IM V3C21: Celebrations.

Translated by: RedLotus.

IM V3C21.


“Do you believe that I can kill you right now.” Nie QingQing coldly said.

When he heard Nie QingQing, Zhong Shan’s pupils shrank, but Zhong Shan did not believe that Nie QingQing would do so. If Nie QingQing is cruel evil hearted person, she does not need to say this, she will kill him directly, but she didn’t do so. There must be some other reasons. In the Kai Yang Sect, there are people or things that made Nie QingQing abstain from killing him. If Nie QingQing is cruel and evil hearted person, then it is even more impossible to kill him. Surely impossible. So what she said just now, was just threatening him.

However, Zhong Shan was still annoyed by her attitude, solemnly said: “I believe, but this does not change my beliefs, my matter, can not allow others to intervene, regardless of the consideration, regardless of the other side higher cultivation base, so If you want to kill me, just do it.”

After that, Zhong Shan turned his body and slowly walked into Rare Treasure Pavilion. No longer care about Nie QingQing.

For the first time, for the first time, someone actually said this to her. After he turned around, If you wanted to kill, just kill. This came actually from a person with an extremely low cultivation base, and whose body root is extremely bad, such person, Actually, said this is to her?

Zhong Shan walked away because the imposing manner of Ni QingQing was too strong. If he stayed here again, he would be making a fool of himself sooner or later, and Zhong Shan also knew that whenever there was a conversation between two people, There is a potential confrontation. Once he was suppressed by her imposing manner momentum, the situation may change from not be dangerous to become dangerous.

“halt.., if you take another step, I will hit you.” Ni QingQing was annoyed.

Sure enough, Zhong Shan suddenly stopped.

Seeing that Zhong Shan stopped, Nie QingQing’s face has shown signs of joy.

Zhong Shan, who stopped his footsteps, suddenly said again: “Senior, I hope you can be clear that, some people are not afraid of life and death, because they has his own beliefs.”

After saying this inexplicable words, Zhong Shan once again stepped into Rare Treasure Pavilion.

Ni QingQing looked at Zhong Shan as he stepped in, but she did not say a word, despite, the imposing manner that was released earlier, he completely received it. She glanced maliciously at Zhong Shan, inside the Rare Treasure Pavilion. Suffocated, flew away.
And Zhong Shan, who walked into the interior, had a cold sweated. After feeling that Ni QingQing left, he took out the last little bit of books and continued reading.

At this time, in the small lakeside in the valley, there were two old men suddenly appeared, Shou Shan and Shou Zong. The two looked at each other and showed a strange look in their eyes. Afterwards, they continued to sit down and started playing chess.

In the evening, Zhong Shan finished reading all the books, no, it should be said that the shadow body there, the record officials has copied all the information of Kai Yang Sect.

The main body of Zhong Shan, stepped out from the Rare Treasure Pavilion, Zhong Shan did not worry about Ling’er, because the place where Ling’er is closing up is a secret of Kai Yang Sect, that is, a few days ago, even Ling’er did not know where.

From the information he have seen these days, for Zhong Shan’s surprise discovery, the real name of the flame fruit under the hot spring, is really called the flame fruit, the flame fruit absorbs the heaven and earth Qi of the extreme yang, and has great mysterious effect. The Spiritual Qi that comes out from the fruit body, is more pure than that of the general Spirit Stones. It belongs to the middle fifth grade spiritual fruit and is very difficult to find.

However, the current Zhong Shan can not be directly absorb it, can only absorb the spiritual energy, which is of great benefit to hi true Qi.

Five months later, Kai Yang Sect, under a hot spring, Zhong Shan was in the cave where he found the flame fruit in.

Zhong Shan sits cross-legged, sometimes his spiritual Qi is surging from his body and is completely absorbed inside his body. Zhong Shan spread a large amount of Yang Spirit Stones all around himself, and the flame fruit on the side is also exuding its spiritual Qi essence. The spiritual Qi was surging around Zhong Shan and was slowly absorbed into his body.

Zhong Shan with closed his eyes and his mind was completely focused on the place of his Dantian.

At the Dantian place, his spiritual Qi has formed a small vortex, that slowly revolves, seems like a small hurricane. The small vortex absorbs the spiritual Qi from all around into his body.

A large amount of spiritual Qi is being concentrated by the vortex, compressed, slowly and unceasingly compressed. Spiritual Qi is sucked from his limbs and bones, so his body suddenly feels a little empty, but it is quickly replaced by the spiritual Qi that enters his body from the outside.

Zhong Shan has been sitting cross-legged for three days. Motionless for three days, he was waiting for the moment for his breakthrough. If he was traded by other people, in the same cultivation base of the Xiantian fifth layer peak, for such a long time, they could have broken through. But for Zhong Shan with his too bad body root, he can Only wait and continue to absorb and compress the spiritual Qi.


At the bottom of the vortex, a sound was transmitted, like a sudden electric spark sound. Suddenly, the compressed spiritual Qi at the bottom of the vortex was condensed into a purple-red liquid.

