IM V3C22: Clay Bodhisattva.

Translated by: RedLotus.

IM V3C22

Clay Bodhisattva.

“Zhong Shan …..” Bei Qingsi called out.

Zhong Shan immediately turned his around, and with some grievances said again: “This time, I came here first.”

Zhong Shan, fortunately, did not say something that would make her angry, but Bei Qingsi face, instantly became red.

Quickly, she took a set of clothes from the storage bracelet and quickly put it on, and her eyes were filled with a feeling of shame.

“Well, you can turn around now.” Qingsi looked at Zhong Shan with a look of shame.

But, Zhong Shan can only turn around and look at Bei Qingsi who was staring at him with anger.

Zhong Shan knew that Qingsi would not kill him, but the look of Bei Qingsi made him feel incomparably aggrieved. Really it was not my fault. It was just coincidence.

“I hope that you can give me a reasonable explanation.” Qingsi looked at Zhong Shan, and said after stabilizing her mind. For Zhong Shan, Bei Qingsi suddenly had a very strange feeling, because in this moment, actually she did not afford to blame him.

Looking at Bei Qingsi, Zhong Shan also hopes that heavens can give him a reasonable explanation, this is too coincidence, one hell of coincidence.

Somewhat speechless, looked at Bei Qingsi, Zhong Shan said: “if I said it is a coincidence, do you believe it?”

Bei Qingsi: “…”.

“When did you come back?” Zhong Shan immediately changed the topic. Although it is awkward to suddenly change the topic, but Zhong Shan knew that it was absolutely impossible to keep entangling in this matter.

Looking at Zhong Shan, in fact, Qingsi was also clear, this was definitely a coincidence, because she has just returned to the Kai Yang Sect, even if someone knew that she was here, it was impossible to prepare in advance, at most outside this hot spring. Moreover, women are entangled in this aspect, after all, it is not an attractive, for a female, to keep pestering this matter.

Taking a deep breath and pressing the weirdness in her heart, she said, “I just came back.”

At this time, Zhong Shan also saw the coat that had been destroyed by Bei Qingsi. His brows wrinkled.

“Did you get the second evidence ? Did you get yourself in a dangerous situation ?” asked Zhong Shan.

“Well, the opponent was solved by me, but the third evidence, I can’t get it now, I have to borrow something from the sect master first.” Bei Qingsi nodded and said. For the matter that happened before, she did not mention it, and she collected her nearby broken clothes.

Frowning, looking at Bei Qingsi, Zhong Shan gently walked over. Bei Qingsi saw Zhong Shan to walk toward her, her expression was flustered, but still stood in the same place and looked very stubborn.

When he reached to her front, Zhong Shan looked at Bei Qingsi and gently said: ” to get the third evidence, what are you planning to do?”

“Leave away immediately, clear out my father’s dirty reputation.” Qingsi solemnly said.

“You can’t wait a while longer? At least until you reach the Nascent Soul Stage.” Zhong Shan was worried.

Seeing the worry of Zhong Shan, Qingsi heart felt warm, and her eyes became gentle. She said softly: “I can’t wait, I can’t wait, my father’s skeleton is still being destroyed by the traitors. I must go as early as possible.”

Looking at the stubborn, grieved Bei Qingsi , Zhong Shan sighed: “ok, good luck.”

“En.., thank you.” Bei Qingsi nodded.

“Well, you can continue to bathe, I will leave first.” Zhong Shan looked at the hot springs and said to Bei Qingsi.

When she heard what Zhong Shan said, the face of Bei Qingsi became red again, and she shook her head. “No, I will go to see the sect master immediately, and then go to say goodbye to my master.”

“Alright, I also want to see my master, Let’s go together.” Zhong Shan nodded.

“You? Master?” Bei Qingsi doubts.

“Yes, this time, I was lucky to be seen by the sect master and accepted me as a disciple. After that, I don’t have to call your uncle master again.” Zhong Shan nodded.

Uncle master? Qingsi shook her head and said: “In this case, you can call me “Qingsi”.

“Good, Qingsi.” Zhong Shan called out.

Bei Qingsi did not speak, but her ice-proud face, there was a hint of soft smile.

With a wave of her hand, the 16-handle cloud flags were collected in her hands, and then she received them in the storage bracelet. As soon as the big array was withdrawn, the mist suddenly dispersed.

In the distant mountain summit, Tiansha was closely watching the hot spring valley. When the big array was removed, Tiansha took a deep breath, but suddenly, his expression changed and looked like that he swallowed dead flies.

How is it possible? How is it possible? How could a man to come out?

