her long sword was pointing at the Golden Core Stage Experts.

There were several Experts approaching the glaciers, beside them. the glaciers suddenly spewed out a fifty feet huge ice thorn, and punctured several people’s clothes, almost pierced those experts.

As the upstream river water continued to flow, the glaciers were more and more, and countless glaciers were under the control of Bei Qingi, either turned into huge river waves, or turned into glaciers and ice thorns, allowing Bei Qingsi to control them easily.

Bei Qingsi looked all around indifferently, and the Golden Core Stage Experts, who were attacking, felt cold in their hearts, and they retreated backwards quickly. Is this still the strength of the Golden Core Stage?

Iron Spear Sect people, they all had their eyes wide opened. This, at least needed a Nascent Soul Stage Expert to be able to do it? Bei Qingsi? No wonder Zhong Shan was so confident, Bei Qingsi, already, was not the Third Senior Sister of the second generation of Kai Yang Sect, but was promoted to the first generation of disciples, Nascent Soul Stage, What was still there to fear?

Zhong Shan looked at Bei Qingsi, and there was a sigh in his eyes. Bei Qingsi was at the Golden Core Stage. He was clearer than anyone else. Condensation of water into ice. Was this Bei Qingsi bloodline inheritance ability? Or was this just a small part of it, the true bloodline inheritance power is much more than this?

The people, who were surrounding, to kill, Zhong Shan group, were surprised. They retreated back away from the glaciers, there was a strong dignity in their eyes, and they swallowed their saliva slowly.

“Snort.. ” Bei Qingsi coldly snorted.

Along with Bei Qingsi snort, the whole world was suddenly cold, and a lot of frost and snow fell. The glaciers were even more ice cones rushing toward the Golden Core Stage Experts.

“dang, dang, dang…”

The strong Golden Core Stage strong resistance, although often could smash some ice cones, but the number was too scary, compared to it, the previous huge sword Qi seemed to be ordinary.

The Experts retreated back again and again. When they retreated to two hundred feet away, they felt better. Looking at the world of snow and ice in front of them, everyone unconsciously took a deep breath.

In the distance, when Tiansha was fighting the eight strong Golden Core Stage Experts, he also saw the strength of Bei Qingsi. Seeing that scene, Tiansha also widened his eyes, knowing that Bei Qingsi was strong, but this was too outrageous. At the same time, Tiansha hated Zhong Shan, who was protected by Bei Qingsi, more.

If it weren’t for Zhong Shan, then Bei Qingsi would be his possession.

He was sulking in his heart , his expression became ruthless and chopped with the sword in his hand maliciously.

“ci… ”

A Golden Core Stage Expert was divided into two halves by the angry Tiansha and died immediately.

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