IM V3C25: Iron Spear Sect

Translated by: RedLotus.

IM V3C25: Iron Spear Sect.

Half a month later. To the east of Kai Yang Sect, in a mountain valley.

At this moment, three people were in the valley.

Zhong Shan, Tiansha and Bei Qingsi. Five days ago, at the request of Tian Xingzi, to go to the wolf territory to find the Clay bodhisattva. Originally, Tiansha and Bei Qingsi did not need to rest. However, after all, Zhong Shan was still at Xiantian Stage. After five days of continuous flight, it was necessary to rest.

Zhong Shan lied down under a big tree, closed his eyes and rested, and the sky was dark, so the three decided to go tomorrow.

After all, Bei Qingsi was a female, it was inconvenient to be with the two of them. Because of many years of vigilance, so Zhong Shan did not choose to stay with Tiansha, this valley was still safe, so each of them occupied a corner respectively.

Zhong Shan fell asleep, and Bei Qingsi set up a flag array not far away, and closed her eyes, controlled her breath. The faint white mist made those outside unable to see the interior.

Tiansha was in another place, closed his eyes, but his mind was not in peace, so he opened his eyes, looking at the white mist that linger in the distance, and looking at Zhong Shan under the big tree not far away.

In the eyes of Tiansha, there was a flash of killing intent. In these five days, Tiansha was watching. Zhong Shan and Bei Qingsi must have a special relationship, because Bei Qingsi was like an iceberg to any one, even to this First Senior Brother, Bei Qingsi was also cold.

However, for several few conversations with Zhong Shan, her tone and expression were gentle. Recalling the hot spring scene he saw last time, it was difficult for Tiansha not to suspect.

Coldly looking at Zhong Shan, at midnight, Tiansha suddenly rose up, his eyes flashed with hostility, and walked toward the direction of Zhong Shan.

Zhong Shan was dead sleep, at least Tiansha felt that Zhong Shan was dead sleep. It was impossible to wake up at this moment.

Slowly approaching, even the right hand of Tiansha was placed on the sword hilt.

When he reached 80 steps away from Zhong Shan, Tiansha stopped and stared at Zhong Shan. At this moment, how easy it was to kill Zhong Shan. Using his sword, Zhong Shan would die under his own sword. At this point, he can remove this ‘love rival’ . He took in a few deep breaths, Tiansha slowly loosens the right hand holding the sword hilt.

It was easy to kill Zhong Shan, but he can’t kill by himself. At least not now, not to say that this time for the sake of his Master, also for Bei Qingsi who was controlling her breath nearby, which also made Tiansha give up this idea.

However, looking at Zhong Shan, there was still killing intent in the eyes of Tiansha. He averted his eyes, Tiansha stepped and leaped out to the side of the mountain, with several leaps he left the valley. Obviously, his heart was very depressed.

But Zhong Shan, who was sleeping soundly, at the moment that Tiansha left the valley, suddenly opened his eyes and got up immediately.

Looking at the four directions, Zhong Shan, looked at the flag array where Bei Qingsi was located, and looked at the place where Tiansha was, Tiansha was no longer there?

Looking at the empty foot of the mountain, Zhong Shan’s pupils shrunk. Tiansha, Tiansha should have ill intent against him?

Before, Zhong Shan was sleeping quite deep, not sleeping for a few days, once he fell asleep, it should be very deep. However, Zhong Shan woke up and even felt the ill intent of Tiansha to him.

In fact, Zhong Shan relied on the tree to sleep, didn’t mean he wasn’t on guard. Although Zhong Shan Cultivation base was not high, but the mortal life made Zhong Shan have to be vigilant. Before going to sleep, Zhong Shan used a sachet of exotic insects and sprinkled it in a specific place according to his own method. However, he put another kind of pollen in his nose. As soon as someone approaches a hundred steps, the pollen will Send an extremely pungent smell, Zhong Shan will wake up at that moment.

Zhong Shan was pretending to be asleep, Tiansha? It’s definitely not a good thing if he come to him during the remaining long night.

Gently got up, Zhong Shan took a few steps back and forth, and looked at the place where Tiansha was sitting before. Zhong Shan resolutely went to Bei Qingsi flag array place.

Going to the front of the flag array, and Bei Gingsi, inside, felt his arrival.
Bei Qingsi got up, turned her hand and collected the flag array to look at Zhong Shan.

“Zhong Shan, have you rested? Is there anything you need?” At the same time, she looked at the valley, but found that Tiansha was not there.

“Qingsi, can we talk?” Zhong Shan said.

“ok” Bei Qingsi nodded.

The two found a big stone and sat down. ”

Previously in Kai Yang Sect, I saw that there were many torn pieces on your clothes, was what you encountered dangerous?” Zhong Shan thought about it.

“Well, that traitor, sent someone to watch out.” Bei Qingsi sighed softly.

“The traitor who caused the destruction of your family?” Zhong Shan frowned.

