IM V3C14: Past days.

Translated by: RedLotus.

Volume 3.

Chapter 14: Past days.

The army acted as if binding these wooden rafts had been trained for along time . In short while ,the wooden rafts on the surface of the river connected the both banks, the army stepped on the wooden rafts to reach the other side of the moat.

In this short time, Zhong Shan has not ordered to shoot t, because the archer firing range of only 50 meters from above the wall. Even if the shot is taken, it is not very powerful, but ordered to open the city gate and send the soldiers out. It is better to conserve your strength. Moreover, crossing the River was in the calculation of Zhong Shan .

“kill ……” Su Lianxian pointed his sword to the front and shouted.

“Kill ….”.

The army simultaneously roared, fast, carrying the siege ladder, the eight-ox crossbows, rushing toward the other side. Although walking on the raft, is extremely unstable, but is not dangerous , the soldiers brought the siege equipment, quickly rushed toward the other side of the city wall.

“Release the arrows …” above the city wall, Zhong Shan gently said. Aside, Yinglan quickly took out a small red flag and waved. The soldiers on the wall had already waited for it. The red flag has been waved and a lot of arrows rained toward the soldiers who had just reached the shore.
Suddenly, the soldiers casualty is enormous , and countless soldiers who just crossed the river died on the spot.

In the battlefield, there was no retreat. The army marched through the moat only to add more corpses to the bloody pool. This is a cruel scene. The blood flows into rivers, and the corpses are everywhere. However, the army is still crossing to the other side as before. On the other hand, the siege equipment is still been transferred constantly, and also the eight-ox crossbow is constantly being transported to the other side.

Even after some soldiers crossed the river, they took out their bows and arrows and raised their bows against the city wall to retaliate. But how could that force be compared with that from the city wall? Although some soldiers on the wall would be shot badly, the degree of death and injury was far less than that of under the city.

Zhong Shan, indifferently, look at the two sides to slaughter, although their own standing in the high position, but the number is too small, compared with the other party, they will soon break through this wall, but Zhong Shan does not care.

Zhong Shan’s gaze directly looks at Su Lianxian on the other side, the only one among the army who can he see in his own eyes. It was also that Su Lianxian made an agreement with himself in the past, which only made it impossible, for him, to get involved in the politics of the Great Kun country for many years.

Su Lianxian is a capable person .

Recalling that when Kui’er was killed by the Crown Prince Lietian, Zhong Shan was very dispirited for a period of time. He seemed like not human, not a ghost. Later, he concealed his identity, went to the border, and joined the defense army. The supreme businessman, Zhong Shan, quickly showed his fighting talent in war, one way, ten thousand ways pass, Zhong Shan fight is very fierce, and at that time, there is also another fierce person in the war, he is, Su Lianxian. Su Lianxian is the crown prince who also concealed his identity starting from small soldier, on the battlefield, with Zhong Shan all the way to repulse the enemy in the four directions, but compared to Zhong Shan, he is still slightly inferior, but he has already attracted the attention of Zhong Shan. Zhong Shan was completely focused on fighting that he forgot about the outside world. He was totally absorbed in the war. However, the more he wins, the more uncomfortable his heart become. When He remember Kui’er, he feels as if a blade twist in his heart .

In the most uncomfortable time for Zhong Shan, Zhong Shan met the second woman in his life, Bao’er.

The gentleness of Bao’er, the thoughtfulness of Bao’er, slowly made Zhong Shan come out from the extreme pain, but at this moment, Su Lianxian also took a liking for Bao’er.

Su Lianxian is also a capable person who uses all kinds of means to pursue Bao’er. However, in the end, she was enchanted by Zhong Shan, but Su Lianxian was not willing. He finally stopped hiding his identity. In order to get Bao’er, he even showed his identity as the crown prince, through the privileges of the crown prince, mobilizes various advantages to oppress the people associated with Bao’er. To recapture Bao’er. But can Zhong Shan let him do as he wishes?

Although Zhong Shan has not joined the army for a long time, he has a great prestige. As Zhong Shan is strong, so even those senior officers support Zhong Shan. To the extent that the border defense forces all rebell, and all of them are preparing to seek Zhong Shan to usurp the throne. This time, Su Lianxian knew that he had lost. However, Su Lianxian still controlled of Bao’er family members life, forcing Bao’er to be depressed. Finally, Zhong Shan and Su Lianxian sat down to talk and reached an agreement. Zhong Shan then withdrew from the army and withdrew from politics. He can only pursue commerce, and Bao’er is also become free.
Until today, the two fierce and ambitious figures finally ripped their facial skins again and the two armies confronted each other.