Zhong Shan? How is he in the valley? Bei Qingsi was going to bathe, how come Zhong Shan be in the hot spring? What happened in the hot spring valley? Tiansha frowned deeply, A kind of sour feeling filled his heart, while looking at Zhong Shan, a flash of resentment flashed in his eyes mixed with a murderous intent.

However, the thing that made Tiansha anger to continue, that, Bei Qingsi who had never let any man to stand above her flying sword, but at this moment, Zhong Shan was standing above it.

How can it be? Tiansha knew that Bei Qingsi is someone who is obsessed with cleanness, likes to wear white, can not has a slight dirt on her body, and her flying sword, had never touched by any man, unless life and death situation, what is going on now? How does she let Zhong Shan to Step on it?

Tiansha clenched his fist and watched the two flew away from the valley, filled with anger. His eyes gradually narrowed, and flashed with cold intent.

Bei Qingsi brought Zhong Shan, and went straight to Kai Yang Peak. Shortly, they arrived at the front of the Kai Yang Palace.

Perhaps the luck of Zhong Shan and Bei Qingsi was very good. When they arrived at the Kai Yang Palace, Tian Xingzi was just in the Kai Yang Palace. Moreover Xuan Xinzi and Gu Shuangzi were also in the Kai Yang Palace.

When Zhong Shan walked into the main hall, he saw another person, not Nie Qingqing, but a man. His appearance looked valiant, his skin was dark, and there was a knife scar on his left face. From the left eye to the mouth.

Nan Batian!

Nan Batian came back?

Nan Batian, together with Tian Ling’er, his original innocent appearance, now looked a lot mature, especially the dark skin, the knife scar, gave the same feeling as being full of vicissitudes. Over the past year, there has been a lot of changes to Nan Batian.

Nan Batian had a very serious look. When he saw Zhong Shan walking into the hall, his expression was slightly relieved.

“Disciple, Zhong Shan, pays respect to Master. Pays respect to uncle masters.” Zhong Shan immediately went forward.

“Qingsi, pays respect to Master, and pays respect to the sect master, and pays respect to uncle master.” Bei Qingsi immediately said.

” Qingsi, when did you come back?” Gu Shuangzi was slightly delighted.

“The disciple just returned today.” Bei Qingsi immediately said.

“Xiantian Sixth Layer , Zhong Shan, did you break through?” Xuan Xinzi said with some surprise.

Tian Xingzi, nearby, nodded with satisfaction.

“Yes, thanks to master’s instructions.” Zhong Shan said immediately.

“Well, good, Zhong Shan, I just checked it. Your body is in a good state. According to the order I mentioned before, the next step is to connect the remaining 360 acupoints and continue to infuse the spiritual essence with the acupoints until your body be filled with the spiritual essence. ” Tian Xingzi said with satisfaction.

Xuan Xinzi and Gu Shuangzi both look at Zhong Shan. There is a slight surprise in their eyes. The body root of Zhong Shan, they are very clear. With this kind of body root, merely took a little more than two years, actually condensed the spiritual essence? This is inconceivable.

Next to Nan Batian, Zhong Shan, there was a flash of bright light in his eyes, which indicated how happy he was.

“Sect master, Qingsi came here this time, I want to go to the wolf territory, taking advantage of the command token from sect master.” Bei Qingsi knelt in obeisance Tian Xingzi. There was a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

When Bei Qingsi finished talking, everyone was quiet for a moment, and their brows were wrinkled.

“did you collected the first two evidences?” Gu Shuangzi sighed and said.

“Yes, Master, but also remains the last one.”

“oh….” Gu Shuangzi sighed. He looked at Tian Xingzi.

“Di you want to see him?” Tian Xingzi seemed to recall something. There was a glimpse of a guilt in his eyes.

“Yes, sect master. To retain the last evidence left by my father, is the most important thing.” Bei Qingsi nodded.

Turned his hands, Tian Xingzi took out a white token. The appearance of the token was of a big wolf head. At the same time, on top of this token, it also emitted a special aura.

Gently traced the token, Tian Xingzi suddenly became silent and looked at the token, as if thinking about something.

“Zhong Shan.” Tian Xingzi suddenly called out.

Zhong Shan brows wrinkle, he does not know why Tian Xingzi called him, but still respectfully answered: “Yes, Master.”

“After ten days, you go to the wolf territory with the Bei Qingsi.” Tian Xingzi thought about it.

“Uh..? Master…” Zhong Shan looked at Tian Xingzi with some doubts.

“When the time comes, Qingsi will take you there, to see a person, Qingsi, to take the evidence, and you, to apologize to him, to ask him to come to Kai Yang Sect.” Tian Xingzi took a deep breath, with a flash of light in his eyes.

” Senior brother, you want to ask this man to come back?” Gu Shuangzi immediately was stunned.