“Yes, the last group of people, although I killed more of them, but still have to run, knowing that I am still alive, there will be more people coming, so after obtaining the last evidence from the Clay Bodhisattva I have to leave immediately.” Bei Qingsi said firmly.

Hearing what Bei Qingsi said, Zhong Shan frowned and said: “How did they find you?”

Looking at Zhong Shan, Bei Qingsi shook her head and sighed: “It’s my silver hair and silver eyebrow. Although there are people in the cultivation world are so. However, after all, it is very rare, this is the sign of the opening of Bei family bloodline inheritance, so it is very easy to find.”

Looking at the beautiful silver hair of Bei Qingsi, Zhong Shan brows slightly wrinkled: “You can not change the color?”

“No, I don’t have that ability yet, and the bloodline inheritance was opened. Although my identity was exposed, it also gave me the power to pass on. Last time, if I didn’t use the special power of the inheritance, I can’t talk to you here. ” Bei Qingsi gently said.

Despite the superficial description of Bei Qingsi, but Zhong Shan knew the bitterness of that day from her expression.

“What is the bloodline inheritance ability of the Bei family, oh, no, what is your current strength? How is it compared to the strength of Tiansha?” At the beginning, Zhong Shan wanted to ask what the ability of the bloodline inheritance, but suddenly he thought of Nan Batian. Nan Batian also has bloodline inheritance ability, but even if he has a very good relationship with Tian Ling’r, he didn’t tell her about it. Obviously this is a taboo topic.

Also, this last life-saving matter, how can make it become popular knowledge? Therefore, Zhong Shan in the middle has changed the question.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Bei Qingsi smiled, and also answered the following question of Zhong Shan, ignoring the bloodline inheritance ability, but thought about it: “It should be a little stronger than First Senior Brother.”

Stronger.? Zhong Shan eyes were bright, the character of Bei Qingsi is very reserved, said to be a little stronger, it must be stronger than Tiansha.

According to Master, the strength of Tiansha can already threaten the Nascent Soul Initial Stage. The strength of Bei Qingsi is stronger than that of the Nascent Soul Initial Stage?

“How long will it take to enter the wolf territory?” Zhong Shan thought and changed the topic again.

“After half day, to the southeast is Bright Sword Manor and the Iron Spear Sect. These two, are the two sects closest to the wolf territory. After passing these two sects, fly to the east for three hours to enter the wolf territory. “Bei Qingsi thought about it and said.

“Iron Spear Sect?” Zhong Shan suddenly frowned.

“What is wrong? Do you know it?” Bei Qingsi said with doubt.

“yes, I have a friend there, it seems like something happened to the Iron Spear Sect. Can we pass by the Iron Spear Sect tomorrow?” Zhong Shan looked at Bei Qingsi.

Looking at Zhong Shan, Bei Qingsi was a little silent, and finally nodded.

Subsequently, the two talked to each other for a while, until the day was bright, Zhong Shan once again changed the topic to the silver hair and silver eyebrows of Bei Qingsi.

“Can I have a look at your hair?” Zhong Shan suddenly said.

“huh?” Bei Qingsi stared with a slight flash of surprise in her eyes.

“Don’t misunderstand, I want to examine your hair texture, maybe, I have a way to change your hair color.” Zhong Shan said solemnly.

“huh?” There was a slight surprise in the eyes of Bei Qingsi, and then nodded.

With the permission of Bei Qingsi, Zhong Shan also reached out and grabbed a cluster of long hair and looked at it from the back of Bei Qingsi head.

The long hair of Bei Qingsi is very smooth, caught in his hand, this made Zhong Shan has a feeling that could not bear to let go. It also released a hint of coldness.

Taking a deep breath, Zhong Shan made a careful distinction, and his face slowly showed a confident smile.

At this moment, the previously depressed Tiansha, also flew back from a distant place on his flying sword.

At the moment that Tiansha returned back, he saw a scene which made his lung about exploding from rage had to blow up my lungs. How could this be? Adulterous couple.

What did Tiansha see? Qingsi and Zhong Shan sat together, and Qingsi affectionately looked at Zhong Shan, and Zhong Shan even caught Bei Qingsi long hair that she never allowed anyone to touch. Adulterous couple. Really adulterous couple.!

Tiansha’s face was slightly red, his fist was pinched, and he couldn’t wait to cut Zhong Shan with his sword. but regarding Bei Qingsi who was usually arrogant, proud and cold like an iceberg. She was originally the same as other women. The same type, loose person. Humph!

But Tiansha was very good at hiding his emotion. In a blink of an eye, his expression was restored and slowly flew down into the valley.

At the moment, Zhong Shan also saw Tiansha, gently loosened the silver hair of Bei Qingsi, and looked at Tiansha. The look of Bei Qingsi once again restored her indifference expression.

Seeing the change of Bei Qingsi expression, Tiansha eyes were flashing with even more evil intent.

“Zhong Shan, you are not sleeping?” Tiancha frowned and looked at Zhong Shan, with a swift and fierce gaze.