Then, it seems like the chain reaction in general, and the massive amount of spiritual Qi was turning rapidly into purple-red liquid, which is getting more and more.

Spiritual essence , this is the spiritual essence, and it is also the result of Zhong San’s three-day full effort to attack this bottleneck.

It’s too rare. It’s too rare for the spiritual essence to come. Three days, for three days, just now, Zhong Shan has a feeling of giving up and waiting to breakthrough on another day, but he still tolerated because Zhong Shan knows If this time cannot be successful, the next time will be even harder.

Heavens have a pity, finally he succeeded. Of course, the electrical spark in the spiritual Qi played an indelible role. If there is no electric spark, maybe Zhong Shan will wait for a few days to be successful, but more electric sparks, but let Zhong Shan take a shortcut fir his breakthrough.

That electric spark is the remnant of thunder resulting from the destruction of Thunder eggs six months ago. It has always been hidden in his spiritual Qi, Tian Xingzi has also expelled that thunder from Zhong Shan, but there is always a trace of it can not be removed, Tian Xingzi said, when his cultivation base increase, and spiritual essence become more pure, it will be automatically removed outside of the body, Zhong Shan is only kept that in his mind, but he never expected for it to play such a role today .

After an hour, all the spiritual Qi in his body has transformed into a spiritual essence. Although it is much less in the quantity, but in terms of quality, its power increased too much.

Hence, he can release his blade Qi without using Heavenly Demon Body Tempering Art.

In the Dantian, the completely liquid vortex constantly absorbs the body’s spiritual essence and returns to the body, increasing it over and over again, to quench the body and enhance the skill.

After eating something, Zhong Shan continued to adjust his breathing rate, so that his body recover to the best condition, and restore his spiritual essence to the peak.

Five days later, Zhong Shan with an excited expression, slowly got up, collected the remaining Spirit Stones, sorted out the things around him, and prepared to go back to the Kai Yang Sect to see his Master, report to his Master about his current cultivation situation, and then ask about the plan of the next step in his cultivation.

Zhong Shan jumped into the deep pool.

At the same time, there was another person in the hot spring above.

Bei Qingsi, Bei Qingsi, appeared worn out, it seems like she has jut returned from a long journey, the clothes on her body are covered with dust, and even some places appear to be torn, apparently she had a fierce fight.

In her hand, 16 cloud flags were being scattered all around the four directions to form a passive array. A large amount of mist filled the valley and covered the hot spring at once.

Beyond mist passive array, at a mountain peak, Tiansha, with an air of arrogance, the hem of his clothes swayed in the breeze, is staring at the hot springs below, and the white mist that has suddenly appeared.

Who is inside the white mist, Tiansha is very clear, it is the defensive barrier of Bei Qingsi, and inside that white mist, Bei Qingsi has to be changing to bathe.

There is a glimmer of hope in the eyes of Tiansha, a glimmer of hope for Bei Qingsi. A hope to see what is inside the mist array.

It’s not the first time that Tiansha is standing on the summit of the mountain and waiting quietly.

Before the hot spring, Bei Qingsi hand reached to her waistband , and was preparing to take off her coat to bathe, her beautiful silver eyebrows glimpsed, and thought of the shameful situation of the past, the last time was really too sudden.

However, Bei Qingsi still used her Divine Sense to sweep the hot spring.

There is no life in the scope of the detection of the Divine Sense.

She sighed and gently untied the dusty coat.

She Just removed her coat, revealing her underwear and the icy bone frame of her shoulders. Suddenly, in the hot spring center, the water showed some turbulent flows.

Seeing this scene, Bei Qingsi brows slightly wrinkled, a very weird thought instantly filled her heart. Not that again?


With an excited face, Zhong Shan, at the fastest speed, was coming up from the bottom.

Instantly jumped out of the hot springs, Xiantian sixth layer, this matter is really worth of celebrating .

However, when Zhong Shan rushed out of the hot springs and saw the outside fog cover, his facial expression was not good. He just turned around, to see Bei Qingsi who he has not seen for a long time.

Bei Qingsi coat has been removed, with only her underwear sticks on her perfect body. The soft shoulders are like two beautiful jade pieces that captured Zong Shan eyes. The last time she was not wearing anything, completely naked, this time, she was wearing her underwear, and the beauty wearing the looming underwear was a scene that can make anyone’s blood to boil.

Bei Qingsi is, a little dull, looking at Zhong Shan, why is this happening?. Too sudden, is he doing this intentionally?. I have just returned to Kai Yang Sect today, even my Master does not know that I would come back today, how can Zhong Shan be here again? Is he waiting here every day?

Zhong Shan has awakened from the initial shock, with cold sweat drippling on his forehead, knowing that he just made a breakthrough, does he has not to celebrate it.

The scene is quiet static and extremely awkward. After the first impact, Bei Qingsi didn’t get accustomed to it , and now this second impact gave her a greater shock, meanwhile, Zhong Shan, his body moved to the side, somewhat vacant and speechless.


Zhong Shan fall down to the ground, this thump sound has, instantly, awakened Bei Qingsi from her initial shocked state.

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