IM V3C16: Long Live.

Translated by: RedLotus.


Long live .

“Ah….” Su family ancestor with bloodshot eyes, screamed and rushed toward Zhong Shan.

Did the last trace of the bloodline of the Su family broke, just like that?

It is all because of Zhong Shan .

Wielding his long sword in his hand, the Su family ancestor rushed forward desperately. Zhong Shan, when he saw this scene, his brow wrinkled, took out his eternal blade, he drew backwards and jumped on the roof, retreating to a distant place.

Zhong Shan should move away from everyone, because his most important personal is still there, and they can’t be caught in the miss of his fight. Sure enough, the ancestor of the Su family who has gone crazy and only recognize Zhong Shan. As Zhong Shan retreat, he will follow. The archers did not dare to shoot again, because patriarch Zhong is there father, how can they shot?.

The last Xiantian expert, has a large number of archers and Zhong Tian to deal with. As long as Zhong Shan faces that mad ancestor.

Running fast on the roof tops, Zhong Shan is not anxious. At the Xiantian fourth layer, the speed of the shadow body can exceed the copper corpse, but now it is in Xiantian fifth layer.

Gradually, the entire face of the Su family ancestor turned purple.

“The arrows are poisonous.” Su family screamed suddenly. Zhong Shan, in front, smiled slightly: “Yes, the faster you run, the quicker the poison gas will spread.”

“Bastard” Su family ancestor roared in anger, and with the sword in his hand, he slashed toward the retreating Zhong Shan. A huge sword qi rushed toward Zhong Shan rapidly.

When Zhong Shan saw the direction of the sword qi, he began to dodge. Every time the sword qi appears, Zhong Shan dodges at the last second, and the sword qi pass by.
Seeing this scene, Su family ancestor can not believe what is happening, how is it possible? Can he see the sword qi?

Zhong Shan certainly will not explain, just looking at the Su family ancestor who were seriously injured and severely poisoned.
Slowly, Zhong Shan has already ran around Xuan City with the Su family ancestor behind him, but the speed of the Su family ancestor has become slower and slower.

“ pu….”.

Su family ancestor spit a black blood. His face has already turned slightly black.


Suddenly, from a courtyard in the west, more than thirty big arrows were shot from eight ox crossbows. the arrows came suddenly with extreme speed that let the Su family ancestor can merely blink his eyes, as his body got nailed on a thick wall of distant place.

Standing on a roof, Zhong Shan looked at the ancestor of the Su family with cold eyes. Like this kind of courtyard, there are more than a dozen in Xuan City. He have carefully arranged it waiting for this most dangerous opportunity.

With satisfaction, he look at that small courtyard. Zhong Shan took the road back, as he soon returned to the former river shore.

The flames in the river are still burning, but all the Xiantian expert masters have been extinguished.

When Zhong Shan came, the people inside Xuan City were filled with infinite worship, and the people who participated in the battle, Yinglan and the others, were also like this. The ten Xiantian expert, greedy and fearful of death and hiding in the middle of the army, were set up by Zhong Shan serial plans, and entered the trap of Zhong Shan to meet their death.

On the other side, most of the soldiers who are being trapped by the fire have revealed the color of fear, the color of resentment, and the color of despair, have nothing common with each other.

Looking at the other side, Zhong Shan solemnly said: “surrender, and the matter of today will be overlooked, let be the bygone be bygone.”

After Zhong Shan said that, the people on the opposite shore are quiet.

An archer from the opposite side quickly fell to the ground, kneeling, and said: “Long live, Long live.”

The big rebellious words, he actually shouted long live to Zhong Shan, but what can he do now? The ten majors Xiantian experts are all dead, even the emperor also died. Although it is not clear about what happened in the capital city, but he knew that the situation of the Su family is good as lost.

“Long live, Long live”

More soldiers on the other side knelt and shouted.

On the same side, Yinglan, Zhong Tian, and Zhong Zheng also followed and did the same.

“Long live, Long live”

Like a chain reaction, Xuan City keeper, Xuan City merchants, Xuan City people, have quickly followed.

“Long live, Long live.”

A wave is higher than a wave, a round higher than a round.

Loudly shouting, Long live, Long live Zhong Shan.

There are more and more people on the other side of the river.

Long live, Long live!

On the other side of the river, there are also soldiers who have followed.

It took a little while until most of them knelt.

However, there are still some people who have not knelt, those who are dead loyal to the Great Kun Country.

“The capital city has been captured by General Lin Xiao, the royal family of the Great Kun Country, Su family, their bloodline got exterminated.” Outside, suddenly someone with a loud voice shouted.

And this sound was like the last straw that shutter the soldiers last remaining will to preserve.

Long live, Long live!

More and more people are shouting, long live, long live Zhong Shan. Of course, on one hand, it is forced for some of them, on the other hand, the others were convinced by the heaven deifying means of Zhong Shan.

Burning the river? How can you suddenly have a big fire? The water can also catch fire? Who can do this. It is sure that heaven blessing and will which enable protect Zhong Shan to achieve.

At this time, if they don’t submit, it is heaven defying act.

At this time, the flames in the river gradually extinguished. Zhong Shan knew that the oil had almost burned out. If Su Lianxian knew that the oil could only be burned for a short period of time, he would not be recklessly rushed, and the outcome would still be undecided, but Su Lianxian did not know, so he can only be defeated.