But what is there for Zhong Shan to fear?

“Yes, Senior Brother, let’s start moving.” Zhong Shan nodded.

“En” Tiansha nodded.

Bei Qingsi also turned over her hands and took out a white flying sword. The three of them flew together.

Although Zhong Shan has a slower flight speed, it was better than running around the mountains .

During the flight, both Zhong Shan and Bei Qingsi were slightly moving toward the southeast. Tiansha brow wrinkled and looked at Zhong Shan.

“Senior Brother, I have an old friend at the Iron Spear Sect. I will go there to see him.” Zhong Shan just said one.

Tiansha saw that Bei Qingsi seemed to have tacitly approved. His heart was filled with anger. It turned out to be an adulterous couple really, but with expressionless face, Tiansha nodded. After all, Zhong Shan was a disciple of Tian Xingzi. Moreover, there was still Bei Qingsi around, and it was inconvenient to attack.

At noon, the three arrived at a distant place away from the Iron Spear Sect, the place where the three stopped was really distant away from the Iron Spear Sect.

Because, in the sky above the Iron Spear Sect, the Spear glow was shooting in all directions, and nearly a hundred feet long huge spear qi landed perpendicularly on the peak of the mountains.

“Boom, bang, bang…”

A series of super explosive noises, numerous peaks around the city were smashed by the huge spear qi, and there was huge holes in them.

After the successive spear attack there was a lot of dust and smoke all around. An enormous number of crushed stone and broken wood scattered in the four directions violently.

“Very strong!” Bei Qingsi said softly.

It’s indeed very strong, and Zhong Shan, with wide opened eyes, was watching this scene. This is an imposing manner, a powerful imposing manner, that could shook the senses, even if there were several mountains, Zhong Shan could feel the strength of the person who just released this Spear qi.

Too strong, this is not Golden core Stage, definitely not Golden core Stage, the Spear qi of the Golden core Stage is definitely not so strong.

Nascent Soul Stage?

There is only one Nascent Soul Stage expert in the Iron Spear Sect, he was the Sect master. Previoysly, he heard Zhao Suoxiang mention that the Iron Spear Sect sect master left the sect for some time, could it be he came back.

Bei Qingsi looked at Zhong Shan, and Tiansha also looked at Zhong Shan. But there was nothing common in their facial expression.

Bei Qingsi , as if wanted to ask if Zhong Shan still wants to move forward. After all, Zhong Shan was visiting his friend, but Tiabsha was hoping that Zhong Shan will continue to go because there was obviously a big battle inside. If Zhong Shan was not careful and got himself killed, no matter who killed him, Tiansha would get his revenge.

“Senior Brother, Qingsi, can we move closer?” Zhong Shan thought then asked.

“yes,” Bei Qingsi nodded lightly.

Tiansha indifferently looked at Bei Qingsi. ‘Qingsi’? Zhong Shan actually called her name? But she didn’t object.

“Well, my junior brother’s friend is my friend.” Tiansha complied right away.

Nodded, Zhong Shan knows what the intention of Tiansha was, but what about this?

“Go” Zhong Shan stepped on the big blade ‘nightmare’, flying quickly towards the interior in front.

After a while, the three stopped at a hidden mountainside and looked down.

Seeing the scene below, Zhong Shan’s pupils shrink, corpse, a large number of corpses, scattered allover the ground of the valley, as many as 500, and all of them were cultivators, for the time being, no matter what their cultivation base wad, so many people, this was enough to shock Zhong Shan.

Because Kai Yang Sect, he only knew, it seems that there are less than 200 people. This was still immortal sect. Of course, the hidden forces of Kai Yang Sect were not known, but there were not so many on the surface.

Five hundred cultivators, no matter what cultivation base, the casualty was too great.

It seems that she saw the doubts of Zhong Shan. Bei Qingsi gently said: “The lower immortal sects sometimes pay more attention to the quantity, but the quality was not as good as other immortal sects.”

“Yes” Zhong Shan nodded and continued to look down.

The dead bodies of the five hundred cultivators were not the same, but the weapons, they used mostly, were long Spears. There are nearly 300 corpses with a long Spear. The rest, but the remaining weapons were not necessarily, there are swords, blades, and sticks.

Those were the dead, but there were a lot of living cultivators.

North by the foot of the mountain, there were ten people who were armed with Spears. Nine of them were standing behind, all of them had a lot of scars on their bodies. The blood is stained all over their bodies and slightly exhausted, but their eyes were full of an intense firmness, rather die than surrender. Among the nine people, there was the friend of Zhong Shan, Zhao Suoxiang.

Zhao Suoxiang’s left eye was swollen, and his mouth was full of blood. However, his eyes were still full of murderous aura directly looking at the enemies.

The nine people stood behind, and in front of them, they were led by another person who was holding his spear.

It was an incomparably strong man, his body was full of muscles, and between his eyebrows, there was a sense of immense righteousness, one-handedly holding a Spear, and an intense anger in his eyes.

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