“Yes, Ling’er has grown up already, but the enmity of Worryless has not been reported till today. I don’t even know who the enemy is. In the past, Worryless did not chose him. But I think he still holds her in his heart. Worryless, I must avenge her, even if I put on this life that should not exist in the world, I can not find the murderer, only with his strange ability, can find out. If I went, he certainly does not want to see me, so, Zhong Shan, you will go instead of me.” Tian Xingzi said, while his vision gradually turned to Zhong Shan.

“Yes,” Zhong Shan said immediately.

“Zhong Shan is my disciple, and Tiansha is also my disciple. When the time comes, you two will accompany Qingsi, and you must bring him back to see me.” Tian Xingzi said solemnly.

“Yes, Master, the disciple will do his best certainly.” Zhong Shan said solemnly.

“Well, I believe in you, this is last Cloud Essence is for you, pay attention to safety.” Tian Xingzi turned his hand and took out a fist size, seemed like a group of fog.

Seeing this thing, Zhong Shan’s heart was full of joy, but he still took the “Cloud Essence” very calmly and said: “Yes, Master, I don’t know the name of this senior?”

Grabbing the Cloud Essence, Zhong Shan’s hand Closed up. Solemnly looking at Tian Xingzi.

“He is called Clay Bodhisattva’.” Tian Xingzi said with a sigh.

Clay Bodhisattva? Zhong Shan meditation in the heart, and finally nodded.

“You and Batian go first, Bei Qingsi, you stay behind.” Tian Xingzi said.

“Yes,” Zhong Shan nodded.

“Master, the disciple will leave.” Nan Batian said to Xuan Xinzi.

“En” Xuan Xinzi nodded.

Then, Zhong Shan and Nan Batian slowly walked out of the main hall.

“well, when have you returned back?” Out of the hall, Zhong Shan immediately asked. There was also a joy on his face.

“I have been back for two months, and I have never seen you.” Nan Batian said immediately.

“Hey, I recently condensed the spiritual essence, went to the vicinity of the flame mountain Peak to practice. Let’s go to my Listening Water Pavilion.” Zhong Shan immediately said.

“Good.” Nan Batian was also very refreshed, and immediately agreed. I haven’t seen you for a long time, so there are a lot of things to catch up naturally.

outside Listening Water Pavilion, there wad a stone table next to the deep pool.

Zhong Shan and Nan Batian sit opposite each other, and there is a pot of green tea on the table.

“You said, this year, you went to join the army?” Zhong Shan frowned, said with doubts.

Joined the army?, Became a soldier? Nan Batian, with his cultivation base joined the army. Wouldn’t this make him invincible? it is not right, should Nan Batian enter a Luck Dynasty army?

“yes, what happened in the south, Eight Gates Mountain, Eight Gate Golden Lock Array, Hao San, the horned dragon, I heard about all of it, but after I went out of the sect last time, I did not go to the south, but went to the north according to the master’s instructions. There, I joined the Great Ming King Dynasty. Starting as a foot, I joined the battlefield. The scar on my face was left behind in the battle five months ago.”

“Great Ming King Dynasty? Can you tell me about the situation around us?” Zhong Shan thought about it then asked.

“Well, we are in a place, called Heavenly Wolf Island, in the south eastern direction, the Divine State, the sea separates us from the Great Divine State Land. I am not very clear about Great Divine State Land situation. However, this Heavenly Wolf Island, I heard master mention its details.” Nan Batian drank his tea and thought about it.

Zhong Shan listened patiently. After all, he also opened up the Great Zheng King Dynasty. It is necessary to understand the situation around him.

“We are located in the west of Heavenly Wolf Island. In the south of Heavenly Wolf Island, there are three regions with mortal kingdoms. As you said last time, the former Great Kun Country, where you lived, is one of them. The country is in a secular world, its power is not good, but the location is better, so it has not been destroyed.” Nan Batian thought about it.

“A total of three regions?” Zhong Shan frowned.

“Yes, there are three regions. Your Great Kun Country is one of six countries. It is separated by a large number of mountains. This is in the south of Heavenly Wolf Island, but in the north, there is only one region, and also very powerful King Dynasties” Nan Batian thought about it and said.

“King Dynasty?” Zhong Shan frowned.

“Well, the northern boundary is very large, and it is much larger than the three areas in the south added together. There are three major dynasties. There is also the Yin Moon Sovereign dynasty, Sovereign Dynasty, it had cultivators at the Nascent Soul Stage. The strength of this dynasty is not weaker than the strength of the Kai Yang Sect, so the other three King Dynasties combined to resist the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty ,but still, they are being suppressed by the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty. You know how terrible the Yin Moon Sovereign Dynasty is.” Nan Batian laughed.

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