Similarly, the enemy soldiers did not know that either. After they shouted long live, the flames in the river were slowly extinguished. This must be the arrangement of heaven, and the fury of heaven slowly subsided.

Zhong Shan, is he heaven blessed? .

Long live, Long live!

For some time, the soldiers who had some conflicts, finally compromised at this last moment.

At the South Gate, the people who cover this piece of land, shouted long live, and knelt before Zhong Shan.

At this moment, Zhong Shan finally took his first step.

“Get up, generals gather your respective soldiers and report the casualties.” Zhong Shan solemnly ordered.

“Yes,” the generals on the other side got up and acted according to what Zhong Shan said.

At this moment, Wei Taizhong, on the other side of the river, also walked over with a whisker.

Zhong Shan slowly looked at the corpses of the Xiantian expert.

When he saw Su Lianxian, there was a flash of sigh in his eyes, Su Lianxian, after all, was a generation, who is fierce and ambitious. It is also a joyful thing to have a rival of this kind in his life. However, he must die.

“Arrange a funeral.” Zhong Shan pointed to Su Lianxian.

“Yes” behind him, some guards immediately answered.

“Wait a minute.” A sudden voice suddenly came.

Wei Taizhong suddenly went to Su Lianxian and looked at the 15 arrows on his body. His eyes were full of sinister ruthlessness, as if he hated him to the ultimate.

“Give this body to me.” Wei Taizhong looked at the body with hatred.

“Scoundrel, who do you think you are.” Yinglan suddenly called out. Now that Zhong Shan has established the position of Supreme, can you break his words at this moment? The current words of Zhong Shan represent heaven’s will, and no one is allowed to refute.

Hearing what Yinglan said, Wei Taizhong’s eyes were cold, and he turned his head to Yinglan. In his sinister eyes, there was a hint of bloodthirsty chill.

“Yinglan, shut up.” Zhong Shan suddenly shouted.

Zhong Shan called, Wei Taizhong’s original chilly eyes, looked surprised and stared at Yinglan, the ruthlessness in his eyes, turned into a gentleness, a little kind.
Yinglan? She is Yinglan?

“Yinglan, don’t oppose him, he is Wei Taizhong, he is…”

When Zhong Shan was about to say Wei Taizhong’s identity, Wei Taizhong changed his face and immediately called: “Your Majesty, Taizhong was rude, what General Yinglan said is right, please forgive my sin.”

Frowning, while looking at Wei Taizhong, Zhong Shan nodded, no longer revealed Wei Taizhong’s identity, said gently: “That corpse is given to you. It is up to you to arrange a funeral.”

Looking at Yinglan, who was glaring, at the side, Wei Taizhong did not feel even a little anger, but immediately bowed: “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Wei Taizhong also knows what Zhong Shan intent, since it is a funeral, he Just need to look for a random corpse and bury it, and the body of Su Lianxian will be returned to him.

Yinglan coldly looked at Wei Taizhong, who she does not know what his identity is.

“Yinglan.” Zhong Shan called again.

“In” Yinglan immediately said.

“command the South Gate Army, and lead the troops, and subdue the other three armies.” Zhong Shan ordered.

“Yes” Yinglan immediately responded.

“Wei Taizhong.” Zhong Shan called.

“In” Wei Taizhong immediately responded.

“When you follow General Yinglan, guard General Yinglan and keep her safe.” Zhong Shan called.

Hearing that Zhong Shan said, Wei Taizhong was a meal first, and then he said with a smile on his face: “thank you, your majesty.”

But Yinglan saw that Wei Taizhong following her, she did not have any happiness, even if he was a Xiantian expert, because of the attitude from Zhong Shan just now, Zhong Shan’s care for this person seems to be no worse than her. Who is he? The emperor’s old eunuch, but she is the granddaughter of this granduncle.

Yinglan glanced at Wei Taizhong coldly, but Wei Taizhong seemed to be as sweet as he was, not annoyed. When the man took down the body of Su Lianxian, he followed the Yinglan to assemble the army.

“Zhong Zheng” Zhong Shan called again.

“In” Zhong Zheng immediately responded.

“Your will manage the entire city, count the losses and the gains, manage the logistics, and vigorously co-ordinate with Yinglan.” Zhong Shan said.

“Yes” Zhong Zheng obeys the order immediately.

“good,” Zhong Shan nodded. Then he returned back to the place where Zhong Residence was, and all the way, when his subordinates saw him, they quickly knelt. They had already acknowledge the status of Zhong Shan, and they must follow him at all times.

At the moment, the original Xuan City Eight managers were very impressed. They thought that Zhong Shan performance would be like this, but the arrival of this moment still filled everyone with shock.

Zhong Residence, in front of a small courtyard, Zhong Shan turned his head toward Zhong Tian behind him: “Tian’er, stay here on guard outside, no one is allowed to disturb .”

“Yes,” Zhong Tian immediately responded.

Reaching the inner courtyard, Zhong Shan once again pointed to the corner: “An Huang, no one is allowed to disturb.”

“Yes” a voice came from the corner.

When he arrived at the inner room, Zhong Shan carefully pressed a secret switch and the floor started to sink down to underground. In a secret room on the underground, he closed the door of the secret room, lit the candles, and the secret room quickly became bright. In the center of the room, there was a praying mate and a small table in front of it.

Zhong Shan slowly sat on the paying mat. He took out two objects very seriously and gently placed them on the small table.

Nine Dragons Heavenly Jade! .

Nine Colored Dragon Silkworm!.

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