An hour has passed, and the opposing army has lost no less than 20,000 people. Corpses and rivers of blood are everywhere. However, the army is still rushing forward, and the brutal war has made the archers on the tower a little numb.

Finally, a large number of siege devices entered the other shore.

After the death and injury of 20,000 soldiers, the real war has just started.

“Attack the city….” Su Lianxian ordered from the opposite side of the shore.

“roar….” countless soldiers roared, crossed the river, and siege equipment crossed the river. As, it is no longer far from victory.

Numerous soldiers rushed to the city wall with the ladder, and more and more soldiers rushed forward.

Once the ladder reached the city wall, the upper archer shot down one time after another, but it could not hinder the pace of the army to climb the ladder, one was shot dead, the second continued to climb, the battle was extremely urgent It seems that it will rush to the city wall at any time. As long as the enemy rushes to the city wall, the defense will completely fail.

At this moment, Yinglan at the tower of the city suddenly changed to a blue flag, and with a gentle wave, the archers retreated, and the enemy army was happy.

“whish, whish, whish…”

An amount of golden liquid fell from the sky.


As soon as the golden liquid was released, the soldiers threw off their bodies from the ladder. Although the golden liquid was not strong, it seemed to be more effective than the bow.

Boiled oil, boiled oil, Yinglan had already arranged for people to sprinkle it on the city wall. One pot of oil after another was poured onto the ladder using big spoons, a spoon after another was sprinkled on the ladder. During that time, sorrowful screams resound, as long as a body is touched by a drop, it will blast a hole in that body, blood will burst, and this is a terrible horror. This pot of oil is more horrible than anything else.

However, the army has to continue, teams of the soldiers, with shields, dying to continue climbing to the tower, it is extremely dangerous, and at this moment, the ladder at the edge of the tower, it seems to suddenly catch fire, the fire burned the ladder, continually pushing it down, it is fierce and extremely terrible.

However, for the commander, how will only focus on these casualties. Moreover, Su Lianxian thought about it before, and filled it with his life.

The real killing move is not these siege soldiers. These soldiers are only used to hold Xuan City guards.

The real killing move is the 120 eight-ox crossbow.

120 eight-ox crossbow, when the number of deaths reached nearly 40,000, the ground was full of dead bodies, it has finally been adjusted in their positions.

“release ~~~”

Su Lianxian looked serious and shouted.

With one order, 120 eight-ox crossbows were fired at the same time, and 120 large arrows were fired at the same time aiming at the city gate. Generally, the huge strength of single big arrow can shoot through the small city wall but now 120 arrows are shooting simultaneously at the city gate . time, the sly shots were shot at the gates.

“Boom ~~~”

A super explosion sound, the tower above city gate seems to rock . An enormous amount of dust and smoke fell all around the city wall as the sound was too strong .

However, the south gate of Xuan City was not broken, still closed, but only 120 big arrows were inserted in it.

The Xiantian masters, even the Su family ancestor, are inconceivably watching this scene, how is it possible, 120 big arrows, actually did not break through the city gate?

“Shoot again ~ ~ ~” Only Su Lianxian is calm, continue to order.

The attack continues from the distance, and the soldiers who set up the eight-ox crossbows are constantly filling the big arrows. However, the strength of this bow is too strong. It will not be ready in a short time. It takes 30 people to work at the same time, so it is quite slow.

As the time drags, there is more to death from their side.

“Lianxian, is this eight-ox crossbows? Why are the 120 shots not breaking through the city gate?” Su family ancestor said in amazement.

“This is the best military eight-ox crossbow, did not break the city gate, it is because the gate is completely cast from copper, and very thick.” Su Lianxian said solemnly, obviously this city gate, he has long studied .

“How is that good?” Su family ancestor were somewhat worried.

“It doesn’t matter, with three shots from these eight-ox crossbows at most the city gate will break. At that time, you will enter into the Xuan City and take down the head of Zhong Shan.” Su Lianxian said solemnly.

“Well,” everyone nodded, obviously it can only be like this now, but in this way, there will be more death.

Above the city wall, Zhong Shan looked at the 120 eight-ox crossbows in the distance, and his eyes were flashing with a sneer. Indeed, as long as three shots were released, the city gate can be broken. However, every time you prepare the arrows, you have to spend a lot of time. Your soldiers have long been frightened by this war to death.

After less than half an hour.


The second round of the eight-ox crossbows was shot into the city gate, and the tower once again rocked. At this moment, the gate was also caved toward the inside. It has been deformed. With another round will break the city gate.

The Xiantian masters cheered for a while. Once again, it became, Su Lianxian really is a siege expert. However, at the moment, Su Lianxian did not have the slightest smile, and he became extremely dignified